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Diablo 4 Endgame

Endgame activities in Diablo 4 will keep you entertained after you have complete the game’s Campaign and have unlocked your Paragon Points! These activities will become an important part of your Daily Routine in Diablo 4 and help you progress further but also find the best gear for your Builds! It is possible to complete all Endgame activities in Diablo 4 as a Solo player but having one or two other players helping, will obviously make things easier and faster.

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What are the Endgame Activities in Diablo 4

Endgame activities in Diablo 4 will help you progress your character higher and unlock more Paragon Points. They are also a great way to farm better gear and become stronger. When you complete most of the basic tasks for your account(Renown grind, Altars of Lilith), complete the game’s campaign and reach level 50, you should start participating to the various Endgame activities the game offers. The available Endgame activities at the moment are:

  • Nightmare Dungeons
  • Helltide
  • Tree of Whispers
  • World Bosses
  • Legion Events
  • Fields of Hatred
  • Echo of Lilith

To maximize the experience gains and get the best gear possible you can combine some of the above activities!

1. Nightmare Dungeons in Diablo 4

Nightmare Dungeons are harder versions of normal Dungeons that offer better experience and loot! They become available in World III difficulty and are divided in Tiers. Tier 1 to 20 are available in World III but in order to attempt Tier 21 to 100 Nightmare Dungeons, you need first to unlock World IV Difficulty. The higher the Tier of a Dungeon, the higher the difficulty! To enter into a Nightmare Dungeon, you need to find its Nightmare Sigil first. You can find Nightmare Sigils randomly from other endgame activities or craft them yourself after you have unlocked this function on the Occultist Vendor.

nightmare dungeons
Nightmare Dungeon Entrance

Nightmare Dungeons add affixes to enemies inside or the environment. The affixes can be trivial or make your life miserable. There is also a death cap before you fail the Dungeon! Completing Nightmare Dungeons is one of the best ways to get experience at higher levels as well as the only way you can upgrade your Glyphs. Glyphs are vital for your Paragon Boards and provide a significant boost to your character. Nightmare Dungeons also offer great chances to drop Unique Items!

2. Helltide in Diablo 4

Helltide is an Overland Endgame activity in Diablo 4 that becomes available after you complete the game’s Campaign and unlock World Tier III difficulty! Helltides become active every 75 minutes and last for an hour. When a Helltide is active, parts of a random zone will appear red on the map and have stronger enemies roaming in them. By defeating these enemies you can collect Aberrant Cinders. Cinder is a special currency in Diablo 4 that you can use in “Tortured Gift” Chests for various rewards. There are different chests that drop different gear pieces and a “Tortured Gift of Mysteries” Chest that can drop any type of gear. Which is also the most expensive to open.

diablo 4 helltide
Tortured Gift Chest

Helltide is a great way to collect rare materials(Fiend Rose and Forgotten Soul), required for upgrading your gear. The Helltide chests can also drop Unique Items.

3. Tree of Whispers in Diablo 4

The Tree of Whispers is a bounty hunting system that you can unlock after you complete the game’s main Campaign. This system will send you around Sanctuary to collect Grim Favors by completing “Whispers of the Dead” quests, that require the completion of a specific activity. These activities can be anything, from killing Overland enemies to clearing Dungeons. Different activities reward a different number of Grim Favors. When you have collected ten Grim Favors you can return to the Tree for a Rewards Cache. The Cache can reward you with Legendary items, Gold, Gems, Glyphs and Nightmare Sigils.

Tree of Whispers

You can combine “Whispers of the Dead” quests with an active Helltide in order to maximize your experience gains and loot!

4. World Bosses in Diablo 4

World Bosses are powerful enemies that appear every few hours at specific locations! Killing World Bosses in Diablo 4 can reward you with Legendary and Unique items, as well as various cosmetics. To kill a World Boss you will need a well balanced Build and the assistance of other players. At the moment there are only three World Bosses in the game:

  • Ashava the Pestilent
  • Avarice the Gold Cursed
  • Wandering Death

Defeating each Boss every Week will also reward you with a Weekly Reward Cache!

diablo 4 endgame
Wandering Death World Boss

5. Legion Events in Diablo 4

Legion Events or the Gathering Legions Events are group oriented Events in Sanctuary that take place every thirty minutes. Five minutes before the Event starts a warning will pop up on the map. By arriving early to the spot you can also use their Campfire unique mechanic. Interacting with the Campfire will give you an experience buff that will increase the longer you stand next to it.

diablo 4 legion events
Legion Event Warning

Legion Events are a great way to earn experience but also valuable loot! They are designed for groups of players but it is possible to complete them Solo. Legion Events can spawn while a Helltide is active as well! These Events are great to collect Obols, Nightmare Sigils, Gear and cosmetics like the Spectral Charger Mount!

6. Fields of Hatred PVP Zone in Diablo 4

Fields of Hatred is the PVP zone of Diablo 4! You can visit the area to fight other players or collect the Red Dust currency. By defeating enemies(both NPC and Players) in the area you collect Seeds of Hatred. You can transform these Seeds into Red Dust by performing a short purification ritual. But when you begin the ritual, other players can see where you are, so you will have to keep your guards up!

Seeds of Hatred

You can use Red Dust at specific vendors in the Fields of Hatred area to purchase unique items, like Cursed Scrolls that offer buffs and debuffs while in the area, an outfit to use at the Wardrobe or even a unique Mount and Mount Cosmetics! There are two Fields of Hatred areas in the game, one in the Dry Steppes zone and one in Kehjistan!

7. Echo of Lilith in Diablo 4

The end of Endgame in Diablo 4! Echo of Lilith is a level 100 Boss designed as the final battle for the game! To fight this Boss you need to unlock World Tier IV difficulty and have “finished” your Build. This is the Ultimate challenge in Diablo 4 at the moment!

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