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Greatsword and Dagger DPS Build TL

Welcome to my Greatsword and Dagger DPS Build for Throne and Liberty! A powerful melee Build that combines the raw damage and stun of the Greatsword with extra Poison effects from Dagger. The Greatsword and Dagger are two strong melee Weapons that complement and support each other with their unique skills. To maximize your potential with this DPS Build, you will have to stay close to your target and keep the pressure up. This Guide will show you the best Skills and Gear for a powerful Greatsword and Dagger TL DPS Build!

Table of Contents

Best Skills for Greatsword and Dagger DPS Build TL

The skills below are the core of the Build and will help you maximize your potential. Builds in Throne and Liberty can select one Defense Skill, twelve Active Skills and eight Passive Skills to combine. Picking the right skills that synergize well and complement each other is important. These are the Best Skills for the TL Greatsword and Dagger DPS Build.

Best Active Skills for Greatsword and Dagger Build

The Builds relies on strong melee damage and immobilization effects. By using the right skills, you can stun your targets and immobilize them. This gives you enough time to unleash powerful combos and finish them off before they can react to your attacks. The extra Poison damage you get from the Dagger, makes it easier to kill enemies and clear content.

Stunning BlowDeath BlowValiant BrawlDevastating TornadoInject VenomPrecision Dash
Ascending SlashPredatory StrikeGuillotine BladeCamouflage CloakFatal StigmaDaVinci’s Courage
  • Stunning Blow: Deals damage and stuns targets.
  • Death Blow: Deals extra damage to stunned targets.
  • Valiant Brawl: Attacks multiple times.
  • Devastating Tornado: AOE Damage skill.
  • Inject Venom: Adds Poison to your Attacks.
  • Precision Dash: Charges at the target and boosts your damage.
  • Ascending Slash: Deals damage and sets targets Prone.
  • Predatory Strike: Deals massive damage and extra DoT damage to Poisoned enemies.
  • Guillotine Blade: Deals massive damage.
  • Camouflage Cloak: Stealth ability.
  • Fatal Stigma: Deals massive damage and extra damage against poisoned targets.
  • DaVinci’s Courage: Boosts Health, Health Regen and Attack Speed.

Enhance your attacks with poison and stun enemies. Use your combos to stun and immobilize targets so you can finish them faster. Defense Skills are also active skills and are important to defend enemies’ Fury Attacks. The Best Defense Skill for the Build is Iron Point Parry, Greatsword’s Defense Skill. Iron Point Parry protects you from attacks, stuns enemies and charges at them.

Best Passive Skills for Greatsword and Dagger Build TL

Passive skills are very important as well. Passive skills can enhance the effects of your active Skills and complement further the type of gameplay you wish to follow. These are the Best Passive Skills for the Build.

Robust ConstitutionVital ForceCold WarriorVictor’s Morale
Assassin’s InstinctsProfuse PoisonVicious FangsWrathful Edge
  • Robust Constitution: Boosts Max Health and Health Regen.
  • Vital Force: Increases Hit, Stun Chance and Damage.
  • Cold Warrior: Increases Heavy Attack Chance and Critical hit against Stunned targets.
  • Victor’s Morale: Restores Mana.
  • Assassin’s Instincts: Increases Critical Hit.
  • Profuse Poison: Increases Poison Duration and Damage.
  • Vicious Fangs: Increases Critical Hit against Poisoned Targets.
  • Wrathful Edge: Increases Critical Damage.

A few more Passive skills you can use include Raging Frenzy, Indomitable Armor, Shadow Walker.

Skills Upgrade Priority for Greatsword and Dagger DPS Build TL

Picking the right Skills for your Build is the first step to create an amazing Build. But is also important to Upgrade your favorite skills, so you can unlock new effects and empower them. Upgrading your Skills in Throne and Liberty is not easy and will take time. This is why you should focus on your most important skills first.

Active Skills Upgrade order:

  1. Stunning Blow to Rare
  2. Valiant Brawl to Rare
  3. Inject Venom to Rare
  4. Predatory Strike to Rare
  5. Precision Dash to Rare
  6. Iron Point Parry to Rare
  7. Stunning Blow to Epic
  8. Death Blow to Epic
  9. Inject Venom to Epic
  10. DaVinci’s Courage to Epic
  11. Valiant Brawl to Epic
  12. Predatory Strike to Epic
  13. Precision Dash to Epic
  14. Iron Point Parry to Epic

Passive Skills Upgrade order:

  1. Robust Constitution to Rare
  2. Vital Force to Rare
  3. Assassin’s Instincts to Rare
  4. Profuse Poison to Epic
  5. Cold Warrior to Epic
  6. Robust Constitution to Epic
  7. Vital Force to Epic
  8. Assassin’s Instincts to Epic
  9. Victor’s Morale to Epic
stun enemies with greatsword dps build
Stun and Immobilize enemies with Greatsword DPS Build

Best Skills Combinations for Greatsword and Dagger DPS Build TL

Using the skills together to create powerful combos is the best way to overcome harder targets and clear content. Some of your skills synergize extremely well together and produce an amazing result. Your goal with the Greatsword and Dagger DPS Build is to enhance your attacks with Poison, Stun and immobilize your targets. These are a few of the best Skills combinations you can do in TL:

  • Inject Venom+Stunning Blow+Death Blow: Add poison to your attacks, Stun your target and deal more damage with Death Blow. A simple but effective combo.
  • Inject Venom+Stunning Blow+Death Blow+Valiant Brawl: Poison your target, stun and deal massive damage with Death Blow and Valiant Brawl.
  • Inject Venom+Stunning Blow+Ascending Slash+Valiant Brawl+Guillotine Blade: The Ultimate Greatsword combo. Poison your target and stun them with Stunning Blow. Set them to prone with Ascending Slash and finish them with massive damage from Guillotine Blade!
  • Inject Venom+Stunning Blow+Death Blow+Predatory Strike: Enhance your attacks with poison and stun your target with Stunning Blow. Deal massive damage with Death Blow and Predatory Strike. Predatory Strike is a skill that you can add on the other combos as well for extra damage against Poisoned targets.

These are only a few of the strong skills combinations you can make with the Build! Always enhance your attacks with Poison and try to stun your targets for maximum effects.

Best Weapon Mastery for Greatsword and Dagger Build Throne and Liberty

Weapon Mastery allows you to unlock additional passive effects for the Weapons you are using. Each Weapon has its own Mastery with three different branches to focus on! Each Branch offers specific effects that can help you specialize in your favorite role. When you earn experience and level up in the game, you also earn experience and level up your Weapon Mastery.

The active Weapon gets full Weapon Mastery EXP while the second weapon you have equipped gets only half of the Weapon Mastery EXP. The level cap for Weapon Mastery is 13(for now). Weapon Mastery effects are active only when you are using the appropriate Weapon! These are the Best Weapon Mastery options for the Build.

From the Greatsword Weapon Mastery, unlock the Face Off tree and the first three effects from the Incapacitate tree. Like this you get the following effects:

  • Skilled Vitality(Health Regen)
  • Melee Hit
  • Base Damage
  • Rough and Wild(Damage Bonus increase)
  • Melee Critical Hit
  • Mana Cost Efficiency
  • Fierce Attack(Attack Speed increase)
  • Skill Damage Boost
  • Melee Hit
  • Fierce Glare(Melee Heavy Attack Chance increase)
  • Mana Regen
  • Melee Hit
  • Ultimate Impact(Stun Chance)

From the Dagger Weapon Mastery, unlock the Assassination tree and the first three effects from the Poison tree. Like this you get the following effects:

  • Silent Dash(Move Speed increase)
  • Melee Critical Hit
  • Base Damage
  • Ambidexterity(Off-Hand Weapon Activation Rate)
  • Melee Critical Hit
  • Cooldown Speed
  • Deep Grudge(Critical Damage increase)
  • Base Damage
  • Skill Damage Boost
  • Maddening Excitement(Attack Speed increase)
  • Melee Hit
  • Off-Hand Weapon Attack Chance
  • Enfeebling Terror(Weaken Chance increases)

To learn more about Mastery in Throne and Liberty, how it works and how to unlock it, you can read my Throne and Liberty Weapon Mastery Guide!

Best Stats

Your Stats are very important as well and will determine how effective the Build is! Stats affect different attributes of your character and will help you cast your skills more often, get more Health and deal better damage. For the Greatsword and Dagger DPS Build the Best Stats are:

  • Strength – 17
  • Dexterity – 30
  • Wisdom – 12
  • Perception – 30

You can further enhance your favorite stats by picking Gear with appropriate bonuses. Your goal is to boost your Hit and Critical Hit, this is why focusing on Dexterity and Perception is important. These two stats will help you maximize your damage and clear content faster. Wisdom is not that important, especially if you are using the Victor’s Morale Passive skill, which restore Mana. Allocate a few points to Strength, to boost your Health but also increase your damage more. Find more about Stats and How they Work in my Throne and Liberty Stats Guide!

massive burst damage with greatsword build
Massive Burst Damage with Greatsword Build in TL

Best Gear

Complementing your Skills with appropriate Gear is essential to fulfill your role successfully and become stronger. Using Strong Armor Sets can also grant you additional effects that will further enhance your Build! For this Build you should focus on increasing your Damage and Stun Chance. This is why a combination of the Imperator and Death Sets is the best way to move forward.

HeadgearReaper’s Black Mask
CloakSpectral Shadow
Top ChestWraith Knight’s Execution Armor
GlovesGeneral’s Frenzy Gloves
LegsReaper’s Interring Pants
ShoesGeneral’s Charge Boots
NecklaceSlaughterer’s Collar
BraceletBeast King’s Gilded Bracers
RingUnshakeable Gold Ring
RingUnshakeable Gold Ring
BeltTycan’s Bloodlust Belt
GreatswordTevent’s Despair Blade
DaggerLequirus’s Thorny Edge

Best Traits

Getting the right Traits on your gear is time consuming but also what makes your Armor and Weapons powerful. The Best Traits for the Greatsword and Dagger DPS Build in Throne and Liberty are:

  • Reaper’s Black Mask – Cooldown Speed, Mana Regen, Ranged Evasion
  • Spectral Shadow – Max Health, Health Regen, Debuff Duration
  • Wraith Knight’s Execution Armor – Max Health, Melee Evasion, Melee Endurance
  • General’s Frenzy Gloves – Max Health, Melee Evasion, Added Attack Speed
  • Reaper’s Interring Pants – Max Mana, Ranged Evasion,Magic Evasion or Mana Regen
  • Generals Charge Boots – Max Mana, Move Speed, Melee Evasion
  • Slaughterer’s Collar – Max Health, Skill Damage Boost, Health Regen
  • Beast King’s Gilded Bracers – Max Health, Debuff Duration, Health Regen
  • Unshakeable Gold Ring – Max Health, Health Regen, Skill Damage Boost
  • Tycan’s Bloodlust Belt – Max Health, Health Regen, Debuff Duration
  • Tevent’s Despair Blade – Hit, Critical Hit, Heavy Attack Chance
  • Lequirus’s Thorny Edge – Hit, Critical Hit, Heavy Attack Chance

To find out more about Traits, how they work and how you can get them for your gear, you can read my Throne and Liberty Traits Guide!

Best Beginner Gear

Getting the Best Gear with Optimal Traits for your character can take time. To maximize your efficiency until you have acquired the above gear, you should focus on equipping yourself with some good Blue(rare) Craftable gear. This will allow you to become stronger and able to farm the necessary content for the Best Weapons and Armor. The list below shows some great gear you can craft easily yourself in order to become stronger. Replace them with better gear of higher Quality when you drop it or receive it as Quest Reward while leveling up and eventually with the Best Gear pieces listed above!

HeadgearDeadly Fighter’s Visor
CloakElite Assassin’s Cloak
Top ChestDeadly Fighter’s Plate Armor
GlovesDeadly Strike Iron Gloves
LegsElite Resistance Leather Pants
ShoesDeadly Stance Plate Boots
NecklaceGuard’s Endurance Necklace
BraceletProphet’s Bracelet
RingBrawler’s Ring
RingLethal Fortune Ring
BeltElite Retainer’s Belt
GreatswordSpecial Resistance Broadsword
DaggerSpecial Resistance Dagger

How to Play Greatsword and Dagger DPS Build – Gameplay Tips

This Greatsword and Dagger Build relies on melee damage and immobilization effects! Enhance your attacks with Poison, then stun your target with Stunning Blow. When your target is stunned unleash your powerful combos and finish them fast! Your number one priority is to stun targets and set them to prone if possible. This gives you enough time to deliver massive damage without them reacting. Precision Dash is a great way to reach them fast and deal more damage.

Camouflage Cloak and DaVinci’s Courage offer utility and survivability. With Camouflage Cloak you can escape from enemies or approach targets undetected. DaVinci’s Courage boosts your Health and Health Regen but can also increase the Attack Speed of your party. Try to always stay close to your target for the best results!

Greatsword and Dagger DPS Build Pros and Cons Throne and Liberty

This is a powerful Melee Build that offers great synergies with its skills. You can deal massive damage from close distance and have access to several Crowd Control Effects. The extra Poison damage from Dagger makes it easier to deal with tougher enemies as well. It is possible to boost your Health with DaVinci’s Courage and survive when outnumbered. To maximize your efficiency you will have to stay close to your targets which makes you more vulnerable. Since you will be fighting close to your enemy you will also need to react faster to their Fury Attacks and special moves. The Build also lacks a ranged attack but you can counter this with your gap closer ability.

Massive Melee DamageVulnerable to melee attacks
Good CC optionsNo Ranged Attack
Poison DamageNeed fast reactions

Greatsword and Dagger TL DPS Build Summary

A powerful Greatsword and Dagger DPS Build that relies on massive melee damage to clear content in TL. The Build is using extra poison damage from Dagger and immobilization effects to disable enemies and finish them fast. With access to good Crowd Control options and damage skills you can deal with even the hardest Bosses in the game. Thanks to the Devastating Tornado ability you can even do some AOE farming in Throne and Liberty!