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Throne and Liberty Amitoi

Amitoi is a Pet System in Throne and Liberty that rewards you with a devoted follower! Pets basically that follow you around, collect your loot and even heal you. They are collectible little pets that you can find and unlock everywhere in the world by completing a random side quest or earn them as reward from Solo and group Dungeons! This Guide will show you how the Amitoi system works!

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What are Amitoi in Throne and Liberty

Amitoi are helpful little Pets that follow you around, heal you and collect your loot! Your Amitoi will be your first reliable source of healing in the game and will assist you in every type of content, in open World and Dungeons. To unlock Amitoi you need to complete Chapter 2: The Demise of the Gray-Fanged! Their Heal skill is called Amitoi Cheer and consumes World Tree Leaf to heal you every 6 seconds. You can buy World Tree Leaf from the Sundries Merchant. They are very helpful not only thanks to their heal but also because they run around collecting loot that drops from defeated enemies. That way you can focus on attacking new targets and enjoy the game more, without the need to click on every single dropped item.

throne and liberty amitoi
Amitoi list

Throne and Liberty Amitoi Lithograph

Amitoi heal and assist you by collecting loot! But there is a lot more going on with this system than just running around with cute little pets. Their Lithograph Book is basically an Amitoi Collection that unlocks several bonuses for your character. There are two tabs in the Litograph Book:

  • Amount Effects
  • Pal Synergy
amitoi effects
Amitoi Effects

Amitoi Effects

Depending on the number of Amitoi you collect, you also unlock several bonuses. These can offer extra EXP, Sollant, Contract Token: Abyss various bonuses. While the numbers are small, they do add up the more Amitoi you collect. So by finding and unlocking these little guys, you earn various benefits in your gameplay.

throne and liberty amitoi
Pal Synergy

Amitoi Pal Synergy

Pal Synergy is a list of additional Bonuses you can earn by unlocking specific Amitoi! If you collect Amitoi that are friends(pals) with each other, you unlock their specific friend bonus! So for example if you collect the Forest Sapling Grover and the Thieving Nick Amitoi, you get the Everyone has a Beginning achievement which unlocks a +0.5% Mastery Points bonus! Collecting all the friends will reward you with some nice bonuses that can help you level up faster but also earn more Sollant!

Throne and Liberty Amitoi Summary

Amitoi are cute little pets that follow you around, heal you and collect your Loot! There are various ways you can unlock Amitoi, from completing Quests to get them as reward in Dungeons. By unlocking more Amitoi you can also earn several small bonuses that will assist you with getting more EXP and Sollant in Throne and Liberty! Amitoi also have their special friends that when you unlock them will offer additional rewards in the form of Pal Synergy!