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Throne and Liberty Gear Upgrade

How to Upgrade your Gear in Throne and Liberty, in order to become stronger and defeat tougher opponents! Gear Enchanting is a vital part of character progression in Throne and Liberty that will help you clear higher difficulty gameplay! Upgrading your various gear pieces(Armor, Weapons and Accessories) is vital for your success in the game and offers a few different options you can follow. This Gear Enchanting Guide will show you the basics of upgrading your gear in Throne and Liberty and what to expect from this aspect of gameplay!

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How to Upgrade your Gear in Throne and Liberty

Upgrading your Gear, whether it is crafted or dropped from various activities, is very important to increase your power but also quite simple! Gear Enchanting offers three different options:

  • Level Up
  • Transfer
  • Trait

Level Up Gear in Throne and Liberty

Level up is the basic process of upgrading your desired gear in Throne and Liberty and it revolves around the use of Growthstones for specific types of gear. There are different Growthstones for Weapons, Armor and Accessories. Like with gear pieces, Growthstones also have different levels of Quality. To upgrade a Rare(Blue) Weapon for example, you need to use Blue Weapon Growthstones! The higher the level of the gear you wish to upgrade, the more Growthstones you need to use. Gear Enchanting is using a lot of materials but is risk free, since there is no chance of failure.

throne and liberty upgrade gear
Gear Enchanting Options

When you use the appropriate Growthstones to upgrade your gear there is a different equipment growth Rate chance you can get. Which dictates how many Growthstones will be used to level up the Weapon or Armor you are trying to upgrade. The percentage of Growth you can get is:

  • Common – 40% for 35% growth
  • Intermediate – 30% for 40% growth
  • Greater – 20% for 60% growth
  • Special – 10% for 100% Growth

Which means that if you are lucky and get Special, you will only use one batch of Growthstones to reach the next level! Hunting for Growthstones is one of your main daily activities in the game, so you can level up your gear fast. There are a few ways you can earn Growthstones for your gear Upgrade in Throne and Liberty:

  • Reward from Contracts
  • Drops from enemies
  • Reward from Litograph Book
  • Craft with lower quality materials and Growthstones
  • Get by dissolving higher quality Growthstones

If you have a lot of Green Growthstones you can craft higher(Blue) Quality Growthstones to use! Alternatively you can dissolve your Blue Growthstones in order to get Green ones.

throne and liberty upgrade gear
Craft Growthstones

Transfer Gear Level in Throne and Liberty

Transferring the gear level of an existing piece to a new one is one of the ways you can Upgrade your gear in Throne and Liberty. If you have a +6(Max level)Uncommon(Green) Bow you can transfer its level to a blue one. After the transfer the Blue Bow will be at level 3 however, since the quality of the two weapons is not the same. Transferring the level of another Blue Bow to your new one will give the new weapon the same level minus one! So if you transfer a +6 Blue Bow to a new Blue Bow, your new Weapon will be level 5. The original Gear piece will be destroyed in the process. Transfer Gear Level is a great way to Upgrade gear of any type without losing your initial investment entirely!

Trait is another important part of Gear Enchanting in Throne and Liberty that further enhances your capabilities. With this option you can manage the Traits of your gear. Traits are important to enhance further your Build and play a vital role in TL endgame! To learn more about Traits, you can check my Throne and Liberty Trait Guide.

Throne and Liberty Gear Upgrade Summary

Upgrading your Gear is an important activity in Throne and Liberty, that will help you become stronger and clear harder content! Gear Enchanting offers a few different ways you can upgrade your Weapons, Armor and Accessories. Level up allows you to use Growthstones to increase the level of your desired gear while Transfer removes the level of an existing gear and adds it diminished to a new gear piece(of the same type) of your choice. Finally Trait allows you to change and improve the Traits of your gear, making you even stronger.

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