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Throne and Liberty Weapons

This Throne and Liberty Weapons Guide will show you all the available Weapons in TL and how they Work! Throne and Liberty offers a variety of Weapons to players, that define their play style and the role they can fulfill in the game. Weapons are the core of TL combat. Players are free to use and combine whichever they like more. The Weapons you choose determine which roles you can fulfill successfully in the game, so basically they define your Class in Throne and Liberty!

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Are There Classes in Throne and Liberty?

There are no traditional Classes in Throne and Liberty! When you first create your character, you do not have an option to pick a specific Class for them. There are however “Class archetypes“, that depend on the Primary and Secondary Weapon you are using! By combining different Weapons and their Skills in TL, you can create Builds that resemble traditional Classes from other MMORPGs and fulfill one of the available roles in the game(DPS, Tank, Healer). Because of this, it is very important to pick the right weapons for the role you wish to fulfill. However, thanks to the game’s freedom of combining Weapons and skills, you can create a unique Build that will serve you well, regardless of what is considered the Best or “META”.

throne and liberty weapons
Staff Weapon

How Many Weapons There are in Throne and Liberty?

At the moment there are Seven available Weapons in Throne and Liberty. Some are melee focused while other are ranged, dealing physical or magic Damage. The available TL Weapons are:

  • Crossbow
  • Daggers
  • Greatsword
  • Longbow
  • Staff
  • Sword and Shield
  • Wand and Tome

Each Weapon has its own unique Passive and Active Skills, that you can use to DPS, Heal or Tank. Picking the right Weapon for your desired role will help you clear PVE content successfully but also defeat other players in PVP. Some Weapons are better for specific roles but that does not mean that they cannot be helpful as Secondary Weapons in other.

throne and liberty weapons
Sword and Shield Weapon

Crossbow Weapon in Throne and Liberty

The Crossbow is a fast paced action weapon that allows you to use strong offensive skills and valuable support abilities that increase your mobility and debuff enemies. A powerful Dual-Wielding Weapon that can work as your main DPS weapon or support other in DPS Builds! Crossbow is an excellent option to combine with the Longbow, Daggers or Greatsword if you wish to be deadly in the field!

Dagger Weapons in Throne and liberty

The Dagger is another powerful DPS Weapon in TL, that you can use as Primary or secondary with great success. Daggers grant you stealth skills, the ability to teleport behind an enemy to strike and apply Poison Damage to weaken your targets and make it easier to kill them. As a strong DPS option you can combine it with the Longbow, Crossbow and Greatsword for a powerful Build.

Greatsword Weapon in Throne and Liberty

The Greatsword deals massive single target and AOE damage, offers valuable support abilities and its the best Weapon to choose if you want to create a brawler type of Build. Primarily a DPS Weapon that you can however combine with Sword and Shield to create sturdy Tank Builds.

Longbow Weapon in Throne and Liberty

The Ultimate Ranged Weapon in Throne and Liberty! Longbow allows you to play from distance and kite your enemies with its superb offensive skills. You can use the Longbow to snipe from afar or boost your medium range damage while keeping your targets immobilized. Great DPS Weapon to combine with Daggers and Crossbow.

Longbow and Crossbow Build

Staff Weapon in Throne and Liberty

The Magic ranged Weapon of Throne and Liberty. The Staff is the best option if you wish to command Elemental Damage skills and defeat your target with Magic. With the Staff you can create a Mage Build that is using the elements of Fire, Frost and Shock to deal single target and AOE damage. You can combine it with other DPS weapons like Longbow and Daggers or even with the Wand and Tome if you wish to provide support to your party.

Sword and Shield Weapon in Throne and Liberty

Sword and Shield is the Tank Weapon of Throne and Liberty. Your best option to create a sturdy Tank Build and assist your party inside tough Dungeons or PVP encounters. Sword and Shield Skills focus more on aggroing targets, surviving attacks and controlling the battlefield while your party members kill enemies. The Best Weapons to combine with Sword are the Greatsword and the Wand!

Wand and Tome Weapon in Throne and Liberty

Wand and Tome is a Healer Weapon in TL, that is focusing on keeping your party alive while providing heals and support with its skills. This Weapon offers dedicated healing abilities but also buffs and debuffs that can strengthen your party or weaken your targets. You can combine it with the Staff or Longbow for the best results but you can also use it with any other Weapon as secondary, if you wish to add some heals and support spells to your Build!

How Weapons Work in Throne and Liberty?

In order to create a Build in Throne and Liberty, you choose two Weapons to combine together. One is your primary weapon and the other is your secondary. Every Weapon has a Basic Attack skill, ten active skills, eight Passive skills and a Defense skill you can choose from. When you create your Build you can pick twelve Active Skills, eight Passive skills and one Defense Skill of your choice from both weapons. You can slot them anywhere in your skill bars and as long as you have the appropriate weapon equipped as primary or secondary you can always use them. Your basic Attack Skill will be the basic attack skill of your primary weapon. So if you have Longbow as Primary Weapon and Daggers as Secondary, your basic attack skill will be Longbow’s ranged attack. To use the melee basic attack of the Daggers, you can switch your weapons and make Daggers as your primary one.

throne and liberty weapons
Longbow and Crossbow Build

Throne and Liberty gives you the freedom to combine every available weapon. You can use Longbow and Daggers together but you can also combine Longbow with Greatsword if you wish. However that combination will not be optimal and will hurt you long term. This is because of how your Stats affect your character and the Weapons you can use in your Builds. For example the Longbow and the Crossbow work well together because they are both ranged Weapons that benefit a lot from Dexterity. Greatsword on the other hand scales better with Strength. So it is not the best option to combine with Ranged Weapons. Despite this you can mix and match your Stats to make them work for your preferred Weapons. You can even wear Armor that boosts specific stats in order to be more efficient with your Build.

Picking the right Weapon for your Build early in the game is also very important. Upgrading your Weapons and Armor is expensive and can take time. Focusing on two or three Weapons will help you become stronger and efficient early. Which will help you clear content fast and without issues. Likewise upgrading your Weapon Skills can also take a while. Leveling too many Weapons and their skills at the same time is counter productive in Throne and Liberty. Pick your main Weapon, level it up along with its skills, then level up your secondary weapon for maximum efficiency! Sticking to a specific Weapon will also help you level up its Mastery faster and become stronger with it.

Throne and Liberty Weapons Summary

Weapons in Throne and Liberty allow you to create powerful Builds and define your Class and Role! Combining the right weapons and their skills will help you become efficient in PVE and PVP and clear content faster. While it is possible to combine every weapon together, it is better to use Weapons that benefit from the same stat. Picking your main Weapon early in TL, is also essential to progress effectively in the game and become stronger fast.

FAQ – Throne and Liberty Weapons

What are the Best Weapons for DPS in Throne and Liberty?

The Best DPS Weapons in Throne and Liberty are Longbow for Ranged DPS and Greatsword or Daggers for melee DPS. All offer great offensive but also support skills that can immobilize and defeat your targets!

What is the Best Weapon for Healer in Throne and Liberty?

The Best Healer Weapon in Throne and Liberty is Wand and Tome. Wand and Tome offers dedicated Healing skills but also buffs and debuffs that can support your party!

What is the Best Weapon for Tank in Throne and Liberty?

The Sword and Shield is the Best Tank Weapon in Throne and Liberty. A Weapon that can provoke and aggro targets with several support skills to assist you!

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