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ESO Daily Routine

This ESO Daily Routine Guide will show you the most important activities you should do every day in ESO! There are a few activities in The Elder Scrolls Online, that can help you level up faster, make gold and overall spend your time in Tamriel more efficiently. Completing these activities on a daily basis, should be your number one priority! Most of them will only take a few minutes but will help you to progress and build your characters for success in ESO! This is what your ESO Daily Routine should look like:

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ESO Daily Routine Activities

Below you can find all the activities in ESO that you can add into your Daily Routine! Some are important for progressing in the game and making your characters stronger while other will offer additional benefits and help you enjoy your time in Tamriel more. Combining them together whenever possible, is the best way to maximize your fun and profits in ESO!

1. Daily Login Reward – ESO Daily Routine

Every day you login into The Elder Scrolls Online, you get a cool free reward! This can be anything, from potions and poisons to EXP Boost Scrolls, Gold, Seals of Endeavor and other forms of currency! Claiming your login rewards should be your very first action every day! Every item you get for free can assist you in your adventure and help you progress faster and more efficiently.

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2. Mount Upgrades – ESO Daily Routine

Tamriel is vast! So traveling fast is important. This is why you should upgrade your Mount Skills as soon as possible. Talk to the Stablemaster in every town, to level up the Speed, Stamina and Carry Capacity of your mounts. You can only apply one point every day at the cost of 250 gold. The timer resets at 3am UTC for European servers and 10am UTC for North American servers. Mount Upgrades are character bound so you should do this with all of your characters. To learn how you can get Mounts in ESO, you can read this ESO Mount Guide!

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3. Daily Writs – ESO Daily Routine

Writs are special crafting orders that offer extra EXP and rewards. You can get and complete them manually but you can also use an add-on to automate the process(recommended). Any character above level six(6) can do the writs as long as they are certified for the specific crafting profession.

Talk to Millenith or Danel Telleno to complete the certification process. Do your writs every day to earn gold, EXP, crafting materials, surveys and even Master Writs if your skills are high enough. Master Writs is a great source of wealth! The complexity of the Daily writs and their rewards depends on how high your crafting skills are.

4. Research Traits – ESO Daily Routine

Another daily activity related to Crafting. Researching Traits is very important if you are interested in Crafting. You should always have a Research active, at least with your dedicated Crafter character. Research takes real time to complete. The more Traits of an item you have completed, the longer it takes to complete the next one. A Trait research can take a few hours, up to a whole month depending on this. So the sooner you will start, the sooner you will finish.

By leveling up your crafting skills, you can reduce the time it takes to research a Trait but also research more Traits at the same time. There are also scrolls you can get as Daily Login Rewards and from other sources, that can help you with faster researching.

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5. Endeavors – ESO Daily Routine

Endeavors is a series of Daily and Weekly Quests that combine several different activities. Every time you login into ESO you receive them automatically without the need to perform a specific action, like talking to an NPC. Endeavors can ask you to complete any in-game task, from killing enemy NPC to crafting items. You can only complete a limited number every day/week. Once you reach that number, the other Endeavors will grey out and you will have to wait for a quest refresh for new ones.

You can complete three(3) Daily Endeavor quests every Day and one(1) Weekly every Week at the moment. You can find the available quests in Group & Activity Finder under the Endeavors tab. Endeavors reward you with Gold and the Seals of Endeavor currency. With Seals of Endeavor you can purchase Crown Crate items that are available with the active Crates. So Endeavors is a nice way to complete in-game activities and acquire Crown Crate items by simply playing the game.

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6. Daily Group Activities

Completing your first Random Normal or Veteran Dungeon and your first Battlegrounds every day, rewards you with extra EXP and other useful items. Queue up through the Group & Activity Finder Tab to earn the extra EXP and the rewards. This is a great way to gain an EXP boost for new characters or alts and level them up faster. Try to always complete those two every day, for the best results.

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7. Transmute Crystals Farming – ESO Daily Routine

Transmute Crystals are necessary to transmute items in order to change their Traits. There are a few activities you can complete every day to earn them, including completing Dungeons and Battlegrounds. You can find a detailed list of the activities that reward Crystals and the amount of Crystals you can earn from them in my Transmute Crystals Guide. You can use the crystals at a Transmute Station(Brass Fortress – Clockwork City or buy one for your House). Transmute Crystals is the only way to get Jewelry with specific traits, so they are quite valuable.

8. Pledges – ESO Daily Routine

When you reach level 45, you can start accepting Pledges. These are special Daily Dungeon quests that ask you to defeat Bosses from specific Base game and DLC Dungeons. You can receive the Pledges from the Pledgegiver NPCs, found in the Undaunted Enclaves. An undaunted Enclave is located at the Capital city of every Alliance.

  • Wayrest – Stormhaven Zone
  • Mournhold – Deshaan Zone
  • Elden Root – Grahtwood Zone

Glirion the Redbeard and Maj Al-Ragath offer Pledges for Base game Dungeons while Urgarlag Chief-Bane will ask you to clear DLC Dungeons. Pledges reward you with Undaunted Keys depending on the Dungeon(Base game or DLC).

  • For Base Game Dungeons you get One Key for clearing Normal Dungeons and two for clearing Veteran Dungeons in Hard mode.
  • For DLC Dungeons you get Two Keys for clearing Normal Dungeons, three Keys for Veteran Dungeons and four for clearing Veteran Dungeons in Hard mode.

You can use the keys to buy specific Dungeon coffers from the Pledge Master Stores. The coffers contain Shoulder Pieces from Monster Sets that drop in specific Dungeons. You can also buy Style Pages with them when they are available. It is wise to save your Undaunted Keys until you have reached the gear cap, which is c160 at the moment. Completing Pledges can also help you advance the Undaunted Skill Line. You can find more about Pledges in my Undaunted Pledges Guide.

9. Infinite Archive in ESO

The Infinite Archive is another activity you can add to your ESO Daily Routine if you wish. While the Archive is designed as a rogue-like Endless Dungeon, it offers a Daily Quest that requires you to clear only the first Arc! This means that you can complete this quest Daily in order to get the Archive’s unique rewards and farm Class Sets! Repeating the first Arc of the Archive is also one of the Best ways to Level up your Companions in ESO! To find out more about the Archive, its special mechanics and enemies, you can read my ESO Endless Archive Guide!

10. Daily Quests – ESO Daily Routine

Daily Quests is another great Daily activity, especially when there is a new zone available. They can help you become familiar with the zone but also earn materials, new Armor Sets and other items. By completing Daily Quests in various Zones you can also earn special Motifs as rewards but also complete related achievements!

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11. Tales of Tribute Daily Quests – ESO Daily Routine

The Tales of Tribute Card Game also offers a set of Daily Quests to the game! Once you complete the tutorial in Gonfalon Bay, you will unlock the two NPC Quest givers, Kishka the Broker and Marunji the Broker.

They are both located inside the Gonfalon Bay Gaming Hall. Kishka will ask you to defeat NPC around Tamriel while Marunji will ask you to defeat other players! These Quests are part of the High Isle Daily Quests you can find in the zone and a great way to enjoy Tales of Tribute!

12. Other Activities

You can add many more activities to your Daily Routine in ESO, depending on your goals and needs in the game. You can farm specific Armor Sets for your characters and Builds. Each Set drops in specific zones in the game and pieces drop from different enemies/activities. You can consult for every Armor Set in ESO.

You may want to relax by completing some Treasure Maps or Surveys. Great way to get crafting materials and valuable items you can sell or use! You may also want to grind some EXP for your character or an Alt! If this is the case you can always check my Best EXP Grind Spots Guide to find the best place to earn EXP and Gold!

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