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Throne and Liberty Dungeons

Dungeons in Throne and Liberty are instanced and Open World areas where players can fight powerful enemies and farm valuable loot! Farming Dungeons is going to be a major part of your Daily Routine in TL, since this is the best way to drop better Gear for your Character or amass lots of Sollant. Every Dungeon in Throne and Liberty offers its own unique enemies and mechanics, so players or groups of players will have to follow a specific strategy to complete it successfully! This Throne and Liberty Guide will show you all available Dungeons in the game and what you can earn from them!

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What are Dungeons in Throne and Liberty

Dungeons are areas where you can find and defeat special enemies. These can be Open World or instanced areas that require a group of six(6) or more players to complete them or solo instances where you can enter alone to test your abilities! Each dungeon has its own layout and enemies inside that present unique challenges for players to overcome. Completing Dungeons in TL is the pinnacle of PVE gameplay and where some of the best Gear for your character comes from. You can access most of them from the “Secret Dungeons” category in your options or enter via their physical entrance where applicable.

throne and liberty dungeons
Taedal’s Tower Solo Dungeon

How Many Dungeons There Are in Throne and Liberty

There are a few types of Dungeons in TL! The most important are the following:

  • Taedal’s Tower
  • Paola’s Dimension Circle
  • Gate of Infinity
  • Open World Dungeons
  • Guild Raids

Each Dungeon Category requires a different number of players and strategy to complete. They also offer various rewards, some more valuable than other!

Taedal’s Tower in Throne and Liberty

Taedal’s Tower is a Solo Dungeon in Throne and Liberty with twenty(20) floors! A Solo challenge for players, so they can become familiar with specific in-game Boss mechanics and earn some basic rewards. Each floor unlocks at a certain level and pits you against a Boss with unique mechanics. Sometimes you will have to fight a melee based Boss or a mage while other times you will need to overcome environmental difficulties, like a maze, to complete the floor successfully. Taedal’s Tower goal is to test your capabilities and Build potential as you level up and progress in the game. Some of the rewards you can earn include upgrading materials for your Gear, consumables, Morphs and Amitoi! You can enter the Tower from the “Secret Dungeons” category in your options or use its physical entrance in Starlight Observation Ruins.

throne and liberty dungeons
Death’s Abyss in Paola’s Dimension Circle

Paola’s Dimension Circle in Throne and Liberty

Paola’s Dimension Circle is a list of Dungeons that begin at level 20 and unlock gradually until level 50, when you can farm the hardest ones. These are your typical MMORPG Dungeons that require a group of six(6) players to complete successfully. Challenging instanced areas with a main Boss and a couple mini-bosses inside. To complete them without any issues, knowledge of Boss mechanics and good group coordination is necessary. You can enter these Dungeons from the “Secret Dungeons” category in your options or use the physical entrance in Vienta Village. The available Dungeons in Paola’s Dimension Circle are:

  • Specter’s Abyss(unlocks at level 20)
  • Temple of Roar(unlocks at level 30)
  • Underground Cave of Desperation(unlocks at level 40)
  • Death’s Abyss(unlocks at level 50)
  • Cursed Wasteland(unlocks at level 50)
  • Temple of Slaughter(unlocks at level 50)
  • Butcher’s Canyon(unlocks at level 50)
  • Underground Cave of Destruction(unlocks at level 50)
  • Tyrant’s Isle(unlocks at level 50)

Each Dungeon has its own loot table with level 50 dungeons offering better loot! By completing level 50 Dungeons you also have a small chance to earn Paola’s Dimension Chest, which allows you to select one of the best weapons in the game! Every time you complete a level 50 dungeon you also earn a Dimensional Crystal. You can earn more Crystals by dissolving Dungeon equipment you get but do not need. By using enough of those crystals you can craft Epic accessories and even a Paola’s Dimension Chest yourself! So completing level 50 Dungeons Daily is rather important for getting the Best equipment in Throne and Liberty.

Paola’s Dimension Chest

Gate of Infinity in Throne and Liberty

Gate of Infinity is another Solo challenge in Throne and Liberty. An instanced area, similar to Taedal’s Tower that pits you fight against strong Bosses. Unlike Taedal’s Tower though, Gate of Infinity offers better rewards based on the time it took you to clear the instance and also offers player rankings! You can earn up to three Stars by completing the challenge in a specific time frame. Each Star you collect, rewards you with a number of Precious Training and Improvement Book Selection Chest, along with Sollant and Restoration coins. By unlocking all three Stars you can get up to nine(9) Book chests of each type! Based on your overall Ranking you can also earn additional rewards, like more Sollant, Restoration Coins and an emote! Each Boss is available for a limited amount of time and new Bosses come often in the Gate of Infinity!

throne and liberty dungeons
Gate of Infinity Rewards and Ranking

Open World Dungeons in Throne and Liberty

Open World Dungeons are areas where you can visit during the day and fight special enemies. There are several Open World Dungeons around the map, suitable for different levels. These are great to farm Sollant and you can enter alone or with a group of friends. Open World Dungeons offer the good old EXP grind feeling of older MMORPG, like Lineage 2! Enemies inside them are tougher than normal overland enemies of the same level. So be sure that you can survive their onslaught before entering!

Open World Dungeons on Map

Guild Raids in Throne and Liberty

Finally Guild Raids are instanced areas where you can teleport from your Guild Base in order to fight powerful Bosses! As your Guild gains levels you can unlock tougher Bosses to fight that also drop better loot. There is a limited number of Bosses you can defeat with your Guild every Week.

Guild Raid

Throne and Liberty Dungeons Summary

Dungeons in Throne and Liberty is an important part of your Daily Routine, that will help you upgrade your Gear and earn better loot for your character! Dungeons are divided in Solo or Group Dungeons, that are located in instanced or Open World areas. The main categories of Dungeons in TL are:

  • Taedal’s Tower
  • Paola’s Dimension Circle
  • Gate of Infinity
  • Open World Dungeons
  • Guild Raids

Each Dungeon offers its own unique layout, enemies and mechanics that players will have to learn and understand in order to complete is successfully!

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