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Throne and Liberty Crafting

Crafting is an important mechanic for your character progression in Throne and Liberty! With Crafting you can create new Weapons and Armor to use or sell for profit but also upgrade them to become stronger. While leveling up in the game is relatively easy, crafting and upgrading the optimal gear for your Build can take a while. This Guide will show you how Crafting works in Throne and Liberty and what you can make with it.

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How Crafting Works in Throne and Liberty

Like with most other MMORPGs, TL Crafting is also very straightforward. To create an item you need a Recipe(Litograph Book) and the appropriate materials. You can view the required materials for the Armor or Weapon you wish to create any time but in order to craft them, you will have to visit the appropriate Crafter NPC. The main Crafters in Throne and Liberty are:

  • Weapon Crafter
  • Armor Crafter
  • Accessories Crafter
  • Sundries Crafter(Food, Potions, Consumables)

You can find them in the main towns of the game(Kastleton, Vienta Village, Stonegard Castle). In Kastleton and Vienta Village you can craft items up to Rare(Blue) Quality, while in Stonegard Castle you can craft up to Epic(Purple) items.

throne and liberty crafting
Crafting Rare Bow

How to Get Crafting Materials in Throne and Liberty

There are a few possible ways you can use to get the required materials for your preferred gear. The game rewards you with several Crafting materials while you level up, so you can craft better gear and become stronger. A more reliable way of receiving materials for your Crafting is by completing your Daily Contracts! Picking the Contracts that will reward you with Crafting Materials is the best way to never run out of them and be able to craft everything you wish. Alternatively you can also gather materials while you explore the world. There are several resource nodes in every area you visit that will give you the Crafting Materials you are after in Throne and Liberty! By interacting with the NPC Crafters you can also turn your lower quality materials into a higher quality to craft better gear!

Harvesting Crafting Materials

How to Get Litograph Books in Throne and Liberty

The Litograph Book is basically the recipe of an item you wish to craft! To create Uncommon(green) items all you need is a number of generic Armor, Weapon or Accessory Litograph Books that you can buy from vendors, like the Contract Coin Merchant, drop from enemies(rare) or earn as quests rewards! For Rare(Blue) items and above, you will need a specific Litograph Book(Recipe) for every item. So in order to create an Elite Resistance Longbow for example, you will need the Rare Litograph: Elite Resistance Longbow recipe. These Litograph Books can also drop as reward from enemies(rare and depends on the item) or you can earn them as reward for completing quests.

Litograph Book

Some of the best though are only available as a special reward you can claim from your personal Litograph Book collection. To acquire those, you will have to register a few similar items of lower quality. So to obtain the Blue Belt Litograph recipe in the picture above, you need first to register four Green Belts. You can get those green Belts by crafting them or as drops. When you register items like this, they are destroyed in the process!

Throne and Liberty Crafting Summary

Crafting is a very important System in Throne and Liberty that affects your character progression in the game! With Crafting you can create new and higher quality items to enhance and complement your Build. Collecting Materials is relatively easy with a little more effort required to get the right Recipe(Litograph Book) for your desired Weapons and Armors. Upgrading your Gear and managing your Traits is also part of Crafting in Throne and Liberty that will help you become stronger!

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