eso blackwood

ESO Blackwood

Blackwood is the name of the brand new Chapter for The Elder Scrolls Online in 2021! Part of this year-long adventure, Gates of Oblivion, that will travel us from the heart of Argonian land to pockets of the Deadlands in order to fight Mehrunes Dagon and its minions. Blackwood is planned for release on June 1st for PC/MAC/Stadia and June 8th for XBOX ONE & PS4.

ESO Blackwood Features

Blackwood will add a new zone with several points of interest to discover and explore. This new Chapter will offer around thirty(30) hours of new story content and will be similar in size to Elsweyr. Like with every other Chapter before, players will have the chance to complete a new 12-player Trial called Rockgrove, new delves, public dungeons, world bosses and lots of quests. Oblivion Portals is the new Chapter’s Dolmen-like feature, that requires players to fight together in order to collect its rewards.

Companions System

The main feature and highlight of the Blackwood Chapter is the new Companions System! Players can unlock companions by completing Blackwood main quests. Companions can assist you in your adventures and make it possible to complete harder content alone. More info on the Companions System will be revealed closer to the Chapter’s release.


Blackwood is already available for a pre-purchase with several different editions that offer unique rewards. By pre-purchasing the new Chapter you can receive immediately a Nagahide Welwa Ravager mount but also a Nightmare Bear Cub pet. More rewards will become available with the Chapter’s launch, depending on the edition you have chosen. You can find more info on the different pre-purchase options and rewards here.

Flames of Ambition DLC

The Gates of Oblivion year-long adventure begins with the Q1 Dungeon DLC, Flames of Ambition. The DLC will add two new Dungeons in the game, The Cauldron and Black Drake Villa. The first DLC of 2021 also brings a major overhaul to the Champion Points System, a.k.a. Champion System 2.0. The new system radically changes the way Champion Points work in the game and expands the available options for players. Another important combat change, includes the addition of bonuses and penalties to the available Armor types. Like always, the DLC will add new Armor Sets, four for each one of its dungeons. The DLC will be available for testing on the PTS from January 27th!

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