Diablo 4 Druid Beginner Build

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Diablo 4 Druid Beginner

Welcome to my Diablo 4 Druid Beginner Build, designed for World Tier 1 and World Tier 2 difficulties! The goal of this Beginner Build is to help you level up and prepare yourself for the higher World Tier difficulties! The Druid is the Class of Nature Magic and Shapeshifting in Diablo 4! You can cast Storm and Earth Magic Spells or choose to play as a fearsome Werewolf or Werebear. This Beginner Build is focusing on the Druid’s Shapeshifting capabilities, using a mix of Werewolf and Werebear skills, to create a fun play style.

You can use this Beginner Build as it is to complete the campaign and level up while learning all the new interesting mechanics of Diablo 4. Alternatively you can use it as a template and adjust it to your needs and preferred play style as you level up. For more Druid Builds, you can take a look at my Diablo 4 Druid Builds page. For an advanced Druid Build, designed for higher difficulty and endgame activities, you can read my Shapeshifter – Druid Shapeshifting Build for Diablo 4!

Table of Contents

Druid Beginner Build Skills in Diablo 4

The core of our Beginner Build is the skills we are choosing to use! Our Build is focusing on shapeshifting abilities that allow you to play as a Werebear and Werewolf. A mix of powerful Werebear skills and poison based Werewolf abilities that destroy groups of enemies fast.

Innate Blood HowlBrutal Poison CreeperNatural RabiesPreserving Earthen BulwarkWild MaulRaging Pulverize
  • Wild Maul(Maul,1/5): Transform into a powerful Werebear, deal massive damage, fortify and knock down enemies.
  • Raging Pulverize(Pulverize,5/5): Transform into a powerful Werebear to deal massive AOE damage.
  • Innate Blood Howl(Blood Howl,1/5): Transform into a Werewolf to heal yourself and generate resources.
  • Brutal Poison Creeper(Poison Creeper,1/5): Immobilize and poison enemies.
  • Natural Rabies(Rabies,2/5): Transform into a Werewolf to poison enemies.
  • Preserving Earthen Bulwark(Earthen Bulwark,1/5): Barrier that grants you Unstoppable and Fortifies you.

Druid Beginner Build Spirit Boons in Diablo 4

Spirit Boons is the special mechanic of the Druid in Diablo 4! Spirit Boons offer various upgrades based on animal spirits. To unlock this mechanic you will have to complete the Class quest “Spirits of the Lost Grove” at level 15. In total there are four Spirits, Deer, Eagle, Wolf and Snake that offer four upgrades each. You can pick one upgrade from three spirits and two upgrades from one. When you pick two upgrades from one spirit, you are “bonded” with that spirit. The Spirit Boons for this Druid Beginner Build are:

  • Deer Spirit: Wariness, reduced damage from elite enemies
  • Eagle Spirit: Swooping Attacks, extra Attack Speed and Avian Wrath, extra Critical Strike Damage
  • Wolf Spirit: Bolster, Fortify when using a defensive skill
  • Snake Spirit: Masochistic, Critical Strikes heal you

Druid Beginner Build Passive Skills in Diablo 4

The Passive Skills we choose are also quite important for the Build and can help us become stronger. These are the Passive Skills for the Druid Beginner Build!

  • Heart of the Wild(3/3, Core Skills)
  • Predatory Instinct(3/3, Core Skills)
  • Iron Fur(3/3, Core Skills)
  • Ancestral Fortitude(1/3, Defensive Skills)
  • Vigilance(3/3, Defensive Skills)
  • Call of the Wild(2/3, Companion Skills)
  • Neurotoxin(2/3, Wrath Skills)
  • Envenom(3/3, Wrath Skills)
  • Quickshift(3/3, Ultimate Skills)
  • Natural Fortitude(3/3, Ultimate Skills)
  • Heightened Senses(3/3, Ultimate Skills)
  • Defensive Posture(3/3, Ultimate Skills)
  • Thick Hide(2/3, Ultimate Skills)
  • Bestial Rampage Key Passive

You can find more about the Druid Skills by reading my Diablo 4 Druid Skills Guide!

Druid Beginner Build Aspects in Diablo 4

All following Aspects are easy to get from Dungeons! You can farm the Dungeons to unlock them and turn your gear into Legendary quality. This will strengthen your Beginner Build and help you deal with stronger enemies. You can replace them with better Aspects that you find from loot. Keep in mind that you can always use the Aspects you farm from Dungeons(Codex of Power Aspects) but only use once Aspects you get from loot. So it is wise to keep Aspects you get from loot(and extract via the Occultist) for your better gear later in the game.

HelmSkinwalker’s AspectFading Echo – Kehjistan
ChestAspect of the ProtectorLost Archives – Fractured Peaks
GlovesNighthowler’s AspectForbidden City – Fractured Peaks
PantsVigorous AspectSteadfast Barracks – Hawezar
BootsWind Striker AspectShivta Ruins – Kehjistan
WeaponAspect of RetaliationSeaside Descent – Dry Steppes
AmuletAspect of RetributionAbandoned Mineworks – Kehjistan
RingAspect of the Changeling’s DebtConclave – Kehjistan
RingAspect of the ExpectantUnderoot – Scosglen
OffhandRapid AspectBurried Halls – Dry Steppes

You can find more about Aspects by reading my Codex of Power Aspects Guide!

Druid Beginner Season Content in Diablo 4

The Season of Construct adds a Seneschal Companion that can assist you in combat! You can unlock this Robotic Companion by advancing the Seasonal Questline and enhance their capabilities with Governing and Tuning Stones! Governing Stones grant attacks to your Companion while Tuning Stones augment those attacks. You can use two Governing Stones and six Tuning Stones at the same time.(One Governing Stone to get the attack type and three Tuning Stones to augment it). It is possible to get these Stones by completing Vaults(a new type of Seasonal Dungeons), opening Wardwoven Chests and unlocking new levels of the Season Journey! You can find more about the Companion and the Season’s new features in my Season of the Construct Overview!

Druid Beginner Build Gameplay in Diablo 4

Shapeshift between Werebear and Werewolf to destroy your enemies with ease as a Druid! Your basic skills Maul and Pulverize transform you into a Werebear to deal massive damage. Change into a Werewolf to heal yourself with Blood Howl and poison enemies with Rabies. Use your Poison Creeper to immobilize and further poison enemies in the area. Earthen Bulwark provides you with a barrier and fortifies you! A Brutal Leveling Druid Beginner Build that allows you to play as a shapeshifter in Diablo 4!

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