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The Best Greatsword Builds for Throne and Liberty

Best Greatsword Builds TL

The Best Greatsword Builds for Throne and Liberty! Builds that use the Greatsword as their Primary or Secondary weapon, to fulfill their role successfully! Below you can find Builds for DPS or Support Roles in PVE, as well as PVP gameplay.

Greatsword Weapon Builds for Throne and Liberty

The Greatsword is a melee Weapon in Throne and Liberty that deals massive damage and offers Crowd Control capabilities. The Greatsword is a great weapon if you wish to play as a melee character in TL. This Weapon offers powerful Stuns and immobilization effects that allow you to control the fight and clear enemies faster. There are several combinations you can make with the Greatsword. To maximize your efficiency as a DPS, you can combine it with the Dagger or the Crossbow. The Greatsword along with Sword and Shield make the best Tank Weapon Combination!

sword tank build tl

Sturdy Sword Greatsword Tank Build for Throne and Liberty

Protect your group members and guide them through the hardest Dungeons in Throne and Liberty with this Sturdy Sword Greatsword Tank TL Build!

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