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ESO Best Companion Guide – Companions Tier List

ESO Companion Guide

The Companions of ESO are helpful NPC that can accompany and assist you in combat around Tamriel. Companions are an amazing tool for new or veteran players that can help with PVE content.

Although close in power, each Companion has a set of unique skills that determine their play style. This makes Companions better in specific roles and content. Companions have three unique skill lines but can also use abilities from Weapon, Guild and Armor lines as well. Finally their racial ability helps to pick a suitable role for them.

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Table of Contents

CompanionMagicka DPSStamina DPSTankHealer



In total there are four available Companions at the moment. Bastian, Ember, Isobel and Mirri. To unlock Bastian and Mirri, the Blackwood DLC is required. To unlock Ember and Isobel, the High Isle DLC is required.

Each Companion represents a playable Class and Race of The Elder Scrolls Online.

  • Bastian is an Imperial Dragonknight you can find on the Southern part of Blackwood, near Deepscorn Hollow.
  • Mirri is a Dark Elf Nightblade, located near Doomvault Vulpinaz in Blackwood.
  • Ember is a Khajiit Sorcerer, near the Tor Draioch point of interest in High Isle.
  • Isobel, is a Breton Templar you can find near Castle Navire in High Isle.

Their Class and Race affect their Skills and the roles they can fulfill successfully.

Magicka DPS

As a Sorcerer, Ember outperforms the other three Companions in the role of Magicka DPS. Strong Shock damage abilities, shield and heals allow her to stay at range and deal significant damage. Ember is a great option as a Mage for AOE but also single target damage.

Isobel also has a few hard hitting magic abilities to use. Combined with Weapon and other class abilities she can make a strong mage. Her strong heals will help against multiple enemies.

Mirri does not have several ranged Magic skills to choose from, so she has to rely on weapon and guild skills. She is a decent mage but not as good as Ember or Isobel.

Although Bastian has a few strong Magic skills, he is not the best option for the role. This is mainly because he has to stay in melee range to deal most of his damage, which makes him vulnerable to attacks.

Magicka DPS Tier List

  1. Ember
  2. Isobel
  3. Mirri
  4. Bastian
eso companion guide

Stamina DPS

Isobel is great for that role! A good Brawler Companion with melee weapons that can also use Bow with success. Her strong hitting abilities combined with heals and weapon skills, make Isobel a nice DPS assistant.

Bastian is another great Stamina DPS, brawler type of companion! Quite flexible on that role as well, since he can use weapon skills or his melee range magic abilities to deal damage. His heals are not as strong as Isobel’s so he might need some assistance from you.

Ember will struggle against several enemies as a Stamina DPS. Her shield and heals help but are not enough to fulfill the role successfully.

Finally Mirri is not a brawler type of Companion. She is better at finishing low health enemies for you rather than drawing attention. She does make a good ranged Bow DPS though thanks to her Class skills.

Stamina DPS Tier List

  1. Isobel
  2. Bastian
  3. Ember – Mirri(decent Bow DPS)


Isobel again is the best option for the role of Tanking. The best and sturdiest out of all four Companions. Strong shields and heals will help Isobel to tank strong enemies with success. Very reliable in that role!

Bastian is not that far behind either. Another strong Tank Companion that can hold aggro and allow you to kill tough enemies. His heals are not as good as Isobel’s.

Ember can fulfill the role of Tank but is not the best for the job! Her shield and heals will help but are not enough to tank stronger enemies.

Mirri finally is a poor option for tanking. She lacks Tank focused abilities and she is hard to recover if her health drops low.

Tank Tier List

  1. Isobel
  2. Bastian
  3. Ember
  4. Mirri
high isle companions


As a Templar, Isobel has access to a few great Healing abilities, which make her the best Companion for the role of Healer! Strong single target and AOE heals that can bring you back to full health fast if necessary.

Ember on the other hand is another great Healer Companion. She can protect you with her shield and keep you alive with class and weapon heal abilities.

Mirri is a flexible healer! She can focus on healing with a combination of Class and Weapon abilities or work as a Healer/DPS Hybrid with mixed skills!

Finally Bastian, although not bad as a Healer, has to rely mostly on weapon/guild abilities to fulfill that role. Bastian works better as a healer/buffer hybrid.

Healer Tier List

  1. Isobel
  2. Ember
  3. Mirri
  4. Bastian

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