Mythic Items Leads ESO Guides

ESO Mythic Items Leads

Where to find the Leads for powerful Mythic Items in ESO! Detailed guides for every Mythic Item in the game! Mythic items in ESO are special, Ability Altering, one-piece sets that offer unique effects. Players can obtain Mythic Sets in the game only through the Treasure Hunting system of Antiquities! To gain access to the Antiquities System, you must own the Greymoor DLC! For the Best Mythic Items for every role, you can take a look at this ESO Best Mythic Sets Guide!

Mythic Items Leads List

Below you can find Leads Guides for every Mythic Item in the game in alphabetical order! These Leads can drop everywhere. From Overland enemies and Bosses to Dungeon and Trial Bosses to treasure Chests and other locations! Mythic Leads have a Master Difficulty, so to Scry for them you will need to be level 7 in Scrying and have the Antiquarian Insight IV Passive unlocked. Leads can drop even if you do not have the skill lines unlocked but in this case you cannot scry for them and unearth them. Depending on the zone a Lead drops, additional DLC might be necessary! Leads expire after thirty(30) days.

You can take advantage of the unique effects Mythic items offer and create powerful Builds for every aspect of ESO! In order to find all Mythic Items you can take a look at this Mythic Items Leads Page! Finally, if you would like to know the Best Mythic Items for every role, you can take a look at this ESO Best Mythic Sets Guide!

FAQ – Mythic Items Leads ESO

How Many Mythic Items can you Wear in ESO?

You can wear one only Mythic Item at a time!

What Level are Mythic Items in ESO?

Mythic Items in ESO are always 160cp Level! You can drop and reconstruct them at the gear cap only, regardless of your level!

What is the Best Mythic Item in ESO?

The Best Mythic Item in ESO depends on the role you wish to fulfill and the content you wish to clear! For the Best Mythic Items for any Role and Gameplay you can read this Best Mythic Sets Guide – Mythic Items Tier List!

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