Character Customization in Diablo 4

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Diablo 4 Customization

The available Customization options in Diablo 4 allow you to create a truly unique character and enjoy the game more! Players can alter the appearance of their character by adjusting body, hair and accessories mostly. You can begin customizing your character right after you pick your favorite Class! You can continue customizing the appearance of your characters after you start playing Diablo 4 through the Wardrobe system.

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How to Customize your Character in Diablo 4

Right after you pick your favorite Class you can start customizing your character! Your first option is to pick gender and a preset. It is possible to end customization here and go directly to the Finalize phase or you can choose to alter every available detail by picking the Customize option.

In total there are four available tabs with different customization options:

  • Face & Body
  • Hair
  • Accessories
  • Finalize

Face & Body – Diablo 4 Customization

While in this Tab you can pick a face variation, eye color and skin tone. It is not possible to alter the size of your character’s body since it is tied to your Class. Each Class has its own body type that makes it feel unique and easy to recognize.

diablo 4 customization

Hair – Diablo 4 Customization

Pick the Hair Style and color of your character as well as Facial Hair. Hair is important for the look of your character and the color options that exist are quite nice.

Accessories – Diablo 4 Customization

Accessories allow you to add more identity to your character with Makeup, Jewelry and Markings that cover the face and body. The Accessories tab is where you can add a more personal touch and create an important to you character!

diablo 4 customization

Finalize – Diablo 4 Customization

Here you can give your character a name and decide if it is going to be Hardcore(die permanently)! If you are creating an Alt character, you can also choose to skip the Campaign(as long as you have already completed it once with another character). The available customization system may feel limited but offers a few nice options to create a unique, beautiful character. You can continue altering the appearance of your character via the Wardrobe in-game after all!

Wardrobe in Diablo 4

You can access your Wardrobe in the main towns of Sanctuary. The Wardrobe is an interactable furniture, located next to your Stash, that allows you to further alter the appearance of your characters.

When you interact with the Wardrobe you can create ensembles by picking a specific look for your Armor and Items! You can unlock more looks for each one of your Armor and item pieces by salvaging items you do not need anymore on the Blacksmith!

Like this you can create a unique armor or weapon look for each one of your characters. A look that will fit thematically their Builds. It is possible to further customize each armor piece with a different pigment.

You can unlock more ensembles with Gold and save a few different styles. While on the Wardrobe, you can also alter the Makeup, Jewelry and Markings of your Character! Finally you can continue customizing the appearance of your Character with Cosmetics you can buy from the Shop!

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