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Throne and Liberty Contracts

Contracts is a Daily Quests System in Throne and Liberty that will help you progress your character! Completing Contracts is a major part of your Daily Routine in TL, along with Dynamic Events and Dungeons farming. The rewards you can get from them will help you make enough Sollant(in-game currency) level up faster with the great EXP they offer but also become stronger by upgrading your gear with various Growthstones for Weapons and Armor! This Throne and Liberty Guide will show you how you can accept and complete Contracts but also the best tactics to follow, so you can maximize your rewards!

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What are Contracts in Throne and Liberty

Contracts are special Daily Quests you can accept in various locations in the World of Throne and liberty. These quests offer great rewards in the form of EXP, Sollant and other items that will help you level up faster and upgrade your gear. The number of Contracts you can complete every day is limited and depends on your Contract Rights. You have a limited number of Contract Rights that reduces when you accept new Contracts. The Maximum number of Contract Rights is sixty(60) at level 50. Every day you earn 10 new Contract Rights during the server’s reset time so you can complete new Contracts if you have depleted your maximum number of Contract Rights.

throne and liberty contracts
Available Contracts

How to Get Contracts in Throne and Liberty

To unlock Contracts you must follow the main quest and complete Chapter 2: The Demise of the Grey-Fanged(which happens at around level 11)! The Next Chapter, Chapter 3: Veterans Never Die will send you to talk to Noss, the Contract Manager in Castleton. From that point on you can accept Contracts with your character. Contract Managers exist in every major City around TL but you can also find some in smaller settlements like Sanctuary Oasis. The Manager will have several available Contracts for you to choose from. At first you can only pick four(4) Contracts at the same time but as you gain levels that number will increase to five(5). Every Manager will send you to nearby areas, appropriate for your level, to complete a specific task. This can be to kill a certain type of enemy, investigate an item or collect resources.

throne and liberty contracts
Starlight Observatory Ruins Contract Manager

You have absolute control on the type of Contracts you pick! You can choose to collect four Contracts that ask you to kill the same type of enemy if you wish, so you can finish them all at the same time. Alternatively you can pick only Contracts that reward you Growth Materials for your main Weapons and their Skills, which is actually a great strategy to upgrade your gear, level up your Skills and become stronger! Every time you visit a Manager they offer a set number of Contracts. When you pick one, you can refresh the page and get new Contracts. Do this until you have only beneficial to you Contracts. As you accept Contracts, your Contract Rights will go down and eventually you will not be able to accept new ones for the day.

Accepted Contracts

When you accept your desired Contracts, head out to the area nearby to complete them. The objectives you have to complete will have a Golden Mark above them, whether they are enemies you need to kill or resources and items you have to interact with. When you complete a Contract you can collect its rewards at the spot without the need to return back to the Manager. As you level up new Managers in higher level areas will unlock for you.

Contract Objective

Contracts Rewards in Throne and Liberty

The main Rewards you get from completing a Contract are:

  • EXP
  • Sollant
  • Contract Coins
  • Crafting Materials
  • Growthstones
  • Litography Scrolls
  • Skill Books
  • Abyss Token Recharge
  • Precious Blessing Pouch

EXP and Sollant are essential to level up and have enough money to buy and craft items. These two rewards are also one of the main reason Contracts are valuable for your time in Throne and Liberty. Contract Coins is a special currency you can use at the Contract Coin Merchant to buy various Growthstones, Litography scrolls(including Epic Weapons Litographs) and Mystic Keys. The amount of items you can buy from this Merchant is limited.

throne and liberty contracts
Contract Coin Merchant

Crafting Materials, Growthstones, Litography Scrolls and Skill Books will help you craft and upgrade your Weapons, Armor but also Skills of your choice. Abyss Tokens Recharge will help you recharge your Abyss Tokens for farming Dungeons. As you level up and gain access to Contract Managers in higher level areas, the quality of rewards improves as well. Finally “Precious Blessing Pouch” is a rare Contract Reward that can give you Purple(Epic)Litographs rewards!

Guild Contracts in Throne and Liberty

Guild Contracts are special Contracts that are shared by every guild member in Throne and Liberty. Unlike normal Contracts, they become available automatically to your entire Guild and a new one replaces them when you complete them. Only the Leader of a Guild can change an active Guild Contract but that will consume Guild Resources. Guild Contracts grant Guild and Individual Guild member rewards. Guild Rewards grant Guild EXP and Guild Resources while Guild Members can get basic rewards, like EXP, Sollant, Guild Coins. Depending on a member’s contribution to completing a Contract there are also extra Contribution Rewards! You can use Guild Coins to the Guild Contract Manager to acquire various items.

Throne and Liberty Contracts Summary

Contracts are special Quests you can accept Daily in order to earn EXP, Sollant and materials that will help you level up faster and become stronger. When you reach Chapter 3 of the main Quest line, you unlock Contract Managers that offer these Quests. Keep moving to new areas when you reach the appropriate level, to accept higher Contracts with better rewards. Accept only Contracts that grant you upgrading materials for your favorite Weapons and Skills and always accept Contracts with a “Precious Blessing Pouch” reward. Do your Contracts daily until you are out of Contract Rights to maximize your rewards and efficiency!

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