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Transmute Crystals

Transmute Crystals is a form of Currency in ESO, that allows players to change the Trait of their equipment. A valuable resource that helps to reduce farming time, when searching for a specific item with a specific Trait. For certain items, like Necklaces and Rings, the Transmutation System and Transmute Crystals, is the only way to get special Traits, like Bloodthirsty, Infused etc. You can find more info on gear Traits in my Crafting Guide.

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How do you use Transmutation System

In order to use the Crystals and change the Trait of an item you need a Transmute Station. This is a special furniture you can place in your own House. You can buy one with Writ Vouchers from the appropriate NPC or Gold from other players. It can be quite expensive so you may want to take a look at the best ways to Make Gold in The Elder Scrolls Online first! Alternatively you can use the Transmute Station in Brass Fortress, Clockwork City Zone for free, if you own the Clockwork City DLC or have access to the area.

transmute crystals

The process of switching Traits is rather simple. Pick the item you wish to change its Trait, pick the new Trait from the list and pay fifty(50) Transmute Crystals to change it. When you change an item’s Trait like this, the item becomes Bound. You can only change to Traits that you have already researched.

How Many Transmute Crystals Can you Get

A player can carry up to five hundred(500) Transmute Crystals at the same time. ESO Plus subscribers can carry up to one thousand(1000). There are specific activities in the game that reward you with Transmutation Geodes. Each Geode can have a certain number of Transmute Crystals, based on its quality. If you already hold the maximum number of Crystals and open a new Geode, the new Crystals will be lost. You can however store as many Geodes as you like and open them at a later date, so you will not lose any Crystal.

Transmute Crystals Activities

There are several activities you can complete in ESO, in order to get Crystals. These activities are suitable for both PVE or PVP focused players and can help you get enough Crystals to change the Trait of your items.

PVE Activities

PVE focused Activities with a guaranteed drop of Crystals include:

  • Arena Leaderboard x5
  • Trial Leaderboard x5
  • Random Daily Activity Finder x10 (guaranteed drop only once per day)
  • Trial Weekly Quests x5
  • Normal Undaunted Pledge x1
  • Veteran Undaunted Pledge x3
  • Veteran Hard Mode Undaunted Pledge x5
  • Veteran Dragonstar Arena x5
  • Veteran Blackrose Prison x5
  • Veteran Vateshran Hollows x5
  • Veteran Maelstrom Arena x4

There are a few more ways that can also reward you with Crystals but none of those is a guaranteed drop. You can get extra Crystals from Dungeon Master Boss, Random Daily Activity Finder(after your first reward) and from Half-Digested Adventurer’s Packs.

PVP Activities

PVP focused Activities with a guaranteed drop of Crystals include:

  • Alliance War 30 Day Campaign Rewards(Tier 1) x50
  • Alliance War 30 Day Campaign Top 10% Leaderboard x50
  • Alliance War 7 Day Campaign Rewards(Tier 1) x10
  • Alliance War 7 Day Campaign Top 10% Leaderboard x10
  • Battlegrounds Leaderboard x5
  • Rewards for the Worthy x4-25(Once per Day)

It is possible to get additional Crystals from Rewards for the Worthy after your first reward but that is not a guaranteed drop.

transmute crystals

Best Way to Earn Transmute Crystals

The best and most efficient way to earn Crystals at the moment is to reach Tier 1 in the Alliance War 30 Day Campaign with as many characters as possible. This is a guaranteed drop of fifty(50) crystals at the end of the campaign for each character. If you achieve this with the maximum number of characters per account(18 currently), you can earn 18×50=900 Crystals every month!

Reaching Tier 1 in the Campaign is rather easy and you can do it as early as level ten(10)! with each character. All you need is a few Siege Weapons(buy some with the Alliance Points you get when you enter Cyrodiil for the first time) to assist with Keep defending or attacking around the map. Finding a group(type lfg in zone chat) will make it easier but is not necessary.

transmute crystals

You earn Alliance Points for every completed activity in Cyrodiil(capture a Keep or resources, defend a keep, kill enemy players, complete PVP quests) and you only need twenty five thousand(25000) of them to reach Tier 1 with every character. It is possible to reach that with all of your characters in a single Weekend or even day!

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