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Diablo 4 Potion Upgrade

Upgrading you Healing Potion in Diablo 4 is one of the most important things you can do early in the game! Your Healing Potion is a vital consumable that will keep you alive and help you defeat stronger enemies. When you begin the game you only carry four Potions that offer a weak healing effect. By interacting with the Alchemist however you can increase their potency. It is also possible to increase the number of Potions you can carry by earning Renown!

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How to Upgrade your Potion in Diablo 4

You can upgrade your Potion in Diablo 4 by visiting the Alchemist vendor in towns! The Alchemist offers you the option to upgrade your potions every few levels, as long as you have the required materials. In the open world of Diablo 4 you can harvest several materials of different type, that you can use to upgrade items later.

The Power of your Potions’ upgrades increase with your level. As well as the cost to upgrade them! You can upgrade your Healing Potions eight times and reach the Superior Healing Potion quality. This is the cost of every upgrade, as well as the levels they become available.

PotionPlayer LevelMaterialsHealing
Tiny Healing Potion10Gallowvine x248 Life direct, 35% Max Life over 3 seconds
Minor Healing Potion20Gallowvine x15
Biteberry x5
Gold x400
80 Life direct, 35% Max Life over 3 seconds
Light Healing Potion30Gallowvine x20
Biteberry x10
Crushed Beast Bones x5
Gold x470
141 Life direct, 35% Max Life over 3 seconds
Moderate Healing Potion45Gallowvine x20
Howler Moss x12
Demon’s Heart x5
Gold x900
255 Life direct, 35% Max Life over 3 seconds
Strong Healing Potion60Gallowvine x27
Reddamine x15
Paletongue x5
Gold x1700
378 Life direct, 35% Max Life over 3 seconds
Greater Healing Potion70Brightshade x36
Lifesbane x18
Grave Dust x5
Angelbreath x5
Gold x2500
559 Life direct, 35% Max Life over 3 seconds
Major Healing Potion80Angelbreath x10
Reddamine x27
Biteberry x27
Blightshade x27
Lifesbane x27
Howler Moss x27
Fiend Rose x5
Gold x5000
827 Life direct, 35% Max Life over 3 seconds
Superior Healing Potion90Forgotten Soul x10
Angelbreath x20
Fiend Rose x10
Grave Dust x20
Blightshade x36
Demon’s Heart x20
Howler Moss x36
Gold x12500
1274 Life direct, 35% Max Life over 3 seconds

Upgrading your Potions is vital for your progress in Diablo 4, so focus on visiting the Alchemist whenever an upgrade is available!

diablo 4 potion upgrade

Other Alchemist Options – Potion Upgrade Diablo 4

Alchemists vendors are important because of the Potion Upgrades they offer but they can help you with more actions like:

  • Craft Elixirs
  • Refine Resources
  • Craft Incense

Elixirs can help you boost your capabilities or resistances in order to fight stronger opponents. By Refining Resources you can gain more valuable resources out of the materials you have already gathered. Finally Incenses offer a buff to all players near the user for a time. Visiting an Alchemist as early as possible and taking advantage of everything they offer can be very helpful for your Diablo 4 adventure!

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