Diablo 4 Flurry Rogue Build – Venom

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Diablo 4 Flurry Rogue Build

Venom is a melee, Flurry Rogue Build in Diablo 4! The Rogue is the Class of Stealth and Imbuements, that can play as melee or ranged with success. This Build relies on the Flurry Core skill and Poison Damage to defeat enemies and clear content! Make enemies vulnerable and apply Poison to them to destroy hostile groups in no time. If you are just starting out you can take a look at my Diablo 4 Ranged Rogue Beginner Build. For more Rogue Builds, you can take a look at my Diablo 4 Rogue Builds page.

Table of Contents

Skills for Flurry Rogue Build in Diablo 4

These Skills are the core of our Flurry Rogue Build! They make enemies vulnerable, deal massive Poison damage and offer some form of crowd control. Flurry is your main offensive ability that you can combine with Puncture for a deadly combo!

Subverting Poison TrapBlended Shadow ImbuementSubverting Dark ShroudSupreme Shadow CloneFundamental PunctureImproved Flurry
  • Fundamental Puncture(Puncture,1/5): Makes enemies Vulnerable and slows them.
  • Improved Flurry(Flurry,5/5): Deals massive damage and makes enemies Vulnerable when hitting a Vulnerable enemy.
  • Subverting Poison Trap(Poison Trap,1/5): Deals massive Poison damage and knocks down enemies.
  • Blended Poison Imbuement(Poison Imbuement,1/5): Deals massive Poison damage.
  • Subverting Dark Shroud(Dark Shroud,1/5): Defensive ability that boosts speed.
  • Supreme Shadow Clone: Summons a Shadow that mimics you, dealing massive damage.

Specialization for Flurry Rogue Build in Diablo 4

Specialization is the special mechanic of Rogue in Diablo 4! When you reach level 15 you can unlock specialization by completing the “True Potential” Quest. As you level up you can unlock three different specializations, with each one offering different benefits to your Build. For this Build our specialization is “Combo Points“. Combo Points boost the efficiency of our Core skills, so in this case they boost the damage of Flurry!

Passive Skills for Flurry Rogue Build in Diablo 4

The Passive Skills we choose are also quite important for the Build and can help us become stronger. These are the Passive Skills for the Flurry Rogue Build!

Core Skills:

  • Sturdy, 3/3
  • Siphoning Strikes, 3/3

Agility Skills:

  • Weapon Mastery, 3/3
  • Concussive, 3/3

Subterfuge Skills:

  • Exploit, 3/3
  • Malice, 3/3

Imbuement Skills:

  • Precision Imbuement, 2/3
  • Deadly Venom, 3/3
  • Debilitating Toxins, 3/3
  • Alchemical Advantage, 3/3

Ultimate Skills:

  • Trap Mastery, 3/3
  • Adrenaline Rush, 2/3

Key Passive: Victimize

You can find more about the Rogue Skills by reading my Diablo 4 Rogue Skills Guide!

diablo 4 flurry rogue
Poison Flurry Rogue

Legendary Aspects for Flurry Rogue Build in Diablo 4

Legendary Aspects are important and define our Flurry Rogue Build! You can get them as a reward from completing Dungeons(Codex of Power Aspects) or as a drop while defeating enemies! Some of the best Legendary Aspects can only be found as drops while defeating enemies in Diablo 4! You can extract them from items you do not want to use and imprint them to your favorite piece of gear with the help of the Occultist vendor! These are the best Aspects for our Flurry Rogue Build!

HelmAspect of Cruel SustenanceDrop
ChestAspect of DisobedienceDrop, Halls of the Damned(Kehjistan)
GlovesAspect of Bursting VenomsDrop
PantsEscape Artist’s AspectDrop
BootsMangler’s AspectDrop
Ranged WeaponAspect of CorruptionDrop, Renegade’s Retreat(Kehjistan)
AmuletAspect of Unstable ImbuementsDrop, Whispering Vault(Dry Steppes)
RingRavenous AspectDrop, Shifting City(Dry Steppes)
RingEnergizing AspectDrop, Sanguine Chapel(Fractured Peaks)
Dual Wield WeaponAspect of Encircling BladesDrop, Forsaken Quarry(Fractured Peaks)
Dual Wield WeaponAccelerating AspectDrop

Gear Stats for Flurry Rogue Build in Diablo 4

Legendary Aspects are defining for the Flurry Rogue Build but the stats you get on the gear are important as well! Gear Stats can make or break your Build and will enhance your capabilities when pursuing a specific type of gameplay! Our desired Stats for the Flurry Rogue Build are:

  • Vulnerable Damage
  • Core Skill Damage
  • Physical Damage
  • Poison Damage
  • Cutthroat Skill Damage
  • Imbued Skill Damage
  • Ultimate Skill Damage
  • Damage
  • Damage with Dual-Wielded Weapons
  • Damage to Poisoned Enemies
  • Attack Speed
  • Critical Strike Chance
  • Critical Strike Damage
  • Critical Strike Damage with Imbued Skills
  • Boost to Stats
  • Energy Cost Reduction
  • Extra Energy
  • Damage Reduction
  • Cooldown Reduction
  • Imbuement Skill Cooldown Reduction
  • Extra Ranks to our Skills

There are several more gear stats that can be helpful but these are the most important for the Build!

Gems for Flurry Rogue Build in Diablo 4

Gems are quite important as well, since they can boost our capabilities when dealing with enemies! For a Flurry Rogue Build, these are the best Gem Options:

  • WeaponEmerald(Extra Critical Strike Damage to Vulnerable Enemies)
  • ArmorTopaz(Damage Reduction while Control Impaired) or Ruby(Extra Life)
  • JewelrySkull(Extra Armor)

Unique Items for Flurry Rogue Build in Diablo 4

Unique Items offer powerful effects that can further enhance your Build! Some Unique Items you can use with the Flurry Rogue Build are:

  • Andariel’s Visage(Helm): Chance to trigger a Poison Nova, that deals massive Poison damage.
  • Mother’s Embrace(Ring): Can refund resources.
  • Penitent Greaves(Boots): Chills enemies and deals more damage to Chilled enemies.
  • Asheara’s Khanjar(Dagger): Increases Attack Speed.
  • Condemnation(Dagger): Core Skills deal increased damage when spending 3 combo points.
  • Grasp of Shadows(Gloves): Damaging a Vulnerable enemy with a Marksman or Cutthroat Skill has a chance to summon a Shadow Clone that mimics your attack.
  • Tassets of the Dawning Sky(Pants): When you take damage from a Non-Physical damage type, you gain Maximum Resistance to that damage type. This effect can only apply to one damage type at a time.
  • Tibault’s Will(Pants): You deal increased damage while Unstoppable and for a few seconds after. When you become Unstoppable, gain some of your Primary Resource.
  • Godslayer Crown(Helm): When you Stun, Freeze, or Immobilize an Elite enemy, or damage a Boss, it pulls in nearby enemies. You deal increased damage to them.
  • Writhing Band of Trickery(Ring): Casting a Subterfuge Skill leaves behind a Decoy Trap that continuously Taunts and lures enemies. The Decoy Trap explodes after 3 seconds dealing Shadow damage.
  • Beastfall Boots(Boots): When you cast an Ultimate skill, your next Core skill consumes all of your energy and deals increased damage per Energy consumed. Using a Cooldown restores energy.

Paragon Points for Flurry Rogue Build in Diablo 4

Paragon Points can further enhance your Build and make you powerful. You can start earning Paragon Points after you reach level 50. Allocating them properly will help you become stronger and clear harder content! To learn more about Paragon Points and Boards, you can read my Paragon Board Guide.

Our goal with the Paragon Boards is to unlock several Powerful Glyphs and Nodes, suitable for our Build! This is the Paragon Board path you should follow for the Flurry Rogue Build!

Starting Board

  1. Unlock the Prime Rare Node(with all Magic Nodes around it) on the right and continue to the Glyph Socket. Place the Exploit Glyph.
  2. Unlock the Skillful Rare Node and all its Magic Nodes, continue to the Gate and attach the Exploit Weakness Board.

Exploit Weakness Board(Second Board)

  1. Create a Path East to unlock the Exploit Rare Node and all its Magic Nodes and continue North West to unlock the Exploit Weakness Legendary Node.
  2. Create another path West from the Gate to unlock the Glyph Socket and the Artifice Rare Node near it, along with all Magic Nodes around.
  3. Place the Bane Glyph and continue North to unlock the Hunter Killer Rare Node with all its Magic Nodes.
  4. Head to the Western Gate and attach the Deadly Ambush Board. Rotate twice before attaching it.

Deadly Ambush Board(Third Board)

  1. Head West to unlock the Engineering Rare Node with all its Magic Nodes, as well as the Glyph Socket. Place the Combat Glyph and continue North.
  2. On your way to the Northern Gate unlock the Deadly Ambush Legendary Node, the Trapper Rare Node and all the Magic Nodes around it.
  3. Attach the Cheap Shot Board. Rotate once before attaching.

Cheap Shot Board(Fourth Board)

  1. Head North to the Glyph Socket and place the Tracker Glyph. Unlock the Devious Rare Node and continue North to get the Oppress Rare Node with all their Magic Nodes, as well as the Cheap Shot Legendary Node.
  2. Take the Calculated Rare Node(with all Magic Nodes) near the Eastern Gate as well and attach there the No Witnesses Board.

No Witnesses Board(Fifth Board)

  1. Create a path North East to get the Ruin Rare Node, the No Witnesses Legendary Node and the Culler Rare Node. Also unlock the Magic Nodes around them.
  2. Make another path East to unlock the Knowledge Rare Node with all its Magic Nodes and the Glyph Socket. Place the Turf Glyph.

In total we are using Five Rare Glyphs on our Paragon Boards. The Diablo 4 Flurry Rogue Build Glyphs are:

  • Exploit
  • Bane
  • Combat
  • Tracker
  • Turf

Season Content for Flurry Rogue Build in Diablo 4

The Season of Construct adds a Seneschal Companion that can assist you in combat! You can unlock this Robotic Companion by advancing the Seasonal Questline and enhance their capabilities with Governing and Tuning Stones! Governing Stones grant attacks to your Companion while Tuning Stones augment those attacks. You can use two Governing Stones and six Tuning Stones at the same time.(One Governing Stone to get the attack type and three Tuning Stones to augment it). It is possible to get these Stones by completing Vaults(a new type of Seasonal Dungeons), opening Wardwoven Chests and unlocking new levels of the Season Journey! You can find more about the Companion and the Season’s new features in my Season of the Construct Overview!

Gameplay for Flurry Rogue Build in Diablo 4

The goal of the Build is to turn enemies Vulnerable and Poison them. You can achieve this easily with your skills. Attack 3 times with Puncture to generate Combo Points and make enemies Vulnerable. When you have max Combo Points use your main offensive skill Flurry. Attacking Vulnerable enemies with Flurry will also make other enemies nearby, hit by Flurry, Vulnerable. Poison Trap will deal massive poison damage to enemies but also knock them down, further improving your damage against them.

Activate your Poison Imbuement to deal even more Poison damage! Dark Shroud is your defensive skill, that offers protection and extra speed. Finally when it is ready use your Shadow Clone Ultimate! It will summon a Clone that mimics your actions, adding more damage to your build!

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