Best Tank Builds ESO

The Best Tank Builds for ESO! Reliable Tank Builds that will keep your group alive in every type of PVE gameplay, from 4-man Dungeons to Trials and the Endless Archive! Here you can find Builds for every playable Class in the game(Sorcerer, Warden, Necromancer, Nightblade, Dragonknight, Templar, Arcanist) but also a Werewolf Tank Build that can hold aggro, crowd control enemies and help your team progress in their favorite PVE content!

ESO Class Tank Builds

Below you can find dedicated Tank Builds for every Class in The Elder Scrolls Online, as well as a Werewolf Tank Build! Reliable Tank Builds for every type of group content, whether that is 4-man Dungeons, 12-man Trials or Duo Endless Archive runs!

arcanist tank

Arcanist Tank Build ESO

Kthanid is a strong Arcanist Tank Build in ESO, that offers several Buffs, Debuffs and Shields to its group!
dragonknight tank pve build

Dragonknight Tank Build ESO – Dragonborn

Dragonborn is a sturdy Dragonknight Tank Build in ESO focusing on using its Ultimates and supporting its team.
necromancer tank pve

Necromancer Tank Build ESO

Goliath is a Necromancer Tank PVE Build in ESO with strong resistances and utility spells to assist your group.
nightblade tank

Nightblade Tank Build ESO

Defender is an ESO Nightblade Tank Build for PVE gameplay that can protect your group, crowd control enemies and heal you.
sorcerer tank

Sorcerer Tank Build ESO

Guardian is an ESO Sorcerer Tank PVE Build for The Elder Scrolls Online with Crowd Control, Heal abilities and Max Resistances.
templar tank build

Templar Tank Build ESO – Lifegiver

Lifegiver is a Templar Tank PVE Build in ESO focusing on strong resistances and passively healing you and your group.
warden tank build

Warden Tank Build ESO

Protector is a Warden Tank PVE Build in ESO, using frost-based skills, effects to immobilize enemies, protect your group and assist with DPS.
werewolf tank build

Werewolf Tank Build ESO – Sentinel

Sentinel is a Werewolf Tank Build in ESO for every Class and Tank setup in the game, that can complete almost every PVE content!

There are various Mythic Sets you can use in order to maximize the potential of your Tank Build! For the Best Armor and Mythic Sets for Tank, you can take a look at my ESO Best Tank Sets Guide!

What is the Best Tank Class in ESO?

The Dragonknight is the Best Tank Class in ESO, thanks to its superb defensive skills but also the Crowd Control capabilities it offers. The Arcanist and Necromancer are also powerful Tank Classes with great support abilities as well. To find out how each Class fares in tanking, you can read my ESO Best Tank Class Guide!

What is the Best Race for a Tank in ESO?

The Best Race for a Tank in ESO is Nord! A powerful defensive Race that boosts Maximum Health, Stamina, Armor and generates Ultimate when you take damage! The Imperial Race is another great alternative. To learn more about the available ESO Races and their unique Racial Skills, you can read my ESO Race Guide!

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