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Daily Routine Guide Throne and Liberty

The Ultimate Guide to your Daily Routine in Throne and Liberty! This Guide will show you the most important activities you need to do Daily, in order to progress faster in TL, make enough Sollant and upgrade your favorite gear. All the activities below will reward you with valuable items and materials that will help you become stronger. Adding them to your Routine and completing them Daily is important to Build a successful character in Throne and Liberty!

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What are the Best Daily Routine Activities in Throne and Liberty

There are several activities you can complete Daily in TL but some are more important and will help you progress faster! Completing them Daily will reward you with various items, growth materials and even gear. They will also help you enjoy the World of Throne and liberty more. Combining those activities together, whenever possible, is the best way to maximize your efficiency and fun in the game! The most Important TL activities to add in your Daily Routine are:

  1. Check In
  2. Contracts
  3. Contract Coin Merchant
  4. Guild Coins
  5. Guild Merchant
  6. Dynamic Events
  7. Dungeons
  8. Farm Sollant
  9. Abyss Contracts
  10. Collect Materials

1. Daily Check In in Throne and Liberty

Your Daily Check-In is as easy as it sounds! Just log into the game Daily, Check-in and collect your reward. You can earn a variety of items for free like this, from simple potions to Blessing Pouches that can contain valuable items as a reward. It is possible to even redeem up to five lost days for a small fee of Sollant, so you never miss any reward. The Daily Check-In function refreshes regularly in Throne and Liberty and is a nice way to get some free stuff.

daily routine throne and liberty
Daily Check-In Rewards

2. Daily Contracts in Throne and Liberty

Contracts is a major part of your Daily Routine in Throne and Liberty. You can unlock this system when you complete the Chapter 2: The Demise of the Grey-Fanged of the main quest line, which happens at around level 11! Every City and settlement you visit after this point will have a Contracts Manager that will offer appropriate for your level Contracts!

Contracts are basically Daily Quests in Throne and Liberty that send you to nearby areas to defeat enemies or complete specific tasks. You can have up to five Contracts active at the same time. Each Contract you accept costs one Contract Right and you can have up to sixty(60) Contract Rights. Every day you refresh ten(10) Contract rights so you will always have the ability to accept and complete Contracts in Throne and Liberty.

Contract Manager

Contracts reward you with Contract Coins, EXP, Sollant, materials, skill books, Precious Blessing Pouches and more! Contract Coins are important for your Daily Routine and progress in the game! To learn more about TL Contracts, you can read my Throne and Liberty Contracts Guide!

3. Contract Coin Merchant Items – TL Daily Routine

When you complete your Daily Contracts, you will have enough Contract Coins to spend! It is time to visit the Contract Coin Merchant and buy some unique items! From this merchant you can and should buy every day Mystic Keys and all Weapon and Armor Growthstones available! Every day you can get with Contract Coins:

  • Mystic Key x5 (15 Coins each)
  • Normal Weapon Growthstone x1(2 Coins)
  • Normal Armor Growthstone x2(1 Coin each)
  • Quality Weapon Growthstone x3(12 Coins each)
  • Quality Armor Growthstone x6(6 Coins each)
  • Quality Accessory Growthstone x6(6 Coin each)
  • Rare Weapon Growthstone x1(50 Coins each)
  • Rare Armor Growthstone x2(25 Coins each)
  • Rare Accessory Growthstone x2(25 Coin each)

Buying all the above items will cost you around 333 Contract Coins every day but is vital to upgrade your Weapons and Armor faster! Mystic Keys allow you to open Mystic Portals you find while exploring, which can also reward you with growthstones, materials and even gear!

daily routine throne and liberty
Contract Coin Merchant

From this merchant you can also buy Lithographs for Epic(Purple) Weapons. These can help you farm harder content until you get better Weapons or you can use them to add Traits to your favorite Weapons! It is even possible to buy Precious blessing Pouches for a chance to get better rewards!

4. Get Guild Coins – Daily Routine Throne and Liberty

Guild Coins is another form of currency in Throne and Liberty that you can use to buy unique items and potions! You can earn Guild Coins by participating in Guild related activities, like Guild Raids or completing Guild Contracts. The easiest way to earn Guild Coins however is by donating Sollant and other materials to your Guild!

Donate to your Guild for Coins

Every day you log into the game, do not forget to donate Sollant or crafting materials to your Guild via the Guild tab. You can donate once every hour and earn ten(10) Guild Coins every time. It is possible to donate up to ten times simultaneously! You can then use your Guild Coins to the Guild Merchant!

5. Guild Merchant Items in Throne and Liberty

The Guild Merchant is another important NPC in Throne and Liberty that offers unique items for sale! From this merchant you can buy

  • Mana Recovery Potion x20(2 Coins Each)
  • Quality Recovery Potion x30(5 Coins each)
  • Rare Recovery Potion x10(25 Coin each)

Those three potions are the most important items you can buy from this merchant but they also offer a few more items, like Guild Base Teleport Scroll, Commander’s Seal(for Transcendence Skills), Queen’s Venom Neutralizer and Blue Weapon Lithographs.

daily routine throne and liberty
Guild Merchant items

Your Guild needs to be at least Level two(2) to access the Guild Merchant and in order to buy the Blue Weapon Lithographs, your Guild’s level needs to be ten(10)! Getting these Lithographs and crafting the weapons is a cheaper way to work on your Weapon Traits! You can craft those items by visiting the Special Equipment Crafter NPCs!

6. Dynamic Events in Throne and Liberty

Dynamic Events are regional Events that take place every few hours in Throne and Liberty! Participating in Dynamic Events is rather important if you wish to upgrade your Active and Passive Weapon Skills! To participate in a Dynamic Event all you have to do is enter the area while the Event is live. Collect the Event related items and return them to the appropriate NPC for a chance to win a variety of rewards. When the event ends you receive a number of skill books and parchments, depending on your contribution and ranking! To learn more about Events you can take a look at my Throne and Liberty Dynamic Events Guide!

daily routine throne and liberty
Dynamic Event Area and Rewards

7. Daily Dungeons in Throne and Liberty

Completing Dungeons in Throne and Liberty is another very important part of your TL Daily Routine! There are a few different types of Dungeons in the game. For your Daily Routine you need to complete Daily Co-op Dungeons after you hit Level 50! These Dungeons reward you with some of the Best Gear in Throne and Liberty, as well as Parchments that will help you level up your Skills!

Dimensional Circle One Star Dungeons

The Level 50 Dungeons in Throne and Liberty are divided in Dimensional Circle one and Dimensional Circle two Dungeons! Dimensional Circle two Dungeons are harder and also drop Tier 2 Epic gear! The Dimensional Circle One Dungeons offer a Basic and a harder Challenge mode. Completing these Dungeons also rewards you with Dimensional Soul Shards, which you can use to craft equipment that drops in these specific Dungeons!

To collect Rewards from a Dungeon after you defeat the Final Boss, you need to spend 300 Dimensional Contract Tokens for Star One Dungeons and 450 Dimensional Contract Tokens for Star Two Dungeons! You have 4500 maximum Dimensional Contract Tokens and every day you refresh 900. Which means that if you have spent all your tokens, you can complete three Star One Dungeons or two Star two Dungeons every day! To learn more about all Dungeons in Throne and Liberty and how they work you can read my Throne and Liberty Dungeons Guide!

8. Farm Sollant – Daily Routine Throne and Liberty

There are various ways to farm Sollant in Throne and Liberty! One of the Best ways is to farm enemies in Open World Dungeons or the Abyss Dungeons! There are a few of those Dungeons around the map that you can enter alone. They have several floors and the deeper you go the harder the enemies are. Enemies inside them drop more Sollant than enemies Overland so they are great targets to earn Sollant.

Farm Abyss Enemies

These enemies also have a chance to drop other valuable items that you can sell to the Auction House and make even more Sollant. When you are farming inside these Dungeons, you consume your Abyss Contract Tokens, which boost your Sollant and items drops chances! To maximize your efficiency you can combine this activity with completing Abyss Contracts!

9. Abyss Contracts in Throne and Liberty

Abyss Contracts is a special type of Contracts that you can complete inside the Abyss Open World Dungeons in Throne and Liberty! You can buy these Contracts from the Sundries Merchant or get them as reward from Precious Blessing Pouches! There are four types of Abyss Contracts, one for each of the following Abyss Dungeons:

  • Syleus’s Abyss
  • Shadowed Crypt
  • Sanctum of Desire
  • Saurodoma Island

You can buy six of each every Week from the Sundries Merchant in the appropriate region! Merchants in Laslan will sell you Contracts for Syleus’s Abyss and Shadowed Crypt, while merchants in Stonegard will sell you Contracts for Sanctum of Desire and Saurodoma Island! Completing them will reward you with Sollant and other items, including Precious Blessing Pouch with specific items for each Dungeon!

throne and liberty map
Throne and Liberty Map

10. Collect Materials in Throne and Liberty

Collecting Crafting Materials is another way you can spend your day in Throne and Liberty! Materials are necessary to craft equipment and consumables so traveling around and harvesting every node you find is also important for your progression in the game! To maximize your efficiency you can combine this activity with discovering Mystic Portals you can unlock with the Mystic Keys you have bought from the Contract Coin Merchant!

Harvesting Crafting Materials

Throne and Liberty Daily Routine Summary

There are various activities in Throne and Liberty that you should add into your Daily Routine! Activities that will help you level up, earn Sollant and upgrade your gear and Skills! The Best Daily to do activities in TL are:

  1. Check In
  2. Contracts
  3. Contract Coin Merchant
  4. Guild Coins
  5. Guild Merchant
  6. Dynamic Events
  7. Dungeons
  8. Farm Sollant
  9. Abyss Contracts
  10. Collect Materials

Completing the above activities daily will maximize your efficiency in Throne and Liberty, help you progress faster and have more fun in the game!