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Diablo 4 Necromancer Bone Spear

Undertaker is a powerful No Minions, Bone Spear Necromancer Build for Diablo 4! Necromancer is the Class of Death, Blood and Undead Minions! This Build is focusing on another aspect of Necromancer gameplay, Bone skills, to deal massive Burst damage and clear content fast. Undertaker is not using any minions for combat as well. We are sacrificing all Minions to boost our offensive capabilities and deal even better damage. If you are just starting out you can take a look at my Diablo 4 Necromancer Beginner Build. For more Necromancer Builds, you can take a look at my Diablo 4 Necromancer Builds page.

Table of Contents

Skills for Necromancer Bone Spear Build in Diablo 4

These skills are the core of our Necromancer Bone Spear Build! A combination of Bone and Corpse skills that deals massive damage and crowd control enemies. A Physical Damage based Build that can clear large areas from enemies with ease. The skills synergize with each other to help you gather enemies and kill them fast.

Plagued Corpse ExplosionAbhorrent DecrepifyPlagued Corpse TendrilsSupreme Bone StormInitiate’s Bone SplintersParanormal Bone Spear
  • Initiate’s Bone Splinters(Bone Splinters,1/5): Regenerates Essence and makes enemies Vulnerable.
  • Paranormal Bone Spear(Bone Spear, 5/5): Deals massive damage and boosts Critical Strike Chance.
  • Plagued Corpse Explosion(Corpse Explosion, 3/5): Makes corpses explode.
  • Abhorrent Decrepify(Decrepify, 1/5): Slows, Stuns enemies and reduces your cooldowns.
  • Plagued Corpse Tendrils(Corpse Tendrils,1/5): Crowd Controls enemies and makes them Vulnerable.
  • Supreme Bone Storm: Deals AOE damage, protects you and boosts your Critical Strike Chance.

Book of the Dead for Necromancer Bone Spear Build in Diablo 4

Book of the Dead is the special mechanic of Necromancer in Diablo 4! It allows you to upgrade or sacrifice the different types of minions you can summon. You unlock the book for free at level 5 and gain access to more upgrades as you level up. We are sacrificing all our Minions to boost the damage of the Build:

  • Skeletal Warriors Sacrifice: Increased Critical Strike Chance.
  • Cold Mages Sacrifice: More Damage to Vulnerable enemies.
  • Iron Golem Sacrifice: Increased Critical Strike Damage.

Passive Skills for Necromancer Bone Spear Build in Diablo 4

The Passive Skills we choose are also quite important for the Build and can help us become stronger. These are the Passive Skills for the Necromancer Bone Spear Build!

Core Skills:

  • Unliving Energy, 3/3
  • Hewed Flesh, 3/3

Macabre Skills:

  • Grim Harvest, 3/3
  • Fueled by Death, 3/3

Curse Skills:

  • Death’s Embrace, 3/3
  • Amplify Damage, 3/3

Corpse Skills:

  • Serration, 3/3
  • Compound Fracture, 3/3
  • Evulsion, 3/3

Ultimate Skills:

  • Stand Alone, 3/3
  • Memento Mori, 2/3

Key Passive: Ossified Essence

You can find more about the Necromancer Skills by reading my Diablo 4 Necromancer Skills Guide!

bone spear necromancer
Bone Spear Necromancer in action

Legendary Aspects for Necromancer Bone Spear Build in Diablo 4

Legendary Aspects are important and define our Necromancer Bone Spear Build! You can get them as a reward from completing Dungeons(Codex of Power Aspects) or as a drop while defeating enemies! Some of the best Legendary Aspects can only be found as drops while defeating enemies in Diablo 4! You can extract them from items you do not want to use and imprint them to your favorite piece of gear with the help of the Occultist vendor! These are the best Aspects for our Necromancer Bone Spear Build!

HelmAspect of Shielding StormDrop
ChestAspect of DisobedienceDrop, Halls of the Damned(Kehjistan)
GlovesAspect of Grasping VeinsDrop, Corrupted Grotto(Kehjistan)
PantsAspect of the ProtectorDrop, Lost Archives(Fractured Peaks)
BootsEluding AspectDrop, Caldera Gate(Fractured Peaks)
WeaponSplintering AspectDrop, Guulranh Slums(Dry Steppes)
AmuletCadaverous AspectDrop
RingAspect of SerrationDrop
RingSacrificial AspectDrop, Ruins of Eridu(Hawezar)
Offhand(Optional)Osseous Gale AspectDrop

A few other Aspects you can use include Aspect of the Umbral and Aspect of Torment.

Gear Stats for Necromancer Bone Spear Build in Diablo 4

Legendary Aspects are defining for the Necromancer Bone Spear Build but the stats you get on the gear are important as well! Gear Stats can make or break your Build and will enhance your capabilities when pursuing a specific type of gameplay! Our desired Stats for the Necromancer Bone Spear Build are:

  • Vulnerable Damage
  • Core Skill Damage
  • Bone Skill Damage
  • Physical Damage
  • Ultimate Skill Damage
  • Critical Strike Chance
  • Critical Strike Damage
  • Critical Strike Damage with Bone Skills
  • Life on Kill
  • Boost to Stats
  • Damage to Crowd Controlled Enemies
  • Essence Cost Reduction
  • Extra Essence
  • Damage Reduction
  • Cooldown Reduction
  • Extra Ranks to our Skills

There are several more gear stats that can be helpful but these are the most important for the Build!

Gems for Necromancer Bone Spear Build in Diablo 4

Gems are quite important as well, since they can boost our capabilities when dealing with enemies! For a Necromancer Bone Spear Build, these are the best Gem Options:

  • WeaponEmerald(Extra Critical Strike Damage to Vulnerable Enemies)
  • ArmorTopaz(Damage Reduction while Control Impaired) or Ruby(Extra Life)
  • JewelrySkull(Extra Armor)

Unique Items for Necromancer Bone Spear Build in Diablo 4

Unique Items offer powerful effects that can further enhance your Build! Some Unique Items you can use with the Necromancer Bone Spear Build are:

  • Mother’s Embrace(Ring): Can refund resources.
  • Penitent Greaves(Boots): Chills enemies and deals more damage to Chilled enemies.
  • The Grandfather(2-Handed Sword): Increases Critical Strike Damage
  • Black River(1-Handed Scythe): Corpse Explosion consumes more corpses to deal more damage.
  • Deathless Visage(Helm): Bone Spear leaves behind echoes as it travels that explode, dealing extra damage.
  • Howl from Below(Gloves): Corpse Explosion summons a volatile Skeleton that charges and explodes.
  • Lidless Wall(Shield): Lucky Hit: While you have an active Bone Storm, hitting an unaffected enemy has a chance to spawn an additional Bone Storm at their location. Each of your active Sacrifice bonuses increases the chance by a % and the total number of additional Bone Storms you can have.
  • Tassets of the Dawning Sky(Pants): When you take damage from a Non-Physical damage type, you gain Maximum Resistance to that damage type. This effect can only apply to one damage type at a time.
  • Tibault’s Will(Pants): You deal increased damage while Unstoppable and for a few seconds after. When you become Unstoppable, gain some of your Primary Resource.
  • Godslayer Crown(Helm): When you Stun, Freeze, or Immobilize an Elite enemy, or damage a Boss, it pulls in nearby enemies. You deal increased damage to them.
  • Ring of the Sacrilegious Soul(Ring): Automatically activate the following equipped Skills on Corpses around you:
    • Raise Skeleton.
    • Corpse Explosion.
    • Corpse Tendrils.

Paragon Points for Necromancer Bone Spear Build in Diablo 4

Paragon Points can further enhance your Build and make you powerful. You can start earning Paragon Points after you reach level 50. Allocating them properly will help you become stronger and clear harder content! To learn more about Paragon Points and Boards, you can read my Paragon Board Guide.

Our goal with the Paragon Boards is to unlock several Powerful Glyphs and Nodes, suitable for our Build! This is the Paragon Board path you should follow for the Necromancer Bone Spear Build!

Starting Board

  1. Unlock the Prime Rare Node and all Magic Nodes around it and continue North to unlock the Glyph socket.
  2. Place the Exploit Glyph, unlock Knowledge and Preservation Rare Nodes, along with their Magic Nodes and get to the Gate.
  3. Attach the Bone Graft Board. Rotate once before attaching.

Bone Graft Board(Second Board)

  1. Head East to unlock the Bone Graft Legendary Node.
  2. Take the Entomb Rare Node with all Magic Nodes around it and continue West to unlock the Reinvigorate and Calcified Rare Nodes(plus Magic Nodes around them).
  3. Continue North West to unlock the Glyph Socket, as well as the Erudite and Shaper of Bone Rare Nodes with all their Magic Nodes. Place the Sacrificial Glyph and continue to the Northern Gate to attach the Flesh-eater Board.

Flesh-eater Board(Third Board)

  1. Take the Culler Rare Node on the right, along with all Magic Nodes around it and continue North to Unlock the Glyph Socket, the Erudite and Targeted Rare Nodes and all their Magic Nodes.
  2. Place the Control Glyph and continue West to unlock the Flesh-eater Legendary Node and the Stifle Rare node with all its Magic Nodes.
  3. Head to the Western Gate to attach the Scent of Death Board. Rotate twice before attaching.

Scent of Death(Fourth Board)

  1. Make one Path North West to unlock the Deathbringer and Ruin Rare Nodes, along with their Magic Nodes. Continue to unlock the Scent of Death Legendary Node.
  2. From the Gate head West to unlock the Glyph Socket, the Deathmarked and Preservation Rare Nodes, along with their Magic Nodes.
  3. Place the Territorial Glyph and continue North West to unlock the Corrective Rare Node, along with its Magic Nodes.

In total we are using four Rare Glyphs on our Paragon Boards. The Diablo 4 Necromancer Bone Spear Build Glyphs are:

  • Exploit
  • Sacrificial
  • Control
  • Territorial

Season Content for Necromancer Bone Spear Build in Diablo 4

The Season of Construct adds a Seneschal Companion that can assist you in combat! You can unlock this Robotic Companion by advancing the Seasonal Questline and enhance their capabilities with Governing and Tuning Stones! Governing Stones grant attacks to your Companion while Tuning Stones augment those attacks. You can use two Governing Stones and six Tuning Stones at the same time.(One Governing Stone to get the attack type and three Tuning Stones to augment it). It is possible to get these Stones by completing Vaults(a new type of Seasonal Dungeons), opening Wardwoven Chests and unlocking new levels of the Season Journey! You can find more about the Companion and the Season’s new features in my Season of the Construct Overview!

Gameplay for Necromancer Bone Spear Build in Diablo 4

Crowd control and debuff your enemies before you can destroy them with your powerful Bone Spear! The goal of the Build is to gather enemies, curse them, then destroy them. Attack with Bone Splinters and Bone Spear to kill weak enemies and create Corpses. Use Corpse Tendrils to a corpse to pull all enemies in the area and make them vulnerable. Once the enemies are pulled, debuff them with Decrepify and destroy them with your Bone Spear and Corpse Explosion. When you consume Corpses you generate Essence, so you have more resources to attack with Bone Spear! Finally use your Bone Storm to deal AOE damage and protect yourself.

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