eso dragonhold update

Dragonhold & Scalebreaker Update

During the Bethesda E3 2019 presentation, The Elder Scrolls Online announced the two new updates that will come to the game later this year. The first one is called Scalebreaker, a dungeon DLC that will go live on August 2019. The second and last ESO update for 2019, Dragonhold, will be released on November 2019.

These two updates will continue and conclude the Season of the Dragon that started with the Wrathstone DLC earlier in 2019.

Scalebreaker Update

The Scalebreaker Update will have a release date on Q3, August and feature two new dungeons. The Moongrave Fane and Lair of Maarselok. Both of these dungeons are part of the season of the dragon storyline and will pit players against dragons.

Players will be able to acquire new sets, items and collectibles as rewards.

Dragonhold Update

The fourth and last DLC for ESO this year, will introduce a new area to the game. Dragonhold will bring Southern Elsweyr and more specifically Pellitine in the game, completing the Elsweyr zone.

Like with every new update, Dragonhold will also offer to adventurers new Armor Sets, items and collectibles. More info about ESO Dragonhold and ESO Scalebreaker as well as their exact release dates will be revealed later this summer.

Season of the Dragon

During the presentation a new cinematic trailer was also revealed, continuing the story of Elsweyr after the dragons’ release. The two new updates, Dragonhold and Scalebreaker will take place after Elsweyr and will conclude the impressive storyline of Dragons and Necromancers in Tamriel.

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