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ESO Scribing Guide

Scribing is a Gameplay System in ESO that allows you to customize certain Skills and unleash the full potential of your Character! A precursor to the Spellcrafting system that introduces new skills, called Grimoires, to specific skill lines, that players can customize and enhance with Scripts! Scribing is available with the Gold Road Chapter(coming June 2024) and will expand the options players have when creating a PVE or PVP Build for The Elder Scrolls Online! This Detailed ESO Scribing Guide will show you how to use the system and unlock the full potential of your character in The Elder Scrolls Online!

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How Scribing Works in ESO

Scribing introduces new skills to ESO, called Grimoires. You can find and collect those Grimoires so you can customize them later with Scripts! Existing ESO skills will not be available to customize with this System. Scribing is adding instead a new skill in certain skill lines that you can find and customize with Scripts. These skill lines are all Weapon Skill lines, Guild Skill lines, Soul Magic and Alliance War Skill lines. The skill lines you can unlock and customize Grimoires are:

The above skill lines will offer at least one new skill that you can locate and enhance with scripts, expanding your customization options in ESO! More skills for these lines and other may follow after the Gold Road Chapter.

eso unveils scribing
Scribing Options

Grimoire in ESO Scribing

Grimoire is the base of the Scribing System in The Elder Scrolls Online. Grimoires are the new skills the system introduces to specific lines, that players can find and customize. The Grimoire is basically the basic function of the skills Scribing introduces to ESO. The skills will always have this function present regardless of the Scripts you choose to customize it with.

Scripts in ESO Scribing

Scripts are additional effects you can add to a Grimoire and are divided in the following categories:

  • Primary Scripts
  • Secondary Scripts
  • Tertiary Scripts

Each Script category offers different options to a Grimoire! Primary Scripts can alter the type of damage the skill does by selecting Physical, Elemental, Poison or Bleed damage. With a Primary Script you can also choose to make a skill to heal your ally, immobilize your targets or even taunt enemies! This primary script will also define the nature of a Grimoire and its resource cost. Is it a ranged or melee ability, does it cost Magicka, Stamina or Health to use?

Secondary Scripts introduce additional effects to your Grimoire. You can add a Secondary Script that heals over time or deals Damage over Time, snares enemies, increases your speed or recovery. Finally a Tertiary Script offers buffs or debuffs to your skill. You can add Savagery, Prophecy, Minor or Major Force and other buffs to the Grimoire or make them apply Vulnerability, Maim, Lifesteal and other debuffs to your targets. Tertiary Scripts will offer valuable effects to Classes that lack them, making your life easier no matter what your favorite ESO Class is.

Scribing introduces an unprecedented level of Freedom to creating new Builds in ESO. Thanks to its Grimoires and Scripts, you can now create unique skills in The Elder Scrolls Online and complement your Builds like never before. It is possible to create a Poison Damage based Bow skill that deals damage over time or boosts your mobility and applies Vulnerability to your target. The combinations are endless.

eso scribing
Scribing Questline

How to Unlock Scribing in ESO

To unlock Scribing, you need access to the Gold Roar Chapter(coming June 2024). Gold Road introduces a new quest line dedicated to this new system, that players can follow in order to unlock Scribing and find their first Grimoires. By interacting with Ulfsild, a Mages Guild Researcher NPC, you can learn how the system works and what type of Grimoires and Scripts you can get for your character. More info on this unique Scribing quest-line coming soon!

When will Scribing Release in ESO

Scribing is coming to ESO with the Gold Road Chapter Release! The Chapter launches on June 3rd for PC/Mac and June 18th for Xbox and Playstation Consoles! Along with the Gold Road Chapter and Scribing, Skill Styles and the West Weald zone with its Skingrad Capital will also make its appearance in ESO!

Is Scribing in ESO Spellcrafting?

Spellcrafting has been the desire of the Player base in ESO for many years but Scribing is not exactly that. Scribing is considered a Precursor to the Spellcrafting system other Elder Scrolls Games use. The reason for this is because The Elder Scrolls Online takes place thousand of years before the Elder Scrolls Games. So although Scribing is similar to Spellcrafting it is not the same full experience. Still it is a revolutionary system that adds freedom to the game and allows players to customize new skills in any way they like. With Scribing you can make a Grimoire skill to perform in a specific way with scripts and better complement your favorite ESO Build!

ESO Scribing Summary

Scribing is a brand new feature in ESO that allows player to collect and customize select skills! This new system offers new abilities called Grimoires with their own base function that you can customize with Scripts. Players can take the same grimoire, add it a different Primary, Secondary, and Tertiary Script and end up with a vastly different final ability that will allow them to enhance and complement their personal Build further! To unlock Scribing you need access to the Gold Road Chapter so you can interact with Ulfsild and follow the system’s unique quest line. Another way you can customize your skills, existing and Grimoires, is with the Skill Styles system, that adds a Skill transmog function to ESO!

FAQ – ESO Unveils Scribing

What is Scribing in ESO?

Scribing is a feature that allows you to collect and customize select skills, to further complement your Builds and play style!

When will Scribing Release in ESO?

Scribing comes with the Gold Road Chapter, which launches on June 3rd for PC/Mac and June 18th for Xbox and Playstation Consoles! The Chapter also brings the West Weald Zone and Skill Styles.

How Scribing Works in ESO?

With Scribing you can find new Skills called Grimoires and customize them with Scripts. Add a Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Script to their base function to make them work in a unique way.

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