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Undaunted Pledges Guide

Undaunted Pledges are Dungeon related Quests you can complete every day and an important part of your Daily Routine in ESO. You unlock the Pledges when you reach level 45 and they can help you advance the Undaunted Skill line but also complete your Monster Sets.

They are basically Dungeon Quests that ask you to defeat the Bosses of a specific Dungeon every day and reward you with a special currency, Undaunted Keys. Undaunted Pledges also have their own dedicated Event every year, the Undaunted Celebration Event!

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Undaunted Skill Line – Undaunted Pledges

The Undaunted Skill line offers several important support skills for every role and two must-have passives. To advance the line you have to increase your Rank with the Undaunted. This can be done by completing Group Dungeons, Delves and Trials Quests as well as Undaunted Pledges. Completing your Pledges daily is one of the most reliable ways to gain more levels and unlock its skills.

How to Join Undaunted

To join the Undaunted in ESO all you have to do is talk to a specific NPC, at any level and accept their Quest. The NPC you have to find are:

  • Turuk Redclaws in the Salted Wings Tavern, in Vulkhel Guard, Auridon.
  • Mighty Mordra in The Rosy Lion, in Daggerfall, Glenumbra.
  • Kailstig the Axe in the Fish Sting, in Davon’s Watch, Stonefalls

Speak to any of the three, accept their Quest and you will join the Undaunted, as well as unlock the Guild’s skill line.

undaunted pledges

How to Unlock Undaunted Dailies in ESO – Undaunted Pledges

When you reach level 45, you will receive an invitation to the Undaunted Enclave of your Alliance. The Enclaves can be found in the Capital of your Alliance, Elden Root, Mournhold and Wayrest.

After signing the “Tome of the Undaunted” book and completing a short introductory quest, you can start accepting Pledges. The Pledges are basically Daily Dungeon Quests that ask you to defeat the Bosses of specific Dungeons.

In total there are three available Pledges every day. Two for Base Game Dungeons and one for DLC Dungeons. Urgarlag Chief-Bane offers the DLC Dungeon Pledges while Glirion the Redbeard and Maj Al-Ragath offer base game Dungeons Pledges.

Undaunted Pledges Rewards

The Pledges reward you with Undaunted Keys. A special currency you can use to buy items from the Pledge Store, every Pledge Giver NPC runs. With these Keys you can buy coffers that contain Shoulders pieces from Monster Sets that drop in the specific Dungeons.

Dungeon specific coffers cost five(5) keys while mystery coffers that contain a random reward cost one(1) key only. You can also spend fifty(50) keys to buy the Style Page Shoulders that is available every time.

Pledge Rewards vary based on the difficulty of the Dungeon.

  • Completing a Pledge in Normal Difficulty will give you one Undaunted Key.
  • Completing a Pledge in Veteran Difficulty will give you one Undaunted Key and the Head piece of the Monster Set that drops in the Dungeon.
  • Completing a Pledge in Veteran Hard Mode Difficulty will give you two Undaunted Keys and the Head piece of the Monster Set that drops in the Dungeon.

Which means that you can earn three(3) to six(6) Undaunted Keys every day by completing all three Pledges. To activate the Hard Mode in most Dungeons, you have to interact with the Scroll of Glorious Battle before the Final Boss Fight.

Pledges are a Group activity but you can receive their reward even if you complete them Solo.

Delve Quests – Undaunted Pledges

In the Undaunted Enclaves you can also accept a fourth Daily Quest from the Bolgrul NPC. He offers Delve quests that you can accept and complete even before level 45. Completing those daily, is a great way to earn experience, various items but also Undaunted Points to advance the skill line.

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