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Sword and Greatsword Tank Build TL

Welcome to my Sword and Greatsword TL Tank Build for Throne and Liberty! A Sturdy Tank Build that will hold aggro and support your group in PVE Gameplay. The Build is using a combination of two melee Weapons to create a Strong Tank Setup, that will assist and protect your group in the hardest Dungeons. The Sword and Shield is the Tank weapon of Throne and Liberty and your number one option if you wish to play this role in the game. Combining it with the Greatsword, you can use a variety of gap closers and other damage skills to taunt, hold aggro and control the battlefield. This Tank Guide for Throne and Liberty will show you the best skills and gear for this type of gameplay.

Table of Contents

Best Stats for Sword and Greatsword Tank Build TL

Your Stats are very important and will determine how effective the Build is! Stats affect different attributes of your character and will help you cast your skills more often, get more Health and deal better damage. The Best Stats for the Build are:

  • Strength – 30
  • Dexterity – 30
  • Wisdom – 17
  • Perception – 12

You can further enhance your favorite stats by picking Gear with appropriate bonuses. Focusing on Strength is the best way to go for a Tank Build, thanks to the boost you get in Health. Dexterity assists with Evasion so it is a nice second option. Increasing your Mana and Mana Regen is important as well, which is why you should allocate a few points to Wisdom. Finally Perception can boost your chance to stun and weaken enemies so it might be useful to add a couple points to this stat as well. To find out more about Stats in the game, you can read my Throne and Liberty Stats Guide!

Best Skills for Sword and Greatsword Tank Build TL

Below you can find the Best Active, Passive and Defense Skills for the Sword Tank Build in Throne and Liberty. These skills are the core of the Build and will assist you fulfill your role successfully.

Active Skills

The Active Skills of the Build focus on taunting enemies, stunning and crowd control. You can also use them to boost Health and Health Regen for you and the entire Group. Something that might be helpful against tougher enemies.

  • Provoking Roar: AOE Taunt ability.
  • Shield Strike: Deals damage and aggroes.
  • Counter Barrier: Boosts Shield Block Chance
  • Stunning Blow: Deals damage and stuns targets.
  • Valiant Brawl: Attacks multiple times.
  • Strategic Rush: Gap closer that pushes and stuns enemies.
  • Willbreaker: Deals damage and debuffs enemies.
  • Chain Hook: Pulls enemies to you.
  • Stalwart Bastion: Provides damage reduction for the entire party.
  • Shield Throw: Deals damage and increases aggression.
  • Immortal Pride: Boosts Health.
  • DaVinci’s Courage: Boosts Health, Health Regen and Attack Speed.

Precision Dash is a good Gap closer you can use as an alternative. The Best Defense Skill for the Build is Shield Survival Technique, Sword’s Defense Skill, that protects you from attacks, boosts damage reduction and deals damage.

Passive Skills

Passive Skills are also quite important for the Build since they can enhance your play style and synergize well with your active skills. These are the best Passive skills for the Tank Build in TL.

  • Skillful Evasion: Boosts Evasion.
  • Resilient Mind: Restores Mana and Health.
  • Aegis Shield: Boosts Defense.
  • Spectrum of Agony: Deals damage and increases Provoke duration.
  • Impenetrable: Increases defense based on number of enemies.
  • Robust Constitution: Boosts Max Health and Health Regen.
  • Victor’s Morale: Restores Mana.
  • Indomitable Armor: Boosts defense.

Skills Upgrade Priority

Picking the right Skills for your Build is the first step to create an amazing Build. But is also important to Upgrade your favorite skills, so you can unlock new effects and empower them. Upgrading your Skills in Throne and Liberty is not easy and will take time. This is why you should focus on your most important skills first.

Active Skills Upgrade order:

  1. Shield Strike to Rare
  2. Strategic Rush to Rare
  3. Counter Barrier to Rare
  4. Stunning Blow to Rare
  5. Valiant Brawl to Rare
  6. Shield Survival Technique to Rare
  7. Provoking Roar to Epic
  8. Shield Strike to Epic
  9. Strategic Rush to Epic
  10. Counter Barrier to Epic
  11. Chain Hook to Epic
  12. DaVinci’s Courage to Epic
  13. Stunning Blow to Epic
  14. Valiant Brawl to Epic
  15. Shield Survival Technique to Epic

Passive Skills Upgrade order:

  1. Skillful Evasion to Rare
  2. Resilient Mind to Rare
  3. Robust Constitution to Rare
  4. Skillful Evasion to Epic
  5. Aegis Shield to Epic
  6. Resilient Mind to Epic
  7. Robust Constitution to Epic
  8. Spectrum of Agony to Epic
  9. Victor’s Morale to Epic
tank build tl block
Sword Greatsword Block

Best Skills Combinations

Using the skills together to create powerful combos is the best way to overcome harder targets and clear content. Some of your skills synergize extremely well together and produce an amazing result. Your goal with the Sword and Greatsword Tank Build is to taunt enemies and hold aggro. These are a few of the best Skills combinations you can do in TL:

  • Shield Strike+Stunning Blow+Willbreaker+Valiant Brawl: Taunt your target, stun them with Stunning Blow, debuff with Willbreaker and attack with Valiant Brawl. Add Provoking Roar to aggro other enemies nearby too.
  • Strategic Rush+Shield Strike+Willbreaker+Valiant Brawl: Close the gap to your target and attack with Shield Strike, Willbreaker and Valiant Brawl. Add Stunning Blow and Provoking Roar if you wish.

You can add Shield Throw to both combos above, to further increase the target’s aggression. Your primary goal with this Tank Build is to taunt and Hold aggro, dealing damage is not that important.

Best Weapon Mastery for Sword and Greatsword Tank Build Throne and Liberty

Weapon Mastery allows you to unlock additional passive effects for the Weapons you are using. Each Weapon has its own Mastery with three different branches to focus on! Each Branch offers specific effects that can help you specialize in your favorite role. When you earn experience and level up in the game, you also earn experience and level up your Weapon Mastery. The active Weapon gets full Weapon Mastery EXP while the second weapon you have equipped gets only half of the Weapon Mastery EXP. The level cap for Weapon Mastery is 13(for now). Weapon Mastery effects are active only when you are using the appropriate Weapon! These are the Best Weapon Mastery options for the Build.

From the Sword and Shield Weapon Mastery, unlock the Boss tree and the first three effects from the Provoke and Counter tree. Like this you get the following effects:

  • Skillful Block(Shield Block Chance)
  • Melee Hit
  • Base Damage
  • Undefeated Perseverance(Boss Endurance increase)
  • Max Health
  • Stun Resistance
  • All-Out Defense(Boss Damage Reduction increase)
  • Mana Cost Efficiency
  • Melee Hit
  • Subjugator’s Punishment(Boss Damage Bonus increase)
  • Melee Defense
  • Health Regen
  • Decayed Sword God(Weaken Chance Increase)

From the Greatsword Weapon Mastery, unlock the Incapacitate tree and the first three effects from the Charge tree. Like this you get the following effects:

  • Skilled Vitality(Health Regen)
  • Mana Regen
  • Melee Hit
  • Ultimate Impact(Stun Chance)
  • Base Damage
  • Mana Regen
  • Complete Stun(Stun Duration increases)
  • Melee Hit
  • Stun Chance
  • Firm Resolution(Cooldown Speed increases)
  • Ranged Defense
  • Melee Evasion
  • Firm Will(Magic Defense)

To learn more about Mastery in Throne and Liberty, how it works and how to unlock it, you can read my Throne and Liberty Weapon Mastery Guide!

sword tank build throne and liberty
Boost Damage Reduction

Best Gear

Complementing your Skills with appropriate Gear is essential to fulfill your role successfully and become stronger. For this Build you should focus on increasing your Damage Reduction and Shield Block Chance. This is why the best Set for the Build is the Chief Commander Set.

HeadgearGrand General’s Command Visor
CloakCommandant’s Grandeur
Top ChestHoly Ghost Fighter’s Devotion Armor
GlovesGrand General’s Strike Gloves
LegsGrand General’s Invincibility Gaiters
ShoesGrand General’s Vanguard Boots
NecklaceSlaughterer’s Collar
BraceletUbeatable Bracers
RingTranscendent Magic Ring
RingUnshakeable Gold Ring
BeltDuke Magna’s Belt
SwordPurgatory’s Lethal Claw
GreatswordMagna Duke’s Taunting Blade

Best Traits

Getting the right Traits on your gear is time consuming but also what makes your Armor and Weapons powerful. The Best Traits for the Sword and Greatsword Tank Build in Throne and Liberty are:

  • Grand General’s Command Visor – Max Mana, Mana Regen, Melee Evasion
  • Commandant’s Grandeur – Max Health, Health Regen, Debuff Duration
  • Holy Ghost Fighter’s Devotion Armor – Max Health, Melee Evasion, Melee Endurance
  • Grand General’s Strike Gloves – Health Regen, Melee Evasion, Melee Endurance
  • Grand General’s Invincibility Gaiters – Max Health, Health Regen, Melee Evasion
  • Grand General’s Vanguard Boots – Max Health, Health Regen, Melee Evasion
  • Slaughterer’s Collar – Max Health, Health Regen, Collision Chance
  • Unbeatable Bracers – Max Health, Debuff Duration, Health Regen
  • Transcendent Magic Ring – Max Mana, Mana Regen, Buff Duration
  • Unshakeable Gold Ring – Max Health, Health Regen, Stun Chance
  • Duke Magna’s Belt – Max Health, Health Regen, Debuff Duration
  • Purgatory’s Lethal Claw – Max Health, Stun Chance, Heavy Attack Chance
  • Magna Duke’s Taunting Blade – Max Health, Health Regen, Heavy Attack Chance

To find out more about Traits, how they work and how you can get them for your gear, you can read my Throne and Liberty Traits Guide!

Best Beginner Gear

Getting the Best Gear with Optimal Traits for your character can take time. To maximize your efficiency until you have acquired the above gear, you should focus on equipping yourself with some good Blue(rare) Craftable gear. This will allow you to become stronger and able to farm the necessary content for the Best Weapons and Armor. The list below shows some great gear you can craft easily yourself in order to become stronger. Replace them with better gear of higher Quality when you drop it or receive it as Quest Reward while leveling up and eventually with the Best Gear pieces listed above!

HeadgearDeadly Fighter’s Visor
CloakElite Assassin’s Cloak
Top ChestElite Resistance Plate Armor
GlovesDeadly Strike Iron Gloves
LegsElite Resistance Leather Pants
ShoesDarkness Distorted Plate Boots
NecklaceGuard’s Endurance Necklace
BraceletGuardian’s Bracelet
RingBrawler’s Ring
RingBrawler’s Ring
BeltElite Retainer’s Belt
SwordSpecial Resistance Sword
GreatswordSpecial Resistance Broadsword

How to Play Sword and Greatsword Tank Build – Gameplay Tips

The primary goal of this Tank Build in TL is to taunt enemies and hold aggro. You are not supposed to deal damage with it! Close the distance to your target and use your skills to provoke them. Use Shield Throw to increase target’s aggression and Valiant Brawl to trigger your Greatsword’s skill. Willbreaker is a great AOE ability that debuffs enemies and makes them easier to defeat. Always buff yourself with Counter Barrier, to boost your Shield Block Chance. With Chain Hook you can pull enemies to you and crowd control the field better. You can also offer support to your group with Stalwart Bastion and DaVinci’s Courage! Aggro targets, position them properly(facing away from your party) and let your team do their job!