Powerful Longbow and Staff DPS Build for Throne and Liberty

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Longbow and Staff DPS Build TL

Combine the Best Skills of two powerful Ranged Weapons in this Longbow and Staff DPS Build in Throne and Liberty, for every TL PVE Gameplay! The Build combines the massive damage of the longbow with the Elemental Damage of the Staff. A Weapon combination that relies on range to create the Ultimate Sniping Build in Throne and Liberty. This Longbow and Staff Build Guide will help you choose the right skills and gear, in order to create a powerful DPS Build in Throne and Liberty!

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Best Skills for Longbow and Staff DPS Build TL

The skills below are the core of the Build and will help you maximize your potential. Builds in Throne and Liberty can select one Defense Skill, twelve Active Skills and eight Passive Skills to combine. Picking the right skills that synergize well and complement each other is important. These are the Best Skills for the TL Longbow and Staff DPS Build.

Best Active Skills for Longbow and Staff Build

These are the best Active Skills for the Longbow and Staff Build. The Build combines the massive damage and Bind CC of the Longbow with Burning and lightning damage abilities from Staff. The goal of this DPS Build is to immobilize your target and unleash your mighty combo. Excellent Build for attacking from range and against stationary bosses.

Ensnaring ArrowZephyr’s NockSerial Fire BombsChain LightningDecisive SnipingInfernal Meteor
StrafingInferno WaveNature’s BlessingJudgment LightningDeadly MarkerInner Peace

You can use a few alternative skills if you wish, like Blitz and Ice Spear! Defense Skills are also active skills and are important to defend enemies’ Fury Attacks. The Best Defense Skill for the Longbow and Staff DPS Build is Overtaker, Longbow’s Defense Skill. Overtaker deals damage, protects you and increases Critical Hit!

Best Passive Skills for Longbow and Staff DPS Build TL

Passive skills are very important as well. Passive skills can enhance the effects of your active Skills and complement further the type of gameplay you wish to follow. These are the Best Passive Skills for the Longbow and Staff TL Build.

Rapidfire StanceSteady AimSniper’s SenseDistorted Sanctuary
AsceticismMana AmpFlame CondensationForbidden Sanctuary

A few alternative Passive Skills you can use are Roxie’s Arrowhead, Janice’s Authority and Frost Master(with Ice skills). To find more about Skills you can check my Throne and Liberty Weapon Skills Guide!

Skills Upgrade Priority for Longbow and Staff DPS Build TL

Picking the right Skills for your Build is the first step to create an amazing Build. But is also important to Upgrade your favorite skills, so you can unlock new effects and empower them. Upgrading your Skills in Throne and Liberty is not easy and will take time. This is why you should focus on your most important skills first.

Active Skills Upgrade order:

  1. Ensnaring Arrow to Rare
  2. Decisive Sniping to Rare
  3. Zephyr’s Nock to Rare
  4. Serial Fire Bombs to Rare
  5. Chain Lightning to Rare
  6. Overtaker to Rare
  7. Nature’s Blessing to Epic
  8. Ensnaring Arrow to Epic
  9. Decisive Sniping to Epic
  10. Strafing to Epic
  11. Zephyr’s Nock to Epic
  12. Serial Fire Bombs to Epic
  13. Inferno Wave to Epic
  14. Chain Lightning to Epic
  15. Inner Peace to Epic
  16. Overtaker to Epic

Passive Skills Upgrade order:

  1. Rapidfire Stance to Rare
  2. Asceticism to Rare
  3. Steady Aim to Rare
  4. Rapidfire Stance to Epic
  5. Asceticism to Epic
  6. Steady Aim to Epic
  7. Sniper’s Sense to Epic
  8. Mana Amp to Epic
  9. Flame Condensation to Epic
  10. Distorted Sanctuary to Epic
longbow and staff dps build tl
Longbow and Staff DPS Build

Best Skills Combinations for Longbow and Staff DPS Build TL

Combining your chosen skills is the best way to get the most out of their effects and maximize your potential. There are a few great Skills Combinations you can use, in order to deal massive damage and increase your DPS. Some of the Best Skills Combos for the Longbow and Staff DPS Build in Throne and Liberty are:

  • Ensnaring Arrow+Serial Fire Bombs x3+Chain Lightning: Bind your target and unleash your massive Elemental Damage. Fire Serial Fire Bombs three times to deal damage and apply Burning stacks, then hit with Chain Lightning for increased damage!
  • Ensnaring Arrow+Serial Fire Bombs x3+Inferno Wave+Judgment Lightning: Bind your target and unleash your massive Elemental Damage again! Fire Serial Fire Bombs three times, then Inferno Wave to deal increased damage to Burning Targets and apply more Burning, then fire Judgment Lightning for massive Lightning damage. Use Judgment Lightning again if it procs.
  • Ensnaring Arrow+Inferno Wave: Bind a target and attack with Inferno Wave for Fire AOE damage.
  • Ensnaring Arrow+Infernal Meteor: Use Infernal Meteor for massive AOE damage. Since this skill has a channel you can start your attack with it, then Bind an enemy with Ensnaring Arrow and continue with one of the other Combos.
  • Infernal Meteor+Inferno Wave: For massive AOE Fire Damage. Start with Infernal Meteor since it requires a channel, then fire Inferno Wave instantly and continue with one of the other combos.
  • Ensnaring Arrow+Decisive Sniping. Bind your enemy and deal massive damage with three Decisive Sniping casts. Before upgrading the skill to Epic you can add Zephyr’s Nock and Strafing to the mix.
  • Ensnaring Arrow+Zephyr’s Nock. Use Zephyr’s Nock on Bound enemies to boost your damage.
  • Ensnaring Arrow+Strafing. Epic Strafing can also fire three times, so using it after Ensnaring Arrow, allows you to deal massive damage without the enemy reacting.

The entire gameplay of this Longbow and Staff DPS Build revolves around immobilizing your target, then unleashing your powerful Longbow or Staff skills for massive damage. Thanks to the Steady Aim Passive Skill, your Critical Hit increases against Bound enemies, which is why you should start with Ensnaring Arrow most of the time. These are only a few powerful combos you can use with the Build. You can mix and match the above skills in any way you like, as long as they deal massive Burst Damage.

Best Weapon Mastery for Longbow and Staff DPS Build Throne and Liberty

Weapon Mastery allows you to unlock additional passive effects for the Weapons you are using. Each Weapon has its own Mastery with three different branches to focus on! Each Branch offers specific effects that can help you specialize in your favorite role. When you earn experience and level up in the game, you also earn experience and level up your Weapon Mastery.

The active Weapon gets full Weapon Mastery EXP while the second weapon you have equipped gets only half of the Weapon Mastery EXP. The level cap for Weapon Mastery is 13(for now). Weapon Mastery effects are active only when you are using the appropriate Weapon! These are the Best Weapon Mastery options for the Longbow and Staff Build.

From the Longbow Weapon Mastery, unlock the Sniping tree and the first three effects from the Check tree. Like this you get the following effects:

  • Harmonious Mind(Mana Regen)
  • Ranged Hit
  • Ranged Crit Hit
  • Pointy Thorns(Max Damage increase)
  • Damage Bonus
  • Base Damage
  • Critical Nock(Skill Damage Boost increase)
  • Attack Speed
  • Ranged Crit Hit
  • Brutal Shooter(Critical Damage increase)
  • Ranged Hit
  • Move Speed
  • Wedge of Oppression(Bind Chance increase)

From the Staff Weapon Mastery, unlock the Destroy tree and the first three effects from the Attribute tree. Like this you get the following effects:

  • Radiant Composure(Mana Regen)
  • Base Damage
  • Magic Hit
  • Fatal Incantation(Magic Critical Hit increase)
  • Base Damage
  • Mana Regen
  • Mana Intensification(Skill Damage Boost increase)
  • Cooldown Speed
  • Damage Bonus
  • Strange Spacetime(Cooldown Speed increase)
  • Mana Regen
  • Weaken Chance
  • Flame Wound(Burning Damage increase)

To learn more about Mastery in Throne and Liberty, how it works and how to unlock it, you can read my Throne and Liberty Weapon Mastery Guide!

Best Stats for Longbow and Staff DPS Build

Your Stats are very important as well and will determine how effective the Build is! Stats affect different attributes of your character and will help you cast your skills more often, get more Health and deal better damage. For the Longbow and Staff DPS Build the Best Stats are:

  • Strength – 10
  • Dexterity – 30
  • Wisdom – 23
  • Perception – 26

You can further enhance your favorite stats by picking Gear with appropriate bonuses. Focusing on Dexterity as your primary Stat is the best way to go. Wisdom is an important stat that will help with the Build’s increased Mana consumption. Perception is also rather important so you can hit your targets reliably from afar. Find more about Stats and How they Work in my Throne and Liberty Stats Guide!

Best Gear for Longbow and Staff DPS TL Build

Complementing your Skills with appropriate Gear is essential to fulfill your role successfully and become stronger. Using Strong Armor Sets can also grant you additional effects that will further enhance your Build! For this Build use the Death Set to boost Critical Damage and Attack Speed. Alternatively you can use a combination of the Death Set and the Transcended One Set to boost your Critical Damage and Cooldown Speed! This is the Best Gear you should wear with the Longbow and Staff DPS Build!

HeadgearReaper’s Black Mask
CloakArchpriest’s Devotion
Top ChestReaper’s Concealing Shroud
GlovesReaper’s Hand of Death
LegsReaper’s Interring Pants
ShoesHeavenly Arbiter Shoes
NecklaceHoly Warrior’s Choker
BraceletSpecter’s Frost Bracers
RingAbyssal Crystal Ring
RingAbyssal Crystal Ring
BeltSkulls Spectral Belt
LongbowKarnix’s Hell Bow
StaffToublek’s Thunderous Soul

Best Traits for Longbow and Staff DPS Build TL

Getting the right Traits on your gear is time consuming but also what makes your Armor and Weapons powerful. The Best Traits for the Longbow and Staff DPS Build in Throne and Liberty are:

  • Reaper’s Black Mask – Cooldown Speed, Mana Regen, Ranged Evasion
  • Archpriest’s Devotion – Max Mana, Mana Regen, Debuff Duration
  • Reaper’s Concealing Shroud – Buff Duration, Mana Regen, Ranged Evasion
  • Reaper’s Hand of Death – Max Mana, Mana Regen, Ranged Evasion
  • Reaper’s Interring Pants – Max Mana, Mana Regen, Ranged Evasion
  • Heavenly Arbiter Shoes – Move Speed, Mana Regen, Melee Evasion
  • Holly Warrior’s Choker – Max Health, Bind Chance, Skill Damage Boost
  • Specter’s Frost Bracers – Max Mana, Mana Regen, Debuff Duration
  • Abyssal Crystal Ring – Skill Damage Boost, Mana Regen, Max Mana
  • Skulls Spectral Belt – Max Mana, Mana Regen, Debuff Duration
  • Karnix’s Hell Bow – Hit, Critical Hit, Heavy Attack Chance
  • Toublek’s Thunderous Soul – Hit, Critical Hit, Cooldown Speed or Heavy Attack Chance

To find out more about Traits, how they work and how you can get them for your gear, you can read my Throne and Liberty Traits Guide!

Best Beginner Gear for Longbow and Staff TL Build

Getting the Best Gear with Optimal Traits for your character can take time. To maximize your efficiency until you have acquired the above gear, you should focus on equipping yourself with some good Blue(rare) Craftable gear. This will allow you to become stronger and able to farm the necessary content for the Best Weapons and Armor. The list below shows some great gear you can craft easily yourself in order to become stronger. Replace them with better gear of higher Quality when you drop it or receive it as Quest Reward while leveling up and eventually with the Best Gear pieces listed above!

HeadgearFlying Dragon Breath Mask
CloakElite Wizard’s Cloak
Top ChestMoonlight Blessing Secret Art Armor
GlovesIcy Storm Cloth Gloves
LegsFlying Dragon Scale Secret Art pants
ShoesGrace of Mother Nature Prayer Shoes
NecklaceScales of Time Necklace
BraceletProphet’s Bracelet
RingLethal Fortune Ring
RingLethal Fortune Ring
BeltElite Shaman’s Belt
LongbowSpecial Resistance Longbow
StaffSpecial Resistance Staff

To find out more about Armor Sets, Gear and Weapons, you can take a look at my Throne and Liberty Items Guide!

How to Play Longbow and Staff DPS Build – Gameplay Tips

This Longbow and Staff DPS Build, relies on range to deal massive Ranged and Elemental damage in Throne and Liberty. Stay as far away as possible from your targets and immobilize them with Ensnaring Arrow and Bind to deal more damage to them thanks to the Steady Aim Passive skill. You can then attack with Longbow or Staff skills or even better a combination of both. Deal massive raw damage with Decisive Sniping, Strafing and Zephyr’s Nock. Alternatively you can deal fire damage and apply Burning with Serial Fire Bombs, Inferno Wave and Infernal Meteor before you deal massive Lightning Damage with Chain Lightning and Judgment Lightning.

Boost your Mana regen and restore this valuable resource with Inner Peace. Cast Nature’s Blessing when it is active to further increase your Mana Regen while in combat. You can also use Nature’s Blessing as a way to heal yourself. Always apply Deadly Marker to enemies in order to reduce Skill Cooldown for you and your entire group.

Longbow and Staff DPS Build Pros and Cons Throne and Liberty

This Longbow and Staff DPS Build can deal massive Burst Damage from Range and is flexible, since it can utilize Longbow skills or Elemental abilities from the Staff. The Build combines the best skills from both worlds of Ranged and Magic Damage to allow you to destroy enemies in any way you like. To maximize your potential however you will have to stand still. Staying still increases both your damage but also your Mana Regen. The Mana Consumption of the Build is quite high, so you will have to cast Nature’s Blessing often but also Inner Peace to restore Mana. Thanks to a few Staff Skills the Build can deal Fire AOE damage but is only limited to one type of CC, which is the Bind from Ensnaring Arrow!

Massive Damage from RangeExtremely Mana consuming
Ranged and Magic DamageLimited CC
AOE Damage skillsStationary for best damage
Hits from distance, enemies cannot reachLow Health

TL Longbow and Staff DPS Build Summary

This Longbow and Staff TL Build is a powerful DPS Build for every type of PVE Gameplay in Throne and Liberty. The Build combines Ranged and Elemental Magic Damage with strong skills from the Longbow and the Staff Weapons. Bind your enemies and snipe them from distance with a variety of deadly skills combinations. Use your Longbow abilities to deliver massive damage or Burn your targets with Staff skills before you hit them with Lightning damage. This Longbow and Staff DPS Build is the Ultimate Sniping Build for Throne and liberty!

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