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Diablo 4 Salvage

Salvage Gear and items in Diablo 4 is another important activity you can do, along with upgrading your Potions! Salvaging gear unlocks new cosmetic looks that you can use in your Wardrobe but also grants you valuable crafting materials. Because of this, visiting the Blacksmith in order to salvage gear and items you do not need, is going to be an important part of your Daily Routine in Diablo 4!

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How to Salvage Gear in Diablo 4

In order to salvage gear, you must visit the Blacksmith NPC! The Blacksmith unlocks at level ten and offers you a few different options. The Most important of which is of course salvaging your gear.

diablo 4 salvage

You can salvage all items in your inventory or choose to only salvage Junk Items or items of a specific quality. The quality of the items you can salvage like this includes:

  • Common
  • Magic
  • Rare

In order to salvage items of higher quality, like Legendary, you will have to do it manually by using the hammer icon on them. When you salvage items you receive crafting materials that you can use to upgrade other items. You can also unlock new looks for your Wardrobe! This allows you to use the looks of an item in the appropriate gear slot and create a unique look for your character.

Other Blacksmith Options – Diablo 4 Salvage

The Blacksmith offers a couple more options for you other than Salvaging gear. These are:

  • Repair
  • Upgrade Item

Every time you die your gear loses 10% of its durability. By repairing your gear you keep it functional and effective! Upgrade Item does exactly what it is saying! You can upgrade your items and make them stronger. Upgrading is also important for your progress in Diablo 4, since it boosts your items, as well as their stats. The Blacksmith is an important NPC you will be visiting often while adventuring in Diablo 4!

diablo 4 salvage

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