The Best Crossbow Builds for Throne and Liberty

Best Crossbow Builds TL

The Best Crossbow Builds for Throne and Liberty! Builds that use the Crossbow as their Primary or Secondary weapon, to fulfill their role successfully! Below you can find Builds for DPS or Support Roles in PVE, as well as PVP gameplay.

Crossbow Weapon Builds for Throne and Liberty

The Crossbow is a Ranged Weapon in Throne and Liberty that deals massive burst damage and Weakens enemies! The Crossbow Weapon relies on mobility and is often used in DPS roles. By choosing the appropriate Crossbow Skills, you can assist your party with great Burst Damage, debuffs and other effects.

The Crossbow is best combined with other Ranged Weapons in Throne and Liberty, like the Longbow, Staff, Wand and Tome. Dagger is a good melee Weapon that can provide valuable support to Crossbow users however.

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