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ESO Best Solo Class

This ESO Best Solo Class Guide will show you how each Class performs in Solo Gameplay! The Elder Scrolls Online is a very Solo friendly game. Almost every content in ESO can be completed solo, as long as you have the right setup and of course the right Class. All classes can solo most content but some are simply better and easier than other.

What determines how good a Class is for Solo gameplay, is the tools it has to deal damage, boost defense and heal itself. Class Skills are important for that type of gameplay and also what makes or breaks a class for harder solo PVE. Picking the right Class, is important for successful Solo PVE. For a better understanding of ESO Classes and how they perform in different roles, you can take a look at my ESO Class Guide.

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What is the Best Solo Class in ESO

In total there are seven Classes in ESO, four available with the base game and three available for purchase/unlock. The ESO Classes are:

Base Game

Available to Unlock

All Classes can Solo in ESO but some will make your life easier. How good a Class is, also depends on whether it is Magicka or Stamina based. This is because they have access to different skill morphs. Hybrid builds that are now more popular than before still rely on one stat, Magicka or Stamina!

Arcanist – ESO Best Solo Class

The Arcanist is a Class with access to several Buffs, debuffs and defensive abilities, which make it a good Class for Solo! The Stamina Arcanist is overall better in terms of damage but also self healing, thanks to the Cephaliarch’s Flail spammable! The Magicka Arcanist lacks a strong Magicka based self heal but also faces more sustain issues. These two problems hurt the Class for harder Solo gameplay.

A few important Arcanist skills that you can use in solo include Reconstructive Domain, which buffs and heals you at the same time, Runeguard of Freedom that provides Minor Protection and an emergency heal! As a Solo Class the Arcanist relies mostly on its damage to defeat enemies fast but still has a few tools to survive. Gibbering Shield and its Morphs is a great defensive Ultimate that can also deal damage.

Arcanist Solo Builds:

Sorcerer – ESO Best Solo Class

The Sorcerer is a great Solo Class in ESO with several skills that can help you complete harder content alone. The class can restore resources with Dark Deal or Dark Conversion, boost damage and heal itself with the powerful Critical Surge and boost defenses actively with Hurricane, Boundless Storm or passively with Bound Aegis.

Magicka Sorcerer is one of the best and easiest Solo classes for new and veteran players. Summon Twilight Matriarch is a powerful skill/Pet that deals damage but also works as a self-heal. With Boundless Storm, Bound Aegis and Critical Surge the Class is unstoppable and can complete almost everything alone.

Stamina Sorcerer is not that far behind in a more Hybrid setup. It can use more Class Skills than before and offer great damage and defense. Reliable Class that can use Class abilities like Hurricane and Critical Surge but also Weapon abilities for the best results!

eso best solo class

Sorcerer Solo Builds:

Nightblade – ESO Best Solo Class

Nightblade has access to buffs, debuffs and self-heals but is also the least New Player Friendly Class in the game. The reason for this is because it relies too much on triggers and skill procs to deal damage and actually heal itself.

Magicka Nightblade is a lot easier and more effective to use for Solo. Swallow Soul is what makes the Magblade a great class to Solo with. A skill that deals damage and heals you at the same time. Blur and its Morphs can provide better defenses while Mark Target and its Morphs can debuff enemies with Breach.

Relentless Focus for Stamblade and Merciless Resolve for Magblade are the most important skills to use. They boost Damage but can also turn into a deadly arrow that deals additional damage and heals. Likewise, Leeching Strikes and Siphoning Attacks, restore resources and heal with every Light or Heavy attack. Efficient Light Attack Weaving is important to Solo successfully with the Nightblade Class.

Other skills that can help with Solo are Dark Cloak to boost defense, Refreshing Path that can heal and Dark Shade to summon a shadow to assist in combat. These skills cost Magicka to use which makes them better for the Magicka Nightblade. Stamina Nightblade can be a great Solo class as well but will require a lot of practice first! In general the Nightblade is not a very forgiving Class! Every mistake will hurt.

Nightblade Solo Builds:

Dragonknight – ESO Best Solo Class

The Dragonknight has access to many helpful skills for solo gameplay. A few Shields to protect yourself, passive and active heals, buffs, debuffs and strong offensive skills. But the Class is also suffering from sustain issues! To solo effectively with Dragonknight you need to take advantage of Battle Roar. A passive that restores resources every time you use an Ultimate! So to be successful in Solo gameplay with Dragonknight, you will have to pick a cheap Ultimate to cast often or generate Ultimate faster.

Magicka Dragonknight is a strong Solo Class that can deal damage and heal itself with Flame Lash and Burning Embers. Additionally it can actively heal with Coagulating Blood or passively heal with Cauterize. Many sources of self-heal that can keep you alive against strong enemies and harder content. Molten Weapons and its morphs can boost the damage for both Magicka and Stamina Dragonknight.

The Stamina Dragonknight also has some nice heals that can help. Cauterize and Green Dragon Blood are more than enough. Hardening Armor, Obsidian Shield and its Morphs offer extra protection in the form of a shield for both. Stamina Dragonknight can also debuff enemies with its Noxious Breath offensive Skill. As a Class, Dragonknight has some Crowd Control capabilities with the Dark Talons skill and its morphs.

eso best solo class

Dragonknight Solo Builds:

Templar – ESO Best Solo Class

The Templar is another new player friendly Solo Class in ESO. Especially the Magicka Templar that has access to several Heals and Utility spells. Puncturing Sweep is the Magplar’s main skill for solo combat. A skill that deals damage and heals you at the same time. Sun Shield and its morphs can provide a damage shield to protect you if you need it. Purifying Light is another source of damage and heals.

Honor the Dead is the Ultimate Solo self-heal ability that heals you and restores Magicka if health is low. If you also add Ritual of Retribution, a massive damage AOE skill and Channeled Focus, that boosts defense and restores Magicka to the mix, it is easy to understand why the Magicka Templar is a very good Solo Class.

Stamina Templar is very good for Solo as well, especially in a Hybrid setup. Biting Jabs is a strong spammable that when combined with other skills can destroy enemies. Stamplar can restore Stamina and heal easily with the help of Repentance. Finally Restoring Focus boosts defense and restores Stamina.

Templar Solo Builds:

Warden – ESO Best Solo Class

Warden is a quite strong Solo Class with skills that buff, debuff, boost damage and resources recovery. Magicka Warden can also crowd control efficiently with its Ice abilities and Ultimates. Deep Fissure applies Breach while Fetcher Infection Vulnerability to enemies. Blue Betty boosts Damage and restores Magicka. Lotus Blossom is a strong passive self-heal that restores health with light and heavy attacks. Ice Fortress boosts defenses and Winter’s Revenge Crowd Controls enemies.

Stamina Warden is powerful in Solo. Can use the same core abilities as Magden to be effective. Deep Fissure and Fetcher Infection, for damage and debuffs, Lotus Blossom for self healing. Stamden can use Ice Fortress to boost its defense, exactly like Magden. Subterranean Assault is a strong skill that both Classes can use instead of Deep Fissure, as long as they can use something else to debuff their enemies!

Finally Both can use the Sleet Storm Ultimate and its Morphs to deal damage and Crowd Control enemies. Or simply stick with their Bear, Guardian Ultimate, for a reliable damage/execute ability. The only problem for Warden is that both Magicka and Stamina versions have to use the same core skills to be as effective as possible. Something that affects their identity.

Warden Solo Builds:

Necromancer – ESO Best Solo Class

Most of its offensive skills have a Stamina or Magicka Morph to choose from. The minions you can summon can assist with damage and healing. Magicka Necromancer is strong for Solo gameplay thanks to Boneyard and its Morphs, that can either debuff with Breach or self heal. Death Scythe & Morphs can deal damage and heal while Summoner’s Armor can boost defense and reduce the cost of minions. Bitter Harvest & its Morphs can reduce damage taken. Bone Totem, Grave Grasp and their Morphs offer crowd control capabilities.

Spirit Guardian is an important ability Solo but is not as strong as it used to be. A minion that reduces damage taken and heals you. Both Magicka and Stamina Necromancer can use this and the other utility skills to boost survivability in combat. They can both use their Bone Goliath Transformation & Morphs to deal with strong enemies. Finally Pestilent Colossus for Stamcro and Glacial Colossus for Magcro can debuff with Vulnerability and make it easy to kill enemies. Both versions of Necromancer rely a lot on the Blastbones skill to deal damage, which makes them harder to use.

Necromancer Solo Builds:

ESO Best Solo Class Tier List

This is the final Tier List for the ESO Solo Class Guide.

S Rank

  • Magicka Sorcerer
  • Magicka Nightblade
  • Stamina Sorcerer
  • Stamina Templar

A Rank

  • Stamina Nightblade
  • Stamina Necromancer
  • Stamina Warden
  • Stamina Arcanist
  • Stamina Dragonknight
  • Magicka Templar

B Rank

  • Magicka Arcanist
  • Magicka Dragonknight
  • Magicka Warden

C Rank

  • Magicka Necromancer


What is the Best Solo Class in ESO?

The Best Solo Class in ESO is the Magicka Sorcerer! A strong and beginner friendly Class with Pets that assist you and access to several damage, support and defensive skills. To learn more about Solo Classes in ESO, you can read this ESO Best Solo Class Guide.

Is ESO Fun to play Solo?

ESO is a very Solo friendly game, with several activities you can complete alone! You can spend your entire day in-game playing alone and progressing your character successfully! To start your ESO adventure with success, you can read this ESO New Player Guide!

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