Powerful Crossbow and Longbow DPS Build for Throne and Liberty

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Crossbow and Longbow DPS Build TL

Powerful Crossbow and Longbow DPS Build for Throne and Liberty, that will help you complete any type of PVE gameplay with success! The Build combines the powerful skills and gameplay of two ranged Throne and Liberty Weapons, the Crossbow and the Longbow. With high Mobility and massive Burst attack you can participate in any type of PVE Gameplay, from Open World and Dungeons to Guild Raids! The Build is focusing on a fast paced gameplay with strong multiple attacks in order to achieve its best damage. This Crossbow and Longbow Build Guide will help you choose the right skills and gear, in order to create a powerful DPS Build in Throne and Liberty!

Table of Contents

Best Skills for Crossbow and Longbow DPS Build TL

The skills below are the core of the Build and will help you maximize your potential. Builds in Throne and Liberty can select one Defense Skill, twelve Active Skills and eight Passive Skills to combine. Picking the right skills that synergize well and complement each other is important. These are the Best Skills for the TL Crossbow and Longbow DPS Build.

Best Active Skills for Crossbow and Longbow Build

These are the best Active Skills for the Crossbow and Longbow Build, that will help you deal massive damage while keeping your mobility!

Mortal MarkQuick FireWind SnatcherZephyr’s NockDecisive SnipingNimble Leap
StrafingMerciless BarrageNature’s BlessingThorn GaleDeadly MarkerMana Exchange

Nimble Leap is the core skill of the Build, that allows you to have high Mobility but also boost your overall damage and range! A few alternative Active Skills you can use are Blitz, Brutal Arrow, Recoil Shot.

Defense Skills are also active skills and are important to defend enemies’ Fury Attacks. The Best Defense Skill for the Crossbow and Longbow DPS Build is Sustaining Roll, Crossbow’s Defense Skill. Sustaining Roll deals damage, protects you, increases your Weaken Chance and can Stun enemies!

Best Passive Skills for Crossbow and Longbow DPS Build TL

Passive skills are very important as well. Passive skills can enhance the effects of your active Skills and complement further the type of gameplay you wish to follow. These are the Best Passive Skills for the Crossbow and Longbow TL Build.

Sniper’s SenseDistorted SanctuaryRoxie’s ArrowheadEagle Vision
AmbidexterityNature’s PowerOpportunistPiercing Strike

Combining Nimble Leap with Nature’s Power increases your overall damage and will help you defeat enemies faster! A few alternative Passive Skills you can use are Corrupt Nail, Detection, Onslaught Stance. To find more about Skills you can check my Throne and Liberty Weapon Skills Guide!

Skills Upgrade Priority for Crossbow and Longbow DPS Build TL

Picking the right Skills for your Build is the first step to create an amazing Build. But is also important to Upgrade your favorite skills, so you can unlock new effects and empower them. Upgrading your Skills in Throne and Liberty is not easy and will take time. This is why you should focus on your most important skills first.

Active Skills Upgrade order:

  1. Mortal Mark to Rare
  2. Quick Fire to Rare
  3. Nimble Leap to Rare
  4. Nimble Leap to Epic
  5. Zephyr’s Nock to Rare
  6. Decisive Sniping to Rare
  7. Sustaining Roll to Rare
  8. Mortal Mark to Epic
  9. Quick Fire to Epic
  10. Nature’s Blessing to Epic
  11. Strafing to Epic
  12. Zephyr’s Nock to Epic
  13. Decisive Sniping to Epic
  14. Sustaining Roll to Epic

Passive Skills Upgrade order:

  1. Ambidexterity to Rare
  2. Eagle Vision to Rare
  3. Nature’s Power to Epic
  4. Ambidexterity to Epic
  5. Eagle Vision to Epic
  6. Opportunist to Epic
  7. Distorted Sanctuary to Epic
  8. Sniper’s Sense to Epic
crossbow dps build
Crossbow and Longbow DPS Build in Action

Best Skills Combinations for Crossbow and Longbow DPS Build TL

Combining your chosen skills is the best way to get the most out of their effects and maximize your potential. There are a few great Skills Combinations you can use, in order to deal massive damage and increase your DPS. Some of the Best Skills Combos for the Crossbow and Longbow DPS Build in Throne and Liberty are:

  • Nimble Leap+Mortal Mark+Quick Fire. Nimble Leap to activate Nature’s Power and boost you damage, Mortal Mark to weaken your target and Quick Fire to deal even more damage to Weakened enemies. You can further expand this combo into Nimble Leap+Mortal Mark+Quick Fire+Strafing/Zephyr’s Nock.
  • (Nimble Leap+)Thorn Gale+Mortal Mark+Quick Fire. You can start this combo with Nimble Leap if it is ready to boost your damage, then Thorn Gale to shoot double projectiles and basically double your DPS. Nimble Leap+Thorn Gale works well with Zephyr’s Nock and Epic Strafing(fires three times) as well!
  • (Nimble Leap+)Thorn Gale+Merciless Barrage. This combo deals massive damage thanks to the multiple attacks of Merciless Barrage. Be careful when to use it though. Barrage fires in a straight line and can hit other targets. Great against stationary enemies with clear Line of Sight. You can again start the combo with Nimble Leap for a bigger boost to damage.
  • Nimble Leap+Mortal Mark+Wind Snatcher+Quick Fire+Zephyr’s Nock/Strafing. The Ultimate Mobile Combo! Weaken and slow down enemies, controlling the distance. Deal massive damage with Quick Fire and Zephyr’s Nock/Strafing.

As you can see using Nimble Leap to trigger Nature’s Power is an important part of the Build that will help you deal massive damage! These are of course only a few powerful combos you can use with the Build. You can mix and match the above skills in any way you like, as long as they deal massive Burst Damage.

Best Weapon Mastery for Crossbow and Longbow DPS Build Throne and Liberty

Weapon Mastery allows you to unlock additional passive effects for the Weapons you are using. Each Weapon has its own Mastery with three different branches to focus on! Each Branch offers specific effects that can help you specialize in your favorite role. When you earn experience and level up in the game, you also earn experience and level up your Weapon Mastery.

The active Weapon gets full Weapon Mastery EXP while the second weapon you have equipped gets only half of the Weapon Mastery EXP. The level cap for Weapon Mastery is 13(for now). Weapon Mastery effects are active only when you are using the appropriate Weapon! These are the Best Weapon Mastery options for the Crossbow and Longbow Build.

From the Crossbow Weapon Mastery, unlock the Chain Fire tree and the first three effects from the Move tree. Like this you get the following effects:

  • Mystical Regen(Mana Regen increase)
  • Base Damage
  • Skill Damage Boost
  • Cold Rage(Off-Hand Weapon Activation Rate Boost)
  • Base Damage
  • Buff Duration
  • Rapid-Fire(Attack Speed increase)
  • Cooldown Speed
  • Mana Regen
  • Brutal Wound(Ranged Damage Dealt)
  • Ranged Hit
  • Mana Regen
  • Plains Shooter(Range increase)

From the Longbow Weapon Mastery, unlock the Sniping tree and the first three effects from the Support tree. Like this you get the following effects:

  • Harmonious Mind(Mana Regen)
  • Ranged Hit
  • Ranged Crit Hit
  • Pointy Thorns(Max Damage increase)
  • Damage Bonus
  • Base Damage
  • Critical Nock(Skill Damage Boost increase)
  • Attack Speed
  • Ranged Crit Hit
  • Brutal Shooter(Critical Damage increase)
  • Max Health
  • Magic Defense
  • Vitality of Dew(Health Regen Increase)

To learn more about Mastery in Throne and Liberty, how it works and how to unlock it, you can read my Throne and Liberty Weapon Mastery Guide!

Best Stats for Crossbow and Longbow DPS Build

Your Stats are very important as well and will determine how effective the Build is! Stats affect different attributes of your character and will help you cast your skills more often, get more Health and deal better damage. For the Crossbow and Longbow DPS Build the Best Stats are:

  • Strength – 12
  • Dexterity – 30
  • Wisdom – 28
  • Perception – 19

You can further enhance your favorite stats by picking Gear with appropriate bonuses. Focusing on Dexterity as your primary Stat is the best way to go. Since the Build consumes Mana like there is no tomorrow it is important to put more points to Wisdom. Perception is also quite important for your accuracy. Find more about Stats and How they Work in my Throne and Liberty Stats Guide!

Best Gear for Crossbow and Longbow DPS TL Build

Complementing your Skills with appropriate Gear is essential to fulfill your role successfully and become stronger. Using Strong Armor Sets can also grant you additional effects that will further enhance your Build! For this Build use the Ghost Wolf Set to boost your Damage and your Off-Hand Weapon Attack Chance! This is the Best Gear you should wear with the Crossbow and Longbow DPS Build!

HeadgearGhost Wolf Alter Ego Mask
CloakArchpriest’s Devotion
Top ChestGhost Wolf Alter Ego Armor
GlovesGhost Wolf Incision Gloves
LegsGhost Wolf Alter Ego Pants
ShoesGrim Judicator’s Footsteps
NecklaceHoly Warrior’s Choker
BraceletBeast King’s Gilded Bracers
RingAbyssal Crystal Ring
RingAbyssal Crystal Ring
BeltSkulls Spectral Belt
CrossbowRex Chimaerus’s Rake Bow
LongbowKarnix’s Hell Bow

Best Traits for Crossbow and Longbow DPS Build TL

Getting the right Traits on your gear is time consuming but also what makes your Armor and Weapons powerful. The Best Traits for the Crossbow and Longbow DPS Build in Throne and Liberty are:

  • Ghost Wolf Alter Ego Mask – Cooldown Speed, Mana Regen, Ranged Evasion
  • Archpriest’s Devotion – Max Mana, Mana Regen, Debuff Duration
  • Ghost Wolf Alter Ego Armor – Max Health, Buff Duration, Ranged Evasion
  • Ghost Wolf Incision Gloves – Added Attack Speed, Max Health, Ranged Evasion
  • Ghost Wolf Alter Ego Pants – Max Health, Debuff Duration, Ranged Evasion
  • Grim Judicator’s Footsteps – Max Health, Health Regen, Ranged Evasion
  • Holly Warrior’s Choker – Max Health, Skill Damage Boost, Buff Duration or Health Regen
  • Beast King’s Gilded Bracers – Max Health, Debuff Duration, Health Regen
  • Abyssal Crystal Ring – Skill Damage Boost, Mana Regen, Max Mana
  • Skulls Spectral Belt – Max Mana, Mana Regen, Debuff Duration
  • Rex Chimaerus’s Rake Bow – Hit, Critical Hit, Added Attack Speed or Heavy Attack Chance
  • Karnix’s Hell Bow – Hit, Critical Hit, Heavy Attack Chance

To find out more about Traits, how they work and how you can get them for your gear, you can read my Throne and Liberty Traits Guide!

Best Beginner Gear for Crossbow and Longbow TL Build

Getting the Best Gear with Optimal Traits for your character can take time. To maximize your efficiency until you have acquired the above gear, you should focus on equipping yourself with some good Blue(rare) Craftable gear. This will allow you to become stronger and able to farm the necessary content for the Best Weapons and Armor. The list below shows some great gear you can craft easily yourself in order to become stronger. Replace them with better gear of higher Quality when you drop it or receive it as Quest Reward while leveling up and eventually with the Best Gear pieces listed above!

HeadgearFlying Dragon Breath Mask
CloakElite Sharpshooter’s Cloak
Top ChestMoonlight Blessing Secret Art Armor
GlovesFlying Dragon Scale Gloves
LegsElite Resistance Linen Pants
ShoesFlying Dragon Claw Leather Boots
NecklaceScales of Time Necklace
BraceletProphet’s Bracelet
RingLethal Fortune Ring
RingLethal Fortune Ring
BeltElite Tracker’s Belt
CrossbowSpecial Resistance Crossbow
LongbowSpecial Resistance Longbow

To find out more about Armor Sets, Gear and Weapons, you can take a look at my Throne and Liberty Items Guide!

How to Play Crossbow and Longbow DPS Build – Gameplay Tips

This Crossbow and Longbow DPS Build, relies on Mobility and high Burst Damage! Use your Mobility Skill, Nimble Leap as often as possible to trigger Nature’s Power Passive and further Boost your Damage! Slow down your enemy with Wind Snatcher, debuff with Mortal Mark and deal damage with Quick Fire, Strafing, Merciless Barrage and Zephyr’s Nock.

Decisive Sniping deals massive damage from distance but will slow down your rotation and play style. This is why it is better to use it against stationary enemies, like Bosses, to boost your Burst Damage! Restore Mana with Mana Exchange and boost Health and Mana Regen with Nature’s Blessing. Always apply Deadly Marker to enemies in order to reduce Skill Cooldown for you and your entire group.

Crossbow and Longbow DPS Build Pros and Cons Throne and Liberty

This is a great Build if you enjoy fast paced combat and high mobility. You can slow down enemies, debuff them and move around while attacking with your rapid-fire Crossbow abilities! There is no need to stand still to maximize your damage. You can instead move around, kite your targets and control the field. The Build consumes Mana like crazy however. You will have to keep an eye on your resources and restore often with potions or skills. Additionally you will stay relatively close to your target which might expose you to danger.

High MobilityExtremely Mana consuming
Massive Burst DamageLimited CC
Slows down enemiesMid Range
Able to Kite enemiesLow Health

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