Gauntlet of Shar Guide in Baldur’s Gate 3


Gauntlet of Shar Guide

How to complete all puzzles and challenges inside the Gauntlet of Shar, during the second Act of Baldur’s Gate 3! The Gauntlet of Shar is the most important place in BG3 Act 2, since it decides the fate of the world around the area. You can enter the Gauntlet of Shar early while in Act 2 but you should avoid completing it until you have finished everything else in the area. This is because the conclusion of the Gauntlet will also decide the future of the Shadow Cursed Lands. It will also finish most of your active side quests automatically. This Gauntlet of Shar Guide will show you how to enter this area and how to complete all puzzles and challenges inside!

gauntlet of shar
Grand Mausoleum and Gauntlet

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Gauntlet of Shar Location BG3

The entrance to the Gauntlet is located inside the Grand Mausoleum, North of Moonrise Towers. In order to enter you will have to complete first a simple puzzle. Inside the Mausoleum there is a room with three Murals. Under the Murals there is a button that activates them. You need to press the buttons and highlight the Murals in the right order or else the traps in the room will activate. The right order is:

  1. Moonrise Towers
  2. Grief
  3. General

When you complete this action a wall will open and reveal an elevator. The Elevator will take you to the Gauntlet.

gauntlet of shar

Umbral Gems – Gauntlet of Shar

The ultimate goal inside the Gauntlet is to find four Umbral Gems and use them to eventually reach the final area. You can obtain these Gems by completing a few puzzles and defeating a strong enemy inside the Gauntlet.

Statue Puzzle

Statue Puzzle – Gauntlet of Shar

In the first room of the Gauntlet you will find a Statue with an Umbral Gem in front of it. However you cannot reach the Gem because of a force field covering the area. The field will push you back every time you try to approach. To lift the field go to the four small corner rooms in the area and interact with the levers in there. There are several traps around so watch your step. Interacting with the Levers will lower the purple-light lanterns. Shut them off to reveal a passage around the statue(shut off any other light source to see the gaps). Approach and touch the Gem. You can now proceed further into the Gauntlet.

Statue Puzzle

Balthazar in Gauntlet of Shar

By heading North from the entrance you will find another Elevator that will take you below. Find first all Umbral Gems before taking that elevator. Going West from there you will reach a large room and participate in a fight between Skeletons and Dark Justiciars. You will join the fight alongside the Skeletons. Defeat every Dark Justiciar enemy but also the orbs summoning them to end the fight. Open the room on the West side of this area to find Balthazar. Balthazar will ask you to complete the Gauntlet’s Trials for him. If you do this, you will meet again Balthazar at the final area of the Gauntlet. Depending on your choices and how you wish to proceed, you will probably have to fight him there. However it is possible to fight him now. The fight is easier in this smaller area.

gauntlet of shar

Yurgir in Gauntlet of Shar

If you go East from the Elevator after the Statue Puzzle, you will reach Yurgir’s area. Yurgir is a strong enemy, commanding an army of Merregons. This is a tough fight but you can avoid it by speaking with Yurgir and agreeing to help him. If you sneak around Yurgir when entering the area you will have to fight him. If you wish to resolve things peacefully you will need to follow the main path. After you are done with Yurgir by either way, you can find an Umbral Gem on the floor nearby.

Yurgir’s Umbral Gem

How to Complete Soft-Step Trial in Gauntlet of Shar

There are three trials in total inside the Gauntlet that you have to complete successfully. Moving North from Balthazar’s location, you will find the first Trial, the Soft-Step Trial. Before you can start all three Trials you need to interact with the sacrificial bowl outside their room and offer some Blood. The Soft-Step Trial is an easy trial that you can complete by moving inside the area undetected. Avoid the two enemies patrolling the area and reach the other side. You can do this by moving slowly, avoiding their line of sight or by using Invisibility on your character. Lockpick the door blocking the final room and get another Umbral Gem.

gauntlet of shar
Gauntlet of Shar Map

How to Complete the Self-Same Trial in Gauntlet of Shar

Another simple Trial where you have to defeat a copy of your active party! Use your character to attack the copy of themselves until they are defeated. If you attack a different copy while the active character’s copy is still alive, your character will receive a debuff. Once you defeat the party an Umbral Gem will appear and one of the enemies will drop the Killer’s Sweetheart Ring. A powerful Ring that you can use with almost every Build in Baldur’s Gate 3!

killer's sweetheart
Killer’s Sweetheart

How to Complete the Faith-Leap Trial in Gauntlet of Shar

To complete this Trial you will need to follow an invisible path! You can however see the path if you use an illumination spell. Alternatively you can see the path on the floor in front of the altar! Reach the other side and retrieve your final Umbral Gem.

Teachings of Loss: The Nightsinger

Silent Library in Gauntlet of Shar

From the Faith-Leap Trial area head South. Descend to the lower floor to find the entrance to the Silent Library! It is called like this because of a special enemy inside, The Librarian, which emits a silence effect in the entire area. There are several traps and a few Dark Justiciar enemies inside as well. Defeat everyone inside and reach the smaller area West of the entrance. In front of Shar’s Mural there is a Pedestal.

Dark Justiciar Half-Plate

Inserting the right item in the Pedestal will open the Treasure Room behind the Mural. In one of the trapped shelves in the North Eastern part of the Library you can find the Teachings of Loss: The Nightsinger Book. Insert it to the Pedestal to open the room behind. In there you can find the Spear of Night Weapon, Dark Justiciar Half-Plate armor and Dark justiciar Helmet!

Find the Nightsong in Gauntlet of Shar BG3

Once you have all four Umbral Gems and have completed every puzzle you can proceed. Return to the center of the Gauntlet and place an Umbral Gem to the Pedestal of Reckoning. Use the elevator to descend to the following area. Place the three remaining Gems in the new Altar to open the road ahead.

Inside the new area there is a pool of water that works as a portal to Shar’s realm, the Shadowfell! This is also where you will find the Nightsong! Entering the portal will auto complete several quests in Act 2 and prevent you from traveling back to Act 1 areas, so make sure that you have finished anything you wanted to before proceeding!

gauntlet of shar

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