The Best Sorcerer Builds for ESO

Best Sorcerer Builds ESO

The Best Sorcerer Builds for ESO! Stamina & Magicka Sorcerer Builds for PVE & PVP Gameplay. Everything you need to complete any type of content and have fun in ESO! Below you can find Builds for every type of gameplay in ESO. From powerful PVE DPS Builds to strong Solo Gameplay setups and sturdy PVP Builds!

Sorcerer Class Builds for ESO

The Sorcerer is the most New Player friendly Class in ESO, especially the Magicka Sorcerer! A great option for new players that can help you clear content easily, thanks to its Pets, defense and sustain skills! The Sorcerer is a flexible Class that can play with its Pets or without! Below you can find the Best Sorcerer Builds for PVE and PVP Gameplay in ESO!

Is Sorcerer A Good Class in ESO?

Sorcerer is flexible Class in ESO that allows you to play with Pets or without. It is also the most Beginner Friendly Class for Magicka DPS and Solo gameplay! The Sorcerer relies mostly on Shock damage which can help you create a Shock based Mage Build with success. Its Pets provide combat assistance in the form of damage, heals and crowd control which make them an excellent tool for new and veteran players.

The Magicka Pet Sorcerer is the best Class for beginners that is also very strong in DPS and Solo PVE, as well as a decent Class for PVP gameplay. The Stamina Sorcerer on the other hand is a powerful DPS Class, with great Solo capabilities and powerful PVP setups! Overall the Sorcerer is a beginner friendly and reliable Class that can help you fulfill the role of DPS and complete Solo PVE with ease, as well as PVP gameplay. It is not the best Class for Tanking nor Healing though. To find more about the Sorcerer Class and its Skills you can read my Sorcerer Class Beginner Guide!

What Race is the Best for Sorcerer in ESO?

The Best Race for a Magicka DPS Sorcerer is High Elf. For a Stamina DPS Build, the Dark Elf is the Best option, along with Orc. For a Tank Sorcerer the Nord Race is a powerful option, along with Imperial. Finally as a Healer you can pick High Elf or Argonian. To learn more about the available ESO Races and their unique Racial Skills, you can read my ESO Race Guide!

FAQ – Best Sorcerer Builds ESO

Is Sorcerer Good in ESO?

The Sorcerer is a great Stamina and Magicka DPS in ESO but also a decent Tank and Healer! You can read more about Classes in ESO in this ESO Class Guide!

Is Sorcerer Good for Solo in ESO?

The Sorcerer is a great Solo Class with several skills that can help you complete harder content alone! The Magicka Sorcerer especially, is the best option for New Players in ESO! To find out more about Solo Classes in ESO, you can read this ESO Best Solo Class Guide!

Is Sorcerer Good for PVP in ESO?

The Magicka Sorcerer is a beginner friendly and reliable Class for PVP in ESO, with its Pets or without. The Stamina version of the Sorcerer is a powerful Class for PVP that can destroy every enemy! To learn more about PVP in ESO, you can read my Best PVP Class Guide!