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ESO Antiquities

Antiquities is a Treasure Hunting feature in ESO that allows players to search and find furniture, powerful Mythic Sets and other items all around Tamriel! ESO Antiquities is basically a system that can take you to every available zone in the game. To access this new feature, you must own the Greymoor Chapter.

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How do Antiquities Work in ESO

Antiquities is a fully fleshed out system with its own skill-lines and emergent gameplay. Players will have to invest points to specific skills in order to become better at this activity. The two skill-lines of the Antiquities system are:

  • Scrying, the process of deciphering info, in order to pinpoint the location of treasures.
  • Excavation, the process of digging to get the Treasure.
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Scrying – ESO Antiquities

Basically a mini-game players have to complete in order to discover the location of treasures. A scry attempt can be easier or more complex based on its quality. A legendary scry for example will be harder to solve than a lower quality one. The purpose of the mini-game is to connect the focus points by clearing areas of the same symbols. Once you are done you can get the location of the treasure or more specifically, the location of an excavation site.

You have a limited amount of energy to complete the scry. Your energy is getting depleted with every try. Your energy is visible at the bottom of the screen, above the Scry symbol. As you level up the line you get access to skills that will help you Scry faster and manage energy better. You can learn up to three skills, which are located at the upper part of the screen. These skills are:

  • Coalescence. Unites a hexagonal cluster of facets in the Antiquarian’s Eye, converting the symbols to match that of the central facet.
  • Dilation. Claims all facets of the selected type that touch your area of control, as well as matching facets directly adjacent.
  • Farsight. Claims a line of facets, stretching out from your area of control.

Excavation – ESO Antiquities

When you complete Scrying successfully the location of an excavation site will appear on your map. When you visit the location you can use the Antiquarian’s Eye tool to guide you to the exact spot. Interacting with it, starts the excavation mini-game. This is again similar to scrying, where you have to uncover the treasure. Time is getting depleted while you are clearing tiles. The basic skill, Augur will tell you how close to the treasure’s exact location you are.

  • Red Tile = Far
  • Orange Tile = Closer
  • Yellow Tile = Close
  • Green Tile = Treasure location

Learning more skills from the Excavation line, gives you more tools and helps you complete the mini-game faster. The tools can affect a single tile or a larger area and will help you pinpoint the right spot.

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How do you get Leads for Antiquities in ESO

In order to find new antiquities you will have to first find their Leads. Leads can be found everywhere in the game, from NPC vendors or exploring and questing to killing enemies around Tamriel. Leads appear in your journal and depending on your skill they will be available for Scry or not. Every zone in the game has one basic (green) lead that you can scry anytime. By successfully unearthing its antiquity you can get a blue lead. That will lead you to a purple antiquity etc. Leads have a good chance to guide you to antiquities of higher quality.

Do Antiquities Leads Expire?

Leads expire thirty(30) days after you obtain them. If a Lead expires, you can obtain it again however, by following the same method you have used to get it the first time. Leads are also Account bound, which makes it easier to scry them with your Antiquities dedicated character.

eso antiquities
Antiquities Leads

ESO Antiquities Rewards

There are various items you can get from the Antiquities system. Some are going to be pure cosmetic while other may influence heavily the balance of Builds in game. The Antiquities Rewards include:

How do you get Mythic Gear in ESO

Mythic gear is the biggest reward from the Antiquities system. Unique Items with special properties that can alter significantly your Build. These items have the potential to be quite powerful and create their own PVE and PVP Builds. To get Mythic Items, you will have to first find their Leads. Every Mythic Item has five Leads that you have to Scry and later excavate for their fragments. Once you have all five fragments, the Mythic Item will appear in your inventory. To scry for these Leads you need to be Level 7 in Scrying and have the Antiquarian Insight IV Passive unlocked.

How to Level Up Antiquities in ESO

Leveling up Antiquities in ESO, can take a while! The best and fastest way to do this, is by scrying the available Green, Blue and Purple Leads the various zones offer. Find a small zone to Scry and Excavate repeatedly its Green Lead. Artaeum is recommended, since it is a quite small zone and you will not have to travel far between Scry attempts.

Scry the Green Lead, get the Blue, Scry the Blue and repeat until you reach level 5 in Scrying. You can now Scry for Purple Leads. Every zone has one only Purple Lead you can get this way however. So when you hit level 5, travel around Tamriel scrying the Purple Leads you can get this way(Green-Blue-Purple and move on to the next zone). By following this method you will reach Level 7 and be able to Scry for Mythic Items Leads! Keep searching for Leads and keep Scrying them to get to the max level 10!

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