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Spaulder of Ruin

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Spaulder of Ruin is one of the Mythic Items that are available in The Elder Scrolls Online with the system of Antiquities.

Mythic Items are special one-piece sets that offer unique effects to their wearer.

Spaulder of Ruin is a Light Armor, Shoulders piece that activates an Aura of Pride when crouching. The Aura boosts the Weapon and Spell damage of your allies at the cost of your Health, Magicka and Stamina Recovery. To deactivate the Aura you have to crouch again.

In order to discover Mythic Items you must have unlocked the Scrying and Excavation skill-lines. To unlock them you must own the Greymoor Chapter and complete the introductory quest for the Antiquities system.

This will allow you to Scry for Leads that will lead you to excavation sites where you can find items or fragments of them. Mythic items are usually separated in fragments and you have to find all of them in order to get the complete item.

The higher the quality of an item you can find the higher the difficulty of scrying and excavating for it. Leads for Mythic Items have a Master Difficulty.

Most of the time a Lead will guide you to a dig site in the area you have found it but in some cases Leads will send you somewhere else. A good example of this is Leads found in the Imperial City.

You can get Leads even if you do not own the Greymoor Chapter and have not unlocked the two skill-lines but you cannot use them without the Antiquities features, Scrying and Excavation.

Leads disappear after thirty days and you will have to farm them again in order to find the item.

This Spaulder of Ruin Guide will help you to find all the Leads necessary to create the item.

Spaulder of Ruin Leads Locations

In order to complete the Spaulder of Ruin Mythic Item you have to discover first the Leads to its five fragments. To scry for these Leads you need to be Level 7 in Scrying and have the Antiquarian Insight IV Passive unlocked.

This is where you can find the Leads:

Petrified Daedroth Horn

Random drop from the Taupezu Azzida Overworld Boss in the Deadlands zone. The Boss location is called “The Abomination Cradle” and the Deadlands DLC is required to access the zone.

Void Alloy Rivets

Random drop from Dremora enemies in the second area of the Brandfire Reformatory delve in Deadlands(Deadlands DLC required). The entrance to this area, Reformatory Keep, is found on the Northern part of the Delve.

The Lead is reported to drop from Dremora enemies in City of Ash II Dungeon as well. So it is possible that it has a chance to drop from every Dremora enemy regardless of location.

Void Alloy Lame Plates

Has a chance to drop from safeboxes in Leyawiin, Blackwood. The Blackwood Chapter is necessary to access the city. In order to get this Lead you will have to work like a Thief! Using the right tools will make your life easier.

You can take a look at my Cloak & Dagger Thief Build, to get the Lead faster!

The Lead can also drop from the Luxurious Safebox, found inside the Guard Tower(restricted area), on the Eastern part of the city. Looting this safebox will unlock the Leyawiin’s Master Burglar Achievement as well!

spaulder of ruin

Aureal Armor Glaze

Random drop from the Aurig Mireh Overworld Boss in the Stonefalls zone. The Boss location is called Shivering Shrine.

Clannfear Leather Strapping

This Lead has a chance to drop from every Clannfear enemy in the game! Some good locations you can go to farm it include the Ash Mountain in Stonefalls, Elinhir in Craglorn and Imperial City Sewers.

Every Clannfear can drop the Lead so the location is not important.

spaulder of ruin
Dead Clannfear nearby!

Once you find all fragments, you have to excavate them at the right zone(all Deadlands) to get the Spaulder of Ruin Mythic Item in your inventory.

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