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Throne and Liberty Traits

Managing your Traits in Throne and Liberty is an important process of upgrading your Gear and Character Progression! Traits can further enhance your Build by adding extra effects to your Armor and Weapons. The process of adding and changing gear Traits is simple and straightforward but quite time consuming and costly. Managing your Traits is the real end game for character progression in Throne and Liberty, vital to become stronger and able to tackle harder content.

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What are Traits in Throne and Liberty

Traits are additional Stats every piece of gear has in Throne and Liberty. Depending on the quality of the gear, you can unlock two or more Traits in every piece. Green(Uncommon) Gear for example offers two Traits, Blue(Rare) gear on the other hand offers three. When you drop or craft a gear piece it comes with a random Trait while the other Trait slots are locked. You can use Traits from other gear to change Traits, level them up or unlock new Trait Slots in your preferred gear piece.

throne and liberty traits
Traits Exchange

Managing your Gear Traits is part of Upgrading your Gear along with the Level up and Transfer options. Getting the right Traits for the right gear can help you become stronger and allow you to participate in endgame activities with success. Every Gear piece can only have specific types of Traits on it. You can check the Traits you can get on every piece of Gear by clicking on the item in your inventory and selecting the Traits List option.

How Traits Work in Throne and Liberty

It is possible to level up a Trait, convert it to another one and even unlock new Traits for your preferred gear. You can complete the process in the Gear Enchanting menu and its third Tab “Trait“.

Trait Level up

How to Level Up a Trait in Throne and Liberty

To Level up a Trait you need the exact same Trait extracted from a similar piece of gear. The quality of the extracted Trait affects the success of leveling up your desired Trait. If the Trait you have extracted comes from a gear piece with the same quality as the one you wish to level up, then the success rate is 100%! If it comes form a lower quality item though, then you will only have a 10% success. Failing to level up a Trait though, gives the item a Blessing. You can add blessing the next time you try to level up your Trait, in order to increase your success rate.

throne and liberty traits
Trait Blessing

How to Extract Traits in Throne and Liberty

Extracting Traits is quite important for the process of Managing your gear in Throne and Liberty. If you have an item with a good Trait that you do not wish to use, you can extract its Trait and use it to level up the Trait on the Weapon or Armor of your choice. Alternatively you can sell the extracted Trait in the marketplace and make some profit! To extract a Trait from an item you will need special Extraction items. You can buy those from the Sundries Merchant. Every extraction will consume ten of these items so the cost of this process is higher, the higher the quality of the extracted item is. When you have the required items click on the Trait extraction option in your inventory and pick the item you wish to extract the Trait from. You can now use the Extracted Item in any way you like. Sell it for profit or use it to level up a Trait in your favorite gear.

Extraction Items

How to add a New Trait in Throne and Liberty

Adding a new trait to your gear is simple as well but costly! To unlock a new Trait slot in your favorite gear you will need the same gear piece with the Trait you wish to add. Adding the Trait destroys the extra gear piece.

Trait Extraction

How to Change your Traits in Throne and Liberty

It is possible to change your Traits in your gear if you wish. To do this however you will need the same piece of gear with a new Trait and a few special items. The special items are Convert Potions that you can also buy from the Sundries Merchant. Get the right Convert Potions depending on the quality of the item and click on the arrows next to your existing Trait to convert it into the new one. The process destroys the duplicate item.

Throne and Liberty Traits Summary

Traits are additional Stats in every gear piece that greatly affect Character Progression in Throne and Liberty. Every gear piece has a certain number of Traits, with higher quality gear offering more. You can add new Traits to your gear, convert the existing ones into another or even level them up. Getting the right Traits for the right Gear will make you stronger and allow you to clear more difficult content!

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