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What is the Vateshran Hollows Solo Arena in ESO

The Vateshran Hollows is a challenging and fun to complete Solo Arena in The Elder Scrolls Online. Like the Maelstrom Arena, Vateshran Hollows offers a unique solo experience with achievements and cool rewards for players to unlock. The arena is available to complete in two difficulties, Normal and Veteran.

A special category of Ability Altering Weapons, the Vateshran Weapons, drop in here. Their normal version has a chance to drop when defeating the final Boss in normal difficulty and their Perfected version when defeating the final boss of the arena in Veteran difficulty.

Vateshran Hollows is located in The Reach zone and to gain access to the zone but the arena as well, the Markarth DLC is required. Before you begin your adventures inside the Arena you can accept its Unique Quest by the Rites Matron NPC.

The goal of this Vateshran Hollows Solo Arena Guide is to introduce you to the Arena’s mechanics, the strategies necessary to defeat them and help you complete the Arena successfully.

Table of Contents

Vateshran Hollows Solo Arena Mechanics

Vateshran Hollows consists of three smaller Arenas, The Wounding, Hunter’s Grotto, Brimstone Den and a fourth final area, Champion’s Circle, where you can fight against the final Boss. You have to complete the three first Arenas before you can unlock Champion’s Circle.

The first room of Vateshran Hollows is called The Choosing and here you can findthe portals to each one of these three Arenas. You can enter one and start clearing it but you cannot start another one before you complete it. In The Choosing you can also find the portal to the Final Arena, Champion’s Circle, that is however locked until you complete all the other three first. Each one of these areas has a unique theme and specific types of enemies you can fight.

In The Wounding you can fight against Daedra type of enemies, in Hunter’s Grotto against Beasts and in Brimstone Den against Fire based enemies mostly. Each arena has two Major Bosses as well as two “secret” areas with an extra Boss and an Attribute Essence you can unlock to boost your stats. To complete each arena you only have to defeat the two major Bosses, the other two areas are optional but will help you against the Final Boss and also count for specific achievements.

Defeating the first Major Boss in every arena will unlock a new travel mode, that is necessary to complete that arena but can also be used in one of the other two as well in order to reach the “secret” areas.

  • In The Wounding you can unlock the Wounding Portal, which can also be used in Brimstone Den.
  • Inside Hunter’s Grotto you unlock the Grapple Bow that you can also use in The Wounding.
  • In Brimstone Den you unlock Brimstone Orbs that can also be used in Hunter’s Grotto.

Defeating the extra boss in each arena, unlocks an Empowered Version of these travel methods, that also offers more advantages.

  • Wounding Portal turns into Empowered Teleportation and summons an ally momentarily whenever you use this travel method.
  • Grapple Bow turns into Empowered Grapple and grants a temporary speed bonus.
  • Brimstone Fortification from Brimsone Orbs, turns into Empowered Brimstone that also deals damage to nearby enemies.

Vateshran Hollows Attributes

In every Arena you can also find an attribute Essence.

  • In The Wounding, the Essence of Mysticism, that boosts your Magicka.
  • In Hunter’s Grotto the Essence of Endurance, that boosts your Stamina.
  • Finally in Brimstone Den the Essence of Fortitude, that boosts your Health.

These Essences will boost your Stats and unlock remnants of them in the arena. You can find those Remnants as you proceed and further boost the appropriate attribute.

When you complete an arena, the next one will be harder and the third will be the hardest. So the difficulty of the same arena will differ, based on the order you finish it every time. For example completing Hunter’s Grotto as your first Arena will be easier than completing Hunter’s Grotto as your second or third arena.

How to complete Vateshran Hollows in ESO

To find and unlock the empowered travel modes as well as the Attribute Essences in every arena you must have access in the Travel mode of one of the other two areas. Only like this you can reach the secret areas and defeat the extra bosses or get the essences.

Because of this you cannot get the Essence nor the empowered travel mode of the first arena you choose to complete. So that basically creates a few strategies you can follow, based on your character and the type of attribute boost you wish to get.

You need to complete the Arenas in a specific order to achieve specific results:

  • The Wounding -> Brimstone Den -> Hunter’s Grotto to boost Health and Stamina.
  • Hunter’s Grotto -> The Wounding -> Brimstone Den to boost Health and Magicka.
  • Brimstone Den -> Hunter’s Grotto -> The Wounding to boost Magicka and Stamina.

Depending on your character and build you should follow one of the above routes when trying to complete the Vateshran Hollows Solo Arena. If you are a Stamina based character, you should start in The Wounding. If you are a Magicka based character then you should start in Hunter’s Grotto!

Vateshran Hollows Gatekeepers

Unlike the Maelstrom Arena, Arenas in Vateshran Hollows are paths you follow, full of enemies you have to defeat. To save your progress and create way-points to return when you die, the arena is using Gatekeepers.

Gatekeepers are basically mini-bosses you have to defeat in order to unlock a new area and proceed. These differ in every arena in type of enemy, abilities and numbers. When you die inside an arena, you will re-spawn at the latest Gatekeeper you have defeated.


Finally, Sigils are present in Vateshran Hollows as well, like in Maelstrom Arena, to help you against hard enemies. Sigils are buffs you can use when fighting one of the Major Bosses in the Arena. Sigils do not appear against secret bosses.

In total there are four Sigils in the Arena:

  • Sigil of Power, appears as an Axe and will increase your damage done
  • Sigil of Defense, appears as a Shield and will reduce your damage taken as well as reflect damage back to an attacker
  • Sigil of Haste, appears as Wings and grants you the Major Expedition buff, as well as boosting your resources recovery
  • Sigil of Healing, appears as a goblet and applies a heal over time to you

Vateshran Hollows The Wounding Guide ESO

This is one of the first three Arenas you have to clear in order to unlock the Champion’s Circle. Enemies in this area are mostly Daedra.

vateshran hollows arena guide
The Wounding Map

Inside this area you can find the following enemies and secrets:

  1. Dire Warden Gatekeeper
  2. Grapple Bow Route
  3. Essence of Mysticism
  4. Dire Warden Gatekeeper
  5. Zakuryn the Sculptor Boss
  6. Grapple Bow Route
  7. Xobutar of His Deep Graces extra Boss
  8. Iozuzzunth Boss


The Wounding has two Gatekeepers of the same type, a Dire Warden enemy. Both Gatekeepers can be found before the first Major Boss.

Dire Warden Attacks:

  • Simple Projectile Attack
  • A charged attack that sends three shocking waves. Strong attack you should avoid or block.
  • Immobilize player and summon The Feast Orbs that slowly heal the Warden. Destroy the orbs before they reach the Warden.

In general the Dire Warden is an easy enemy with attacks that you can avoid.

Zakuryn The Sculptor Boss

vateshran hollows arena guide

Zakuryn is the first Major Boss of The Wounding Arena. The moment you start attacking him he will summon a Flesh Abomination with its own unique set of skills.

When you defeat one of them, the other absorbs his essence and becomes enraged, which makes it harder to kill them and has stronger attacks. The best strategy is to lower their health equally and try to kill them both at the same time.

Zakuryn attacks:

  • A simple projectile attack.
  • Summons a portal that spawns banekins.
  • Channeling a necrotic swarm-like attack that is deadly. You must interrupt it to survive.
  • A Static ground AOE that looks like a blue portal.
  • Shields himself. To destroy his shield, lure the Flesh Abomination to his location and wait to use his heavy attack ground stomp at him.
  • Zakuryn also teleports around the area.

Flesh Abomination attacks:

  • A Heavy attack ground shock AOE stomp that can also break Zakuryn’s shield. The AOE sends out shock waves when the Flesh Abomination is enraged.
  • A charged Lightnings storm attacks that leave a shock ground AOE. Bigger AOE and damage when enraged.
  • A melee swing attack.

When you defeat Zakuryn and his Flesh abomination you unlock the Wounding Portal. You can now reach remote areas in order to lower down bridges, by interacting with chains, in the arena and proceed. The Wounding Portal allows you to traverse those areas but it has a limited duration. In the path you can find interaction points to amplify its effect and enemies guarding the mechanism you have to activate for the bridges.

You can fight those enemies or ignore them. If your Wounding Portal buff runs out you will be returned to the starting point and can try again to reach your goal. You can also use Wounding Portal in Brimstone Den to access the secret areas there.

After this Boss fight a new type of enemy appears as you proceed. Sentinels that debuff you while fighting other enemies. You can kill the Sentinels, ignore them or even try to sneak around them.

These Sentinels are:

  • Sentinel of Enfeeblement
  • Sentinel of Vulnerability
  • Sentinel of Debilitation
  • Sentinel of Dissipation

The Sentinels will also appear in the final Boss fight of The Wounding.

Xobutar of His Deep Graces Extra Boss

Xobutar is the extra boss of The Wounding and is quite easy. The Grapple Bow is needed to reach this area. The fight takes place in a small arena with two smaller locked areas adjacent to it. When you enter the area, Xobutar will teleport at one of the smaller arenas and summon a Mimic in its place.

The Mimic is a melee fighter that you do not have to kill. After around 10 seconds a wounding portal will activate and you can follow Xobutar. You will have around 20 seconds to deal damage to him before he teleports on the other small area and you back to the main room with the mimic. Keep teleporting after Xobutar and dealing damage to defeat him.

Xobutar attacks:

  • A weak projectile.
  • A chain pull that will immobilize you, followed by a charged ground AOE. The AOE is not that strong so break free and block the damage or roll dodge out of its area.
  • A weak Necrotic Swarm-like channeled attack while summoning Lich Crystals that explode around the area.
  • Can also summon two Vampiric Totems. If you enter their AOE, they will steal Health from you and heal Xobutar when their effect ends.

Mimic attacks:

  • A normal melee swing.
  • An Executioner, Two Handed Weapon Skill-like attack.
  • A charged attack that knocks you back (Dizzying Swing).
  • An AOE attack that pushes you back.
  • Buffs himself and starts a deadly whirlwind. That is his most dangerous attack and you have to avoid it.

When you defeat Xobutar, you unlock Empowered Teleportation.

Iozuzzunth Boss

vateshran hollows arena guide

Iozuzzunth is the final boss of the Wounding and can be quite challenging. He stays still on the ground while watchers appear during the fight on the ring above. The Watchers fire beams at you, randomly on the ground and multiply as the times passes. Their damage is not that strong but when their numbers rise they are a danger.

During the fight a Wounding Portal will become active several times. You can use it to go up on the ring and kill as many watchers as possible in 20 seconds. After that you will be teleported back to fight Iozuzzunth but can use the portal again when it re-appears.

During the fight, Sentinels will also appear and debuff you. They are hard to kill and the best way to deal with them is to stand in front or behind them, waiting for Iozuzzunth to fire his Coldfire Wave and destroy them for you.

Iozuzzunth does not have many attacks but the fight can be overwhelming if you let Sentinels to debuff you and Watchers to attack you.

Iozuzzunth attacks:

  • A melee swing attack if you get near him.
  • A coldfire projectile.
  • Channeled coldfire meteors.
  • A charged, deadly Coldfire wave that you have to avoid. You can use this attack to deal fast with Sentinels.

Vateshran Hollows Hunter’s Grotto Guide ESO

This is one of the first three Arenas you have to clear in order to unlock the Champion’s Circle. Enemies in this area are mostly Beasts.

vateshran hollows arena guide
Hunter’s Grotto Map

Inside this area you can find the following enemies and secrets:

  1. Troll Gatekeeper
  2. Bristleback Gatekeeper
  3. Brimstone Orb Route
  4. Essence of Endurance
  5. Shade of the Grove Boss
  6. Brimstone Orb Route
  7. Leptfire Keeper Extra Boss
  8. Ogre Gatekeeper
  9. Haj Mota Gatekeeper
  10. Rahdgarak Boss


There are four Gatekeepers in Hunter’s Grotto. The first two can be found before the first Major Boss and the other two before the Final Boss of this Arena.

Troll Gatekeeper Attacks:

  • Melee Swing.
  • Rock Throw.
  • Boulder AOE throw.
  • Ground Stomp.
  • Charge and ground stomp.

To deal damage to Bristleback Gatekeeper you have first to kill the Blessed Spriggan that will appear and get her Blessing of the Grove. It will follow you around and melee attack you, charge at you, stand still and perform a Heavy Attack, as well as throw a ground projectile at you.

Ogre Gatekeeper attacks:

  • Melee swing.
  • A front conal stomp attack that will set you off balance.
  • A fear attack – Intimidating Roar.

Haj Mota Gatekeeper Attacks:

  • Toxic Mucous Poison Ground AOE.
  • A poison bite attack.
  • Burrows and charges at you.
  • Sends ground AOE waves against you.

Shade of the Grove Boss

vateshran hollows arena guide

Shade of the Grove is the first Boss of Hunter’s Grotto and it is basically a group of three Lurchers, Marbana, Saagranth and Rofsuta.

The Lurchers have their own unique attacks, share the same Health pool and activate one at a time. At the beginning of the fight you will fight one of them only but as their Health drops you will be fighting two of them together and eventually all three at the same time.

The Lurchers are invulnerable and to deal damage to them you must get the Blessing of the Grove buff. Before the fight begins, kill the three Spriggan Attendants to receive the buff.

Always attack the highlighted with a yellow glow Lurcher to deal damage. Non highlighted Lurchers are invulnerable. During the fight, Blessed Spriggans will start appearing in the area. They will attack you with projectiles, a conal front magic attack when near them, summon dire wolves and switch the active Lurcher.

One of the spriggans will tether to you and after a few moments will steal your Blessing of the Grove. To stop that from happening, interrupt the tether. If it succeeds you can get back the buff by killing one of the spriggans. Without that buff, all Lurchers are invulnerable.

Marbana Attacks:

  • Push Melee attack.
  • Grab Melee Attack
  • Send 3 fire ground lines against you.
  • A fire stomp ground AOE.
  • A ground stomp.

Saagranth Attacks:

  • Large Water AOE attack. You have to block that one to not get significantly damaged.
  • Charged water projectile that slows you down.
  • Front conal ground attack
  • A melee grab attack.

Rofsuta Attacks:

  • Grab-like melee attack.
  • Large front conal projectiles attack. Block or avoid.
  • Channeling poison ground AOEs.
  • Earthen Blast channeled attack that knocks you back.

When you defeat this boss you unlock the Grapple Bow and can proceed but also access secret areas in The Wounding.

Leptfire Keeper Extra Boss

Leptfire Keeper is the extra boss of Hunter’s Grotto. Brimstone Orbs are needed to reach this area.

The fight takes place in a large open area with six platforms. The boss will jump around the platforms and you can follow it by using the Grapple Bow. An easy fight in general that takes some time because of all the jumping around.

Leptfire Keeper Attacks:

  • A Bite Attack when you are near it.
  • A fire AOE front conal attack when you visit a platform, the boss is already at. Applies burning, block or roll dodge if you are fast enough. Roll dodge is not the best action to use during this fight though, because you can easily fall off and die.
  • A fire breath attack while spinning around, leaving fire ground AOEs. Can deal a lot of damage if not careful. Try to avoid the AOEs.
  • Jumps on another platform and bombards you and the platform you are on. Must follow it fast to avoid getting damaged from this attack.

When you defeat the Leptfire Keeper, you unlock Empowered Grapple.

Rahdgarak Boss

Rahdgarak is the Final Boss of Hunter’s Grotto and the fight can be quite challenging because of its special mechanics.

The area consists of four platforms that you can reach with the grapple bow. Two of the platforms are colored Red(Fire) and two are colored Blue(Ice). Also on each platform a Reach Channeler is waiting inactive. Rahdgarak attacks are pretty basic and easy to counter:

  • A normal melee swing that does not deal much damage.
  • A cleave(sweep) attack that deals damage in a cone in front of him.
  • A Heavy attack, which is the deadliest and can one-shot you. You have to block it to survive or get out of its range.
  • Above 80% Health he will jump away from you and attack you with a fire projectile. Follow him to stop. He will attack with this Fire Projectile every time you are away from him.
  • Below 80% Health he will jump after you when changing platforms and stomp the ground where he lands. If you are standing there and not blocking, he will damage and knock you down.

When his Health drops to 80% he will start buffing(enchanting) himself with fire or ice. You can tell which element by the glow on him. When he enchants himself, he also summons two archers that deal damage with the same element at the platform he is located. The archers use light attacks and Volley attacks against you. Their damage is not that high and can ignore them.

If this is your third arena though, they can be a threat and you should kill a few to not have issues during the fight.

While he is enchanted, he is also invulnerable at the platforms with the same color as its glow. You will have to jump to a platform with a different color to deal damage to him. He will always come after you.

When his Health drops to 65%, the Reach Channelers will activate and start their spell. Each channeler attacks the opposite to him platform in a diagonal and if left unopposed will cover that platform with a fire AOE, blocking your access to it. The AOE damage is too high and will kill you if you stand there. Also the attack of the channelers while summoning the AOE deals damage where it lands.

To stop them you have to jump to each platform and interrupt the channelers. They will go inactive again but will keep repeating the ritual every 50 seconds(time starts counting from the moment they activate not when you interrupt the last channeler).

If you are having trouble interrupting all four of them in time, try to only interrupt two of them and keep two platforms of different color open. Like this you can continue fighting Rahdgarak no matter his enchant. Lure the boss to platforms of the opposite to his glow color and keep attacking him until he is dead.

Vateshran Hollows Brimstone Den Guide ESO

This is one of the first three Arenas you have to clear in order to unlock the Champion’s Circle. Enemies in this area are mostly Fire based.

vateshran hollows arena guide
Brimstone Den Map

Inside this area you can find the following enemies and secrets:

  1. Daedroth Gatekeeper
  2. Wounding Portal
  3. Essence of Fortitude
  4. Brimstone Warden
  5. Magma Queen Boss
  6. Daedroth Gatekeeper
  7. Wounding Portal
  8. Mynar Metron Extra Boss
  9. Brimstone Warden
  10. The Pyrelord Boss


In total there are four gatekeepers in Brimstone Den, of two different types, Daedroth and Brimstone Warden. One of each can be found before the first Boss and one of each before the final boss of this arena.

Daedroth Attacks:

  • A bite attack.
  • A melee swing
  • A static fire breath, in front of him.
  • Throw ground AOE waves.

Brimstone Warden is basically another type of our beloved Crematorial Guard from the Maelstrom Arena. His attacks consists of:

  • A melee swing.
  • A fire projectile.
  • A deadly fire breath that follows you around. Move around him fast while dealing damage to deal with it.

The Brimstone Caretaker is a special mini-boss, that patrols the area between the Final Boss and the extra boss of the arena. You can ignore or kill it if you like. However it does not act as a gatekeeper and will not save your progress.

Brimstone Caretaker Attacks:

  • Spawns Skeletons to attack you.
  • Ground Fire AOE stomp.
  • Fire Projectile.
  • Channels Fire Meteors attacks at your location.

Magma Queen Boss

vateshran hollows arena guide

Magma Queen is the first Boss of the Brimstone Den Arena. She has a few different attacks and can also summon enemies. Overall is not a hard boss but requires some caution.

Magma Queen Attacks:

  • A weak fire projectile.
  • A Fire ground line attack. Easy to avoid since it goes out in a straight line.
  • Summons a portal that spawns banekins.
  • Summons an Iron Atronach. Iron Atronach follows you around, dealing melee damage but can also bombard an area, leaving fire ground AOEs, as well as does a large AOE ground stomp. At death it leaves rocks behind for a few moments.
  • Summons a Daedroth.
  • Summons Volcanoes that after a few moments they start throwing fireballs at you. You can use the Iron Atronach’s rocks to seal the volcanoes. This action will also stun Magma Queen and the other enemies for a few seconds.

When her Health drops to 50%, two Fire Walls will start crossing the area. You can see two large flames, building up in the Lava outside the fighting area. After ten seconds they will turn into Flame Walls and cross the area. This will repeat every around ten seconds. By noticing the flames, it is easy to predict the direction of the flame walls and avoid them.

When you defeat Magma Queen, you unlock the Brimstone Orbs. By Heavy attacking those, you get the Brimstone Fortification buff, that allows you to traverse through Lava without getting damaged. Brimstone Orbs can also be used in Hunter’s Grotto, to reach the secret areas there.

Mynar Metron Extra Boss

vateshran hollows arena guide

Mynar Metron is the extra boss of the Brimstone Den arena. Wounding portal is needed to reach this area. A quite easy boss with few only attacks. The biggest challenge of the fight is that there is not a lot of room around to move. You can however heavy attack the Brimstone Orb located on the small island, get its buff and move around the Lava to get more space.

Mynar Metron attacks:

  • A fire ground attack stomp that spawns a flame at your place. Weak damage.
  • Fire bombard on the entire area, leaving fire AOEs. Significant damage.
  • Melee swing if you get close.
  • Turns into lava and sends fire waves against you. That is his stronger attack. Try to avoid it.

When you defeat this boss you unlock Empowered Brimstone and the Brimstone Fortification buff can also damage nearby enemies.

The Pyrelord Boss

The Pyrelord is the final boss of the Brimstone Den Arena. A challenging fight with unique mechanics. The Pyrelord arena is spacious with two Colossi portals on the right and three special spots where the boss can save the Flames he summons. During the fight a Brimstone Orb will also appear at one of the three corners. Heavy attack the Orb at the right moment, to get its buff and survive.

If all three spots are filled with flames, The Pyrelord will go in the middle of the Arena, become invulnerable and will channel ground fireballs that will travel all over the area. After his channel is over he will be enchanted with fire and deal more damage.

He will also gain access to a new special attack, which sends three fire ground waves against you. His buff has limited duration and he will stagger for a few moments when it is over. To prevent this from happening all you have to do is absorb the flames, while you have the Brimstone Fortification buff on you.

vateshran hollows arena guide

The Pyrelord Attacks:

  • A weak melee swing. This turns into Burning Slice if you let him enchant himself. Applies burning and deals more damage.
  • Fire Breath attack.
  • Channels three flamethrowers while spinning around and attacking you with fire projectiles. Do not stand near him when he channels the attack.
  • Stabs the floor with his sword and starts summoning a flame. The entire arena will fill with lava and kill you. Get to the Brimstone Orb, Heavy Attack it and get the buff. While under its influence, go and absorb the summoned flame.
  • At 70% Health and 35% Health will summon a Fire Colossus. The Colossus will come to the arena, so you do not have to worry about standing on lava. His attacks are the same as the Brimstone Caretaker’s.

Vateshran Hollows Champion’s Circle Guide ESO

This is the final Area of Vateshran Hollows where you can fight the final Boss of the Arena. Only once you complete the other three arenas the portal for the Champion’s Circle will unlock.

vateshran hollows arena guide
Champion’s Circle Map

Around the area there are three smaller “islands” with portals you can reach with the Grapple Bow. The portals will lead you to new areas where new types of enemies wait. When you defeat those enemies you also unlock new mechanics for the fight.

  1. Void Chillfiend and a new type of attack.
  2. Void Firehorn and its Shade Clone.
  3. Void Flameshaper and Void Dremora.

The final Arena is a single Boss fight with four phases. Maebroogha The Void Lich is the final Boss and is quite formidable.

How to Beat Maebroogha the Void Lich in Vateshran Hollows

In the first three phases your goal is to drop her Health to 10%. When that happens she will charge a wide AOE attack that will kill you.

To survive you must go to one of the three platforms and use the available Void Step to travel in the Void. When in there, she will start healing herself back to 100%. Your goal is to kill the mini-boss of the area as fast as possible and get back to the main arena.

Each platform will lead you to a different encounter and will also unlock for Maebroogha new minions and types of attacks. These minions and attacks will continue appearing throughout the entire fight so it is best to follow a specific order when jumping into the void. Platform number 1 is the easiest and platform number 3 is the hardest.

When you have cleared all three platforms, you can finally focus on Mebroogha and kill her. At this point though she will be even harder, because of all the extra mechanics you have unlocked.

Maebroogha The Void Lich Attacks & Minions

vateshran hollows arena guide

Maebroogha is a tough Boss to beat and provides a great fight, that depends heavily on interesting mechanics. She can summon minions and attack you herself. As the fight progresses, she unlocks more minions and attacks to throw at you.

At the beginning of the fight, there are four Shade Colossi bound around the Arena. As the fight progresses, they will activate and attack you, one by one. Their attacks are not that strong but they can overwhelm you along with other minions.

Shade Colossus Attacks:

  • Follow around and melee attack you.
  • Front conal Magic Attack

One of the first Minions you will have to face is the Void Mage. Overall a weak minion that you can ignore.

Void Mage Attacks:

  • Simple Projectile.
  • A Meteor-like Magic Attack.

Void Rot is another one of the minions, Maebroogha will summon early in the fight. His Attacks are:

  • Follows you around and melee attacks you.
  • Ground AOE at its place.
  • A narrow front conal Magic Attack
  • Opens Void rifts that launch a smaller Void Rot at a straight line.

Another deadly minion is the Void Archer that you should deal with it as soon as possible. His attacks are:

  • Heavy Attack.
  • Snipe.
  • Buffs himself.

During the fight, eight Shades will appear at the edge of the Arena several times. The Shades are tethered to each other and will slowly walk towards the center, where after a few moments will detonate and kill you. If you touch their tether, you will die.

The only way to survive this is by killing one of the Shades, breaking its tether with the others and getting out of their circle.

Maebroogha has her own attacks as well:

  • A weak Void projectile.
  • A front conal Magic attack.
  • A ground AOE attack of four phases that hits at different ranges from her.
  • She burrows herself and appears at a different spot of the arena. She attacks with a strong ground AOE at her new spot.
  • At 10% Health(first 3 times) she will charge a wide AOE attack that will cover the entire arena and kill you.


The first three times you will drop her Health to 10%, you will have to escape to the Void to survive. This can happen through one of the three platforms around the Arena.

While inside the Void, Maebroogha will start healing herself and the Colossi you might have killed will start re-appearing bound. Each platform has a different enemy you have to kill in order to make the Void Step to appear again and go back to fight the Boss.

The faster you get back into the arena the better for you. The more time you take, the more Health will have Maebroogha.

In Platform 1 you will have to fight a Void Chillfiend. A relatively easy enemy that attacks you with a Weak Ice projectile, an Ice ground wave, a magic meteor-like attack similar to Void mage’s that can also send magic waves in three different directions and can shield himself.

The Void Chillfiend will not follow you into the main fight but during this visit in the Void, Maebroogha will unlock a new type of attack. Lightning attacks on the ground following you and dealing significant damage. She will attack you with those in the Void and in the main Arena from now on.

vateshran hollows arena guide

Platform 2 is a bit harder. You will have to fight a Void Firehorn(Minotaur) and his Shade clone. Void Firehorn attacks with a fire projectile, Brimstone hailfire, a lava ground AOE that damages and slows you down and a fire ground stomp that sends molten earth around.

His Shade clone will attack with Brimstone Hailfire and will follow you to the main arena once you return. There it will appear during the fight a few times, dealing ground AOE damage.

vateshran hollows arena guide

Finally Platform 3 is the hardest and will unlock the deadliest minion for Maebroogha. In here you have to fight a Void Dremora melee fighter and a Void Flameshaper fire mage. You have to kill both to return to the main arena. If you take too much time to kill one of them, the other might respawn again.

Void Dremora is similar to The Pyrelord boss and attacks with a melee swing, Fire breath and channeled flamethrowers spinning around him while attacking with a fire projectile. The last attack is deadly and you should keep your distance. Void Dremora will not follow you to the main arena.

Void Flameshaper attacks with a fire projectile and a deadly channeled fire attack that you must interrupt to survive. Fighting him alone might not be a big issue but when you have to deal with other minions as well he can be deadly. The Flameshaper will follow you into the main arena and can be a big threat. This is why you should leave Platform number 3 last. When you have cleared all three platforms you can finally kill Maebroogha!

vateshran hollows arena guide

Vateshran Hollows Rewards

When you complete the Arena a chest will appear. The chest can contain various rewards, like Gold, materials, Armor Pieces from Sets of the Arena and of course Vateshran Weapons! Powerful Ability-Altering Weapons that only drop here! You can get their normal version in normal difficulty and their Perfected version when you complete the Arena in Veteran difficulty!

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