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Tank Sets ESO

Tank Sets

The Elder Scrolls Online has a plethora of Armor Sets you can use and combine to create the build of your choice. These Armor Sets can fulfill different roles and help you play as a Damage Dealer, Healer or Tank.

With this post we will take a look at the best Tank Sets as well as the Best Monster Sets for Tanking in The Elder Scrolls Online.

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Table of Contents

Armor Sets

Claw of Yolnahkriin

Location: Elsweyr, Sunspire Trial – Standard & Perfected Version

Claw of Yolnahkriin is a great PVE Tank Set that boosts the Weapon & Spell damage of your group when taunting enemies.

Since it is a heavy armor set you can wear it on body or as Jewels and Weapons.

Ebon Armory

Location: Crypt of Hearts I & II, Normal & Veteran Dungeon

Ebon Armory is one of the top options for Tanks in the Elder Scrolls Online. The reason for this is its 5-piece bonus that provides extra health for the entire group.

This allows Damage Dealers to focus on a more offensive setup and deal more damage. It also helps with surviving harder content. Mostly a PVE Tank Set.

Roar of Alkosh

Location: Maw of Lorkhaj Trial

Another great option for Tanks, along with Ebon Armory. These two sets make a good combination and provide powerful bonuses to your group.

Since Roar of Alkosh is a Medium Armor Set you can only use its weapons and jewelry when tanking.

What makes it one of the best tanking options is its 5-piece bonus that deals damage but also reduces the resistances of every enemy nearby. Mostly useful for PVE gameplay.

Akaviri Dragonguard

Location: Eastmarch, Overland

Akaviri Dragonguard is great because it allows you to use your Ultimates faster. A perfect option for Dragonknight Tanks to take advantage of their strong Passives by “spamming” Ultimates. Can be useful in both PVE and PVP gameplay.

Drake’s Rush

Location: Black Drake Villa, Normal & Veteran

Drake’s Rush is a great group support set that can boost Ultimate generation for the entire party. Better used in Dungeons and 4-man groups.

Arkasis’s Genius

Location: Stone Garden Dungeon, Normal and Veteran

Arkasis’s Genius is a nice Tank Set that can boost your and your group’s Ultimate generation whenever you drink a potion. Decent option for PVE and PVP Builds.

Saxhleel Champion

Location: Blackwood, Rockgrove Trial

Saxhleel Champion is a great Tank Set that grants to your entire group the Major Force buff whenever you cast an Ultimate. This allows you to use a different Ultimate than War Horn and its morphs from the Assault Skill-line and get two powerful effects.

Systres’ Scowl

Location: High Isle, Overland

Systres’ Scowl applies a debuff to enemies that cause them to take extra Frost damage from light attacks!

Pearlescent Ward

Location: Dreadsail Reef Trial

Pearlescent Ward is a flexible Tank set that provides bonuses based on the number of alive or dead group members.

Powerful Assault

Location: Imperial City, Tel Var Vendor

Powerful Assault is good for tanks that utilize skills from the Assault line, like Caltrops. Easy to boost your group’s Spell & Weapon Damage like this.

Crimson Oath’s Rive

Location: The Dread Cellar Dungeon

Crimson Oath’s Rive is a nice Tank Set that debuffs enemies when applying a Major or Minor Buff to you or allies.

Battalion Defender

Location: Cyrodiil, PVP Rewards for the Worthy

Battalion Defender is a good Tank support set that heals you and your group. A very good choice for Tank/Healer hybrids, especially good for Templar Tanks.


Location: Clockwork City, Overland

Livewire is a selfish Tank Set. It can deal damage and heal you at the same time.

However it remains a good option for interesting and fun combinations of sets. Mainly a PVE Set.

Leeching Plate

Location: Imperial City Prison Dungeon, Normal & Veteran

Leeching Plate is very similar to Livewire. Its main job is to heal you while dealing damage. Their main difference is the type of damage they are dealing. Decent for PVE and PVP Builds.

Brands of Imperium

Location: White-Gold Tower, Normal & Veteran

Brands of Imperium is a very nice Tanking option that provides a shield to you and your group, making it easier to deal with hard encounters. PVE Set mostly.

Silver Rose Vigil

Location: Red Petal Bastion Dungeon

Silver Rose Vigil deals damage and debuffs enemies when blocking. Can be useful to PVE and PVP Builds.

Plague Doctor

Location: Deshaan, Overland

Plague Doctor is a selfish Tank set that is focusing on maximizing your Health. Decent for PVE Tanking.

Torug’s Pact

Location: Grahtwood, Deshaan, Stormhaven – Crafted

Torug’s Pact is a nice option to increase the potency of Weapon enchantments like Crusher. Good for starters and veteran players. Decent for both PVE and PVP Builds.

Mark of the Pariah

Location: Wrothgar, Overland

Mark of the Pariah is another strong selfish Tank set that is boosting your resistances based on your missing Health. Good option for PVE and PVP Builds.

Frozen Watcher

Location: Depths of Malatar Dungeon, Normal & Veteran

Frozen Watcher is a fun Heavy Armor Set that deals frost damage to enemies. A solid option for frost tank builds.

Glacial Guardian

Location: Coral Aerie Dungeon, Normal & Veteran

Glacial Guardian is another decent Tank set for Frost Tanks.

Duneripper’s Scales

Location: Volenfell Dungeon, Normal & Veteran

Duneripper’s Scales is a selfish set that increases your resistances. A decent starter tank option.


Location: Vvardenfell, Overland

Warrior-Poet is similar to Plague Doctor. Another selfish tank that can be a good starter and Veteran tank option.

Green Pact

Location: Grahtwood, Overland

Green Pact is good only as a Starter option. A selfish set that increases Health and Health Recovery.

Beekeeper’s Gear

Location: Greenshade, Overland

Beekeeper’s Gear is similar to Green Pact and a decent starter option.

Hatchling’s Shell

Location: Shadowfen, Overland

Hatchling’s Shell is another selfish Tank set that provides a shield to you only. Another decent starter option.

Fortified Brass

Location: Clockwork City, Crafted

Fortified Brass is focusing on boosting your Armor. A decent PVP option.

Senchal Defender

Location: Southern Elsweyr, Overland

Senchal Defender is a decent Tank set to boost your attributes and restore resources often.

Shalk Exoskeleton

Location: Stonefalls, Overland

Shalk Exoskeleton is a Magicka based Heavy Armor Set that provides Minor Heroism when in combat. A decent Tank set for Tanks with plenty of Magicka abilities and a good PVP – PVE option, thanks to the extra Ultimate generation.


Location: Banished Cells I & II, Normal and Veteran

Tormentor is a nice option for classes and builds that do not have access to a Taunt ability or do not want to use one. Especially good for Werewolves trying to tank easier content. The extra resistances can be useful in PVP as well.

Crimson Twilight

Location: Castle Thorn Dungeon, Normal and Veteran

Crimson Twilight is a selfish Tank set that can deal damage and heal you after taking damage yourself. Decent option for PVE, great PVP Set.

Monster Sets



Head – Veteran Volenfell

Shoulders – Glirion the Redbeard

Another good option for PVE Tanking. Tremorscale deals damage and reduces the Armor of enemies when activating a Taunt ability. Great for Stamina and Magicka parties.

Encratis’s Behemoth


Head – Veteran Black Drake Villa

Shoulders – Urgarlag Chief-Bane

Encratis’s Behemoth is a great support Monster Set that boosts Fire Damage of the group and reduces Fire Damage taken. Great for Fire damage based groups or when facing strong fire damage enemies.

Lord Warden


Head – Veteran Imperial City Prison

Shoulders – Urgarlag Chief Bane

Lord Warden is a great Monster Set for Tanking. When it procs it boosts your and your group’s resistances, making it easier to handle difficult situations. A PVE Monster Set good for new and veteran Tanks.

Lady Thorn


Head – Veteran Castle Thorn

Shoulders – Urgarlag Chief Bane

Lady Thorn is a potent Monster Set that provides a synergy to your group. Activating the synergy, it deals damage and also debuffs enemies with Major Maim, reducing their damage done.



Head – veteran Frostvault

Shoulders – Urgarlag Chief Bane

Stonekeeper is a support-selfish Monster Set that is helping with sustain. Mostly a PVE set.



Head – Veteran Splindleclutch II

Shoulders – Maj Al-Ragath

Bloodspawn is a decent support set that boosts your Ultimate generation, Stamina Recovery and Resistances. Good for PVE and PVP Builds.

Mighty Chudan


Head – Veteran Ruins of Mazzatun

Shoulders – Urgarlag Chief Bane

Mighty Chudan is a good Monster Set if you are looking to boost your resistances. Decent PVE and PVP option.

Engine Guardian


Head – Veteran Darkshade caverns II

Shoulders – Maj Al-Ragath

Engine Guardian has a chance to restore Health, Magicka and Stamina when using an ability. Mostly a PVP support set.



Head – Imperial City, Memorial District – Nunatak

Shoulders – Tel Var Merchant

Nunatak immobilizes enemies and applies the Major Brittle debuff to them. Requires Frost damage to proc it.

Swarm Mother


Head – Veteran Splindleclutch I

Shoulders – Maj Al-Ragath

Swarm Mother is a nice option for Tanks that do not have access to a pull ability. Can be useful in PVE and PVP Gameplay.

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