Diablo 4 Barbarian Berserking Build – Berserk

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Diablo 4 Barbarian Berserking Build

Berserk is a Barbarian Berserking Build in Diablo 4! The Build is focusing on generating the Berserking Status often, in order to boost your damage and movement speed. The Barbarian is the Class of Melee attacks, raw damage and Bleeding in Diablo 4! This Berserking Build is the evolution of my Diablo 4 Barbarian Beginner Build for higher World Tier difficulties. For more Barbarian Builds, you can take a look at my Diablo 4 Barbarian Builds page.

Table of Contents

Skills for Barbarian Berserking Build in Diablo 4

The following skills are the core of our Build! Our main focus is to have the Berserking status active as often as possible and for as much time as possible. Additional skills assist us with buffs, Fury generation and massive damage against enemies.

Tactical Rallying CryPower War CryTactical Challenging ShoutWarrior’s Death BlowCombat Lunging StrikeViolent Upheaval
  • Combat Lunging Strike(Lunging Strike,1/5): Deals damage, heals you and triggers Berserking.
  • Violent Upheaval(Upheaval,5/5): Deals massive AOE damage, stuns enemies and triggers Berserking.
  • Tactical Rallying Cry(Rallying Cry,1/5): Buffs you and generates resources.
  • Power War Cry(War Cry,1/5): Boosts your damage and triggers Berserking.
  • Tactical Challenging Shout(Challenging Shout,1/5): Taunts enemies and generates Fury.
  • Warrior’s Death Blow(Death Blow,5/5): Executes enemies and triggers Berserking.

Expertise for Barbarian Berserking Build in Diablo 4

Expertise is Barbarian’s unique mechanic in Diablo 4! When you use different weapons you level them up, earning extra perks for each weapon. At level 15 you also unlock the Technique Slot for your Barbarian. For this Berserking Build our Technique of choice is the Two Handed Axe Expertise, which deals increased damage to Vulnerable enemies.

Passive Skills for Barbarian Berserking Build in Diablo 4

The Passive Skills we choose are also quite important for the Build and can help us become stronger. These are the Passive Skills for the Barbarian Berserking Build!

Core Skills:

  • Pressure Point, 3/3

Defensive Skills:

  • Imposing Presence, 1/3
  • Martial Vigor, 3/3

Brawling Skills:

  • Booming Voice, 3/3
  • Aggressive Resistance, 3/3
  • Prolific Fury, 3/3

Weapon Mastery Skills:

  • Pit Fighter, 3/3
  • Slaying Strike, 2/3
  • Expose Vulnerability, 2/3

Ultimate Skills:

  • Tempered Fury, 3/3
  • Invigorating Fury, 2/3
  • Heavy Handed, 3/3

Key Passive: Unconstrained

You can find more about the Barbarian Skills by reading my Diablo 4 Barbarian Skills Guide!

diablo 4 barbarian berserking

Legendary Aspects for Barbarian Berserking Build in Diablo 4

Legendary Aspects are important and define our Barbarian Berserking Build! You can get them as a reward from completing Dungeons(Codex of Power Aspects) or as a drop while defeating enemies! Some of the best Legendary Aspects can only be found as drops while defeating enemies in Diablo 4! You can extract them from items you do not want to use and imprint them to your favorite piece of gear with the help of the Occultist vendor! These are the best Aspects for our Barbarian Berserking Build!

HelmRelentless Berkerker’s AspectDrop, Hakan’s Refuge(Kehjistan)
ChestSteadfast Berserker’s AspectDrop
GlovesDeath Wish AspectDrop, Penitent Cairns(Scosglen)
PantsAspect of MightDrop, Dark Ravine(Dry Steppes)
BootsWeapon Master’s AspectDrop
Bludgeoning WeaponAspect of Berserk RippingDrop, Mournfield(Dry Steppes)
Dual Wield WeaponSmiting AspectDrop
Dual Wield WeaponEdgemaster’s AspectDrop, Oldstones(Scosglen)
Slashing WeaponAccelerating AspectDrop
AmuletAspect of DisobedienceDrop, Halls of the Damned(Kehjistan)
RingAspect of Echoing FuryDrop, Sirocco Caverns(Kehjistan)
RingAspect of Berserk FuryDrop

Gear Stats for Barbarian Berserking Build in Diablo 4

Legendary Aspects are defining for the Barbarian Berserking Build but the stats you get on the gear are important as well! Gear Stats can make or break your Build and will enhance your capabilities when pursuing a specific type of gameplay! Our desired Stats for the Barbarian Berserking Build are:

  • Vulnerable Damage
  • Damage while Berserking
  • Physical Damage
  • Core Skill Damage
  • Critical Strike Chance
  • Critical Strike Damage
  • Boost to Stats
  • Fury Cost Reduction
  • Extra Fury
  • Maximum Life
  • Damage Reduction
  • Cooldown Reduction
  • Extra Ranks to our Skills

There are several more gear stats that can be helpful but these are the most important for the Build!

Gems for Barbarian Berserking Build in Diablo 4

Gems are quite important as well, since they can boost our capabilities when dealing with enemies! For a Barbarian Berserking Build, these are the best Gem Options:

  • WeaponEmerald(Extra Critical Strike Damage to Vulnerable Enemies)
  • ArmorTopaz(Damage Reduction while Control Impaired) or Ruby(Extra Life)
  • JewelrySkull(Extra Armor)

Unique Items for Barbarian Berserking Build in Diablo 4

Unique Items offer powerful effects that can further enhance your Build! Some Unique Items you can use with the Barbarian Berserking Build are:

  • Mother’s Embrace(Ring): Can refund resources.
  • Penitent Greaves(Boots): Chills enemies and deals more damage to Chilled enemies.
  • The Grandfather(2-Handed Sword): Increases Critical Strike Damage
  • Azurewrath(1-Handed Sword): Core skills have a chance to freeze enemies and deal cold damage to them.
  • Hellhammer(2-Handed Mace): Upheaval ignites the ground, burning enemies.
  • Overkill(2-Handed Mace): Death Blow creates a shockwave dealing some of its base damage to enemies. Enemies who die to this effect, reset Death Blow’s Cooldown.
  • Tuskhelm of Joritz the Mighty(Helm): When you gain Berserking while already Berserk, you have a chance to become more enraged granting increased damage, Fury per second, and Cooldown Reduction.
  • Tassets of the Dawning Sky(Pants): When you take damage from a Non-Physical damage type, you gain Maximum Resistance to that damage type. This effect can only apply to one damage type at a time.
  • Tibault’s Will(Pants): You deal increased damage while Unstoppable and for a few seconds after. When you become Unstoppable, gain some of your Primary Resource.
  • Ring of Red Furor(Ring): After spending 100 Fury within 3 seconds, your next cast of Hammer of the Ancients, Upheaval, or Death Blow is a guaranteed Critical Strike and deals bonus Critical Strike Damage.

Paragon Points for Barbarian Berserking Build in Diablo 4

Paragon Points can further enhance your Build and make you powerful. You can start earning Paragon Points after you reach level 50. Allocating them properly will help you become stronger and clear harder content! To learn more about Paragon Points and Boards, you can read my Paragon Board Guide.

Our goal with the Paragon Boards is to unlock several Powerful Glyphs and Nodes, suitable for our Build! This is the Paragon Board path you should follow for the Barbarian Berserking Build!

Starting Board

  1. Unlock the Brawn Rare node on the right, along with all Magic Nodes around it.
  2. Continue North to unlock the Glyph Socket and place the Ire Glyph. Also unlock the Raw Power and Iron Strength with all Magic Nodes around them on your way to the Gate.
  3. Attach the Carnage Board.

Carnage Board(Second Board)

  1. Head North to unlock the Carnage Legendary Node and the Glyph Socket. Place the Wrath Glyph.
  2. Also unlock the Brash and Fierce Rare Nodes on the left of the Glyph, along with all Magic Nodes around them.
  3. Head East to the Gate and attach the Warbringer Board.

Warbringer Board(Third Board)

  1. Head South to unlock the Raw Power Rare Node and all Magic Nodes around it. Also unlock the Glyph Socket and place the Territorial Glyph.
  2. Continue East from there to get the Core Reserve Rare Node and all Magic Nodes around it.
  3. From this Node head North to unlock the Guarded Advance Rare Node along with all Magic Nodes. Then go West to unlock the Warbringer Legendary Node.
  4. From the path you have already created, go to the South Gate to attach the Weapons Master Board.

Weapons Master Board(Fourth Board)

  1. South to unlock the Hunter Killer Rare Node, along with all Magic Nodes around it.
  2. From the already created path, head West to unlock the Glyph Socket and place the Exploit Glyph. Also get the Raw Power and Iron Strength Rare Nodes with all Magic Nodes around them.
  3. Now head South towards the gate and unlock the Brute Rare Node with all Magic Nodes along your way.
  4. Attach the Decimator Board.

Decimator Board(Fifth Board)

  1. Head South to unlock the Glyph Socket and place the Revenge Glyph. Also unlock the Demolish and Arrogance Rare Nodes, along with all Magic Nodes around them.
  2. From there create one path South West to unlock the Brawn Rare Node and its Magic Nodes and one path South East to unlock the Pillage Rare Node and its Magic Nodes.

In total we are using five Rare Glyphs on our Paragon Boards. The Diablo 4 Barbarian Berserking Build Glyphs are:

  • Ire
  • Wrath
  • Territorial
  • Exploit
  • Revenge

Season Content for Barbarian Berserking Build in Diablo 4

The Season of Construct adds a Seneschal Companion that can assist you in combat! You can unlock this Robotic Companion by advancing the Seasonal Questline and enhance their capabilities with Governing and Tuning Stones! Governing Stones grant attacks to your Companion while Tuning Stones augment those attacks. You can use two Governing Stones and six Tuning Stones at the same time.(One Governing Stone to get the attack type and three Tuning Stones to augment it). It is possible to get these Stones by completing Vaults(a new type of Seasonal Dungeons), opening Wardwoven Chests and unlocking new levels of the Season Journey! You can find more about the Companion and the Season’s new features in my Season of the Construct Overview!

Gameplay for Barbarian Berserking Build in Diablo 4

The Build is focusing on activating the Berserking status in order to boost our damage and movement speed! Our Shouts can assist us with Fury generation and other buffs. Gather groups of enemies together and cast your Rallying Cry, War Cry and Challenging Shout. The Shouts will taunt enemies but also boost your damage, grant you Berserking, increase your Fury generation and Life! Attack with Upheaval to deal massive AOE damage and finish enemies with your Death Blow! Lunging Strike can generate Fury, heal you and grant you Berserking.

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