Top 10 Beginner Tips for Diablo 4

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Top 10 Beginner Tips for Diablo 4

Top 10 Beginner Tips in Diablo 4 for a smooth and successful experience! The Best Diablo 4 Tips to begin your adventure on the right foot and prepare yourself for harder difficulties(World Tiers). The following Beginner Tips will cover various aspects of the game, from Crafting to Gameplay and will help you understand Diablo 4 faster. Sanctuary is a vast open world that offers various activities to players. Knowing the basics will let you enjoy Diablo 4 more!

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Beginner Tips Diablo 4

These Beginner Tips will help you become stronger and efficient early in Diablo 4. Following them will allow you to enjoy the game more and achieve your goals in Sanctuary. Some of the Tips focus on Crafting and upgrading materials while other will show you how to deal with certain aspects of combat and in general gameplay.

1. Upgrade your Healing Potion in Diablo 4

Upgrading your Healing Potion is one of the most important actions in Diablo 4! When you reach level 10 you can upgrade your Healing Potion for the first time at the Alchemist vendor. In total there are eight upgrades you can do to your Potions when you hit higher levels. To upgrade your Potion you will need specific crafting materials that you can gather while roaming the open world or by killing enemies. The upgrades boost the efficiency of your Potions and allow you to deal with stronger enemies. Every time an Upgrade is available head back to the town and visit the Alchemist.

diablo 4 potion upgrade
Upgrade your Healing Potion

2. Events & Obols Currency in Diablo 4

Clear every random Event you find in the Open World or inside Dungeons. Events reward you with the Murmuring Obols currency, that you can use at the Purveyor of Curiosities vendor! The Purveyor offers random pieces of gear that can be quite valuable if you are lucky. This is basically a way to gamble in Diablo 4 for a chance to earn Rare or Legendary quality gear. From the Purveyor of Curiosities you can also buy Whispering Keys with Obols. Whispering Keys are required to open Silent Chests you find in the Open World. These Chests also have a chance to drop valuable loot, so it is nice to have a few keys on you every time. There is a max amount of Obols you can carry at any time, so make sure to use them often. It is possible to increase your max capacity of Obols by earning Renown or finding Altars of Lilith.

3. Statues Effects & Emotes in Diablo 4

While exploring the open world of Sanctuary you will encounter several Statues. These Statues can grant you strong buffs when you interact with them. Read their inscription and do the appropriate emote to receive their blessings. These Buffs can boost your offense, defense or bless you with gold!

diablo 4 beginner tips
Statue Effect

4. Claim the first 3 Levels of Renown in Diablo 4

Renown is your reputation in every zone in Diablo 4! Earning Renown unlocks various rewards, some character based while other account wide. There are five levels of Renown you can unlock in every zone, each with its own valuable rewards. The first three levels are available for World Tier 1 and World Tier 2 Difficulty and are the easier to get early. By earning enough renown to claim their rewards you can unlock more Skill points and extra potions for all of your characters. It is best to unlock these first three levels in every zone before you move to the next one. You can unlock renown by completing specific activities in each zone. These activities are:

  • Unlock Waypoints
  • Clear Strongholds
  • Complete Side Quests
  • Discover new Areas
  • Clear Dungeons
  • Discover Altars of Lilith
Renown Rewards

5. Unlock Dungeon Aspects in Diablo 4

Codex of Power Aspects are Legendary Aspects that you can unlock by completing specific Dungeons in Diablo 4! These Aspects can help you define and strengthen your Build. You should start unlocking them as early as possible.

Identify the Dungeons that reward you with helpful Aspects for your Build and clear them. At the end of the Dungeon you will unlock its Aspect, which you can use later with every eligible character you own. Aspects you unlock like this are always available to use via the Occultist but will always offer the lowest roll!

Codex of Power Aspects

6. Extract & Imprint Legendary Aspects in Diablo 4

Unlocking Codex of Power Aspects by clearing Dungeons is one way to get Aspects! Extracting them from Legendary gear you drop is another. If you are lucky and drop a Legendary item with a useful Aspect on it, you can extract it with the help of the Occultist. The process will destroy the item but you will get the Aspect which you can later Imprint on another piece of gear. Aspects you receive that way can be used only once! When early in the game it is wise to imprint Codex of Power Aspects to your gear in order to become stronger.

Extract Legendary Aspects

7. Upgrade your Gear in Diablo 4

In general it is considered a waste of resources to upgrade your gear early in the game because of how often you switch gear. However if you are struggling to defeat certain enemies or are stuck in an area, do not hesitate to upgrade pieces of your gear. This will give you a necessary boost to your power, help you overcome harder opponents and proceed in the campaign or area you are exploring. You can easily upgrade your Armor and Weapons at the Blacksmith vendor.

diablo 4 beginner tips
Upgrade Gear at the Blacksmith

8. Salvage & Sell Items in Diablo 4

Salvaging Items at the Blacksmith is a great way to receive Crafting Materials but also unlock new looks in the Wardrobe. Crafting Materials are essential for crafting and upgrading items. New looks allow you to customize your character and create a unique, personal appearance. If you have enough materials or an item does not unlock any new looks, you can always sell items to make some gold!

Salvage & Sell Items

9. Place Gems in Diablo 4

Do not hesitate to place Gems early in your gear! Gems offer a great boost to your offense or defense, depending on the gear you place them into! Start placing them as early as possible to strengthen your character. You can remove them easily for a small fee at the Jeweler(which unlocks at level 20), and use them later on another piece of gear. So nothing will go to waste because you switch gear often early in the game!

diablo 4 beginner tips
Place Gems

10. Harvest Materials Early in Diablo 4

Start harvesting Ore and Herbs early in the game! These types of materials can be found in the open world and are necessary for upgrades and crafting. Start collecting them early to create a nice pool of mats for your crafting endeavors later in the game. Everything is valuable, even the basic materials you find in your first levels.

diablo 4 beginner tips
Harvest Materials

The above Beginner Tips will help you understand and enjoy Diablo 4 more! Have a great time in Sanctuary!

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