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Diablo 4 Renown

Renown in Diablo 4 is a reputation system that assists players with their progression! Exploration is vital for success in Diablo 4 Open World. As you explore around you discover and unlock points of interest, Altars of Lilith, complete side quests and Strongholds that reward you with Renown. Renown is basically the reputation you gain in each of the game’s available zones by completing the above tasks. Some of the Renown rewards are Character based while other unlock account wide boons!

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Renown Activities

There are a few, exploration based, activities that you must complete in order to earn Renown in Diablo 4. These activities are:

  • Unlock Waypoints
  • Clear Strongholds
  • Complete Side Quests
  • Discover new Areas
  • Clear Dungeons
  • Discover Altars of Lilith

Discovering new areas is important to unlock new quests, find new Dungeons and in general clear the map of each zone. Discovering and unlocking new Waypoints is vital for traveling fast and reaching every area in the game with ease. Altars of Lilith play an important role in exploration but also to the progression of your Class and Character since they boost your attributes when you interact with them.

Completing Side Quests can reward you with new items but also interesting stories! Dungeons can help you level up faster but also farm new gear and Aspects for your Characters. A Stronghold is a special type of Dungeon that offers its own story and sometimes leaves behind a new settlement when you clear it.

diablo 4 renown

Renown Rewards in Diablo 4

The Rewards of the Renown System are divided in five Tiers. The last two Tiers are locked and require World Difficulty Nightmare(third difficulty) to unlock them. Each Renown Tier contains Character based and account wide Rewards. When you unlock a new reward Tier, you earn extra EXP and Gold for the active Character as well as account wide rewards based on the Tiers. The account wide Rewards of Renown include:

The Renown System is an important Diablo 4 feature that allows you to unlock additional Skill Points, Paragon Points, Potion Charges and more! Focusing on completing its activities and unlocking their rewards should be your number one priority!

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