Earthen Root Enclave Dungeon Guide ESO

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Earthen Root Enclave

Earthen Root Enclave is one of the two new 4-man Dungeons, that were added to The Elder Scrolls Online with the Lost Depths DLC! The dungeon entrance is located in the zone of High Isle. Earthen Root Enclave adds new achievements, challenges and four new Armor Sets in ESO.

In total there are Six bosses you can defeat in the dungeon, three main bosses and three secret, optional bosses. Defeating the three secret bosses, rewards you with buffs that will help you complete the dungeon objectives. This Earthen Root Enclave Dungeon Guide will focus on the Boss fights, their attack patterns and where to find all secret, optional bosses.

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Armor Sets in Earthen Root Enclave Dungeon ESO

There are four Armor Sets you can get from enemies in the Dungeon, a Light, Medium, Heavy and a Monster Set. The armor Sets you can farm here are:

Main Bosses in Earthen Root Enclave Dungeon ESO

You can find each main Boss at the end of one of the three areas of the Dungeon. They are all quite challenging with their own unique attack patterns and mechanics. Some of their hardest mechanics only appear in Veteran Difficulty.

earthen root enclave
Corruption of Stone

Corruption of Stone – Earthen Root Enclave Dungeon

This is the first main Boss of the Dungeon. You can find it at the end of the path, in the first area of the Dungeon, Elden Root Enclave. Follow the path, clear the “trash” enemies in your way and you will reach the Boss fast.

How to Defeat Corruption of Stone in Earthen Root Enclave

Its Light and Heavy Attacks are not that dangerous but make sure to block, to avoid unnecessary damage. It can also stomp the ground, attacking with an AOE that can knock you down. This Boss can summon ground AOE but also minions to assist it. The minions are mini Stone Atronachs that deal damage to players but also tether to them, trying to petrify them. Focus on killing them fast to avoid this!

When the Boss Health drops to a specific %( 80%, 61%, 30%), the Boss will levitate and start charging a deadly AOE attack. Hide behind the Stone Wall that will appear to survive. Once the Boss dives down, it will start charging a second AOE attack. Hide again behind the new Stone Wall to survive. When its Health is at around 30% and after it executes this attack, it will summon a new AOE at the center of the area, the deals constant damage to players. A relatively easy Boss if you follow the mechanics.

earthen root enclave
Corruption of Root

Corruption of Root – Earthen Root Enclave Dungeon

This is the second main Boss of the Dungeon. You can find it at the last area of the second map, Deeproot. Before you can reach the Boss, you will have to deal with several groups of “trash” enemies. Amongst them you will find the “Faun“. This is a quite annoying enemy, that deals good damage and can transform into a “Root Node” tree. When transformed, they will fire projectiles at you, so make sure to kill them as fast as possible.

Additionally, before you can enter the area of the Boss, you will have to unlock it first! To achieve this, defeat the two Trellis Sentinels on the two areas, left and right of the entrance. They are easy to deal with but they have one deadly attack. They can spawn three poison orbs that move forward and can easily kill you. Avoid them if you are not the tank!

How to Defeat Corruption of Root in Earthen Root Enclave

Destroy the Thorns barricade and attack the Boss. Her Light Attacks are weak but she also spawns poison AOEs that move around fast. They are hard to evade but they do not deal much damage, so it is easy to outheal them.

She will also summon minions to assist her. These include Fauns and beasts, like Graft-Root Senche. Focus on killing the Fauns, which are the most annoying. Big corruption ground AOEs will also appear, that deal damage to players standing in them.

When her Health drops to around 60% and 20%, she will spawn three Distributary enemies(clones of her) that deal massive damage and can one shot you. Tank should hold aggro while blocking and DPS should kill those as fast as possible. When they die, they fire poisonous Bolts to players.

earthen root enclave
Archdruid Devyric

Archdruid Devyric – Earthen Root Enclave Dungeon

This is the final Boss of the Earthen Root Enclave Dungeon! You will find him at the last area of the third map in the Dungeon!

How to Defeat Archdruid Devyric in Earthen Root Enclave

Archdruid Devyric has a few interesting attack patterns. He is mostly an unarmed fighter that is using several AOE attacks against players. Small ground AOE will deal damage almost constantly to your group but they are not that dangerous. He will also summon large stone pillars that explode, dealing AOE damage and firing multiple projectiles to your group.

He can summon Fire Wolves that lock on a player and charge. When near the player they explode dealing significant damage. Move away to avoid this or block their damage. Occasionally he will summon a Lightning Pillar that fires shock projectiles on players. Their damage is not that great but it adds up, so make sure to destroy it as soon as possible.

At around 62% and 20%, he will transform into a large bear, healing himself by around 20% as well. When in this Bear form he mostly attacks with Light and Heavy attacks but the other mechanics, like ground AOE, keep happening. Occasionally while in this form, he will attack with a deadly Shock AOE Conal attack. The Tank should face this away from the rest of the group. He will also charge a large Ground AOE. Make sure to leave the area. Finally when in Bear form, he will target a player and charge at them. There is a line showing his path. Easy to avoid by roll dodging out of his way.

Stone pillars appear from the ground damaging players nearby so make sure to block when you see their AOE expanding. Do not stay in a spot where the AOE from these stone Pillars overlap or else you will die. Another form of Attack includes Lightning hitting the ground randomly, as well as Shock waves going out from him, dealing significant damage. Avoid getting in touch with those.

All Secret Bosses in Earthen Root Enclave Dungeon ESO

In total there are three secret Bosses in the Earthen Root Enclave Dungeon. These are completely optional to defeat but will unlock Elemental Orbs throughout the entire Dungeon, that can assist you in fight and make it easier to complete the Dungeon. Multiple Orbs can appear when you are fighting enemies depending on how many secret Bosses you have defeated. To activate the Secret Bosses you will have to complete specific tasks first.

Scalded Roots – Earthen Root Enclave Dungeon Guide

This is the first secret Boss of the Dungeon.

Where to find Scalded Roots in Earthen Root Enclave Dungeon

You can find Scalded Roots on the Eastern part of the Elden Root Enclave area. To activate her you will need to ignite three Bonfires around the area. You can see where the bonfires are on the map below.

Elden Root Enclave

When you light up the Bonfires, a few enemies will appear and attack you. They are weak enemies that include Graft-Root Senche, Graft-Root Bear, Fire Wolves and Lurchers. When you light up the last Bonfire a Red Orb will appear. Follow the Orb to the Boss’ location to activate it.

earthen root enclave
Scalded Roots

How to Defeat Scalded Roots in Earthen Root Enclave Dungeon

The Boss can summon Fire Wolves to attack you and charge a Heavy Attack that can throw you back. If she throws you back to the wall of fire, you will die instantly, so try to tank her in the middle of the area. She will also summon Fire ground AOE that deal constant damage. Her Light Attack is basically throwing a Fireball and is quite weak. Occasionally she will try to heal herself, so make sure to interrupt her. When you defeat her you will unlock the Scalded Strength Buff but also Red Orbs. Scalded Strength increases Weapon and Spell Damage while Red Orbs deal fire damage to enemies when they touch them.


Lutea – Earthen Root Enclave Dungeon Guide

This is the second secret Boss of the Dungeon.

Where to find Lutea in Earthen Root Enclave Dungeon

You can find Lutea in the second map of the Dungeon, Deeproot. Lutea will appear right at the entrance of the area but only after you complete specific tasks.

earthen root enclave

In order to spawn Lutea, you need to “bloom” three large flowers in the area. Head to the pools as seen on the map above to collect water with the “Use Empty Vessel” synergy. Take the Full Vessel to the location of the Flowers and interact with them.

Both the pools and the flowers are guarded by Fireshong Groveshaper enemies. They are quite deadly melee fighters that can one-shot you with their execute-like attacks. The Full Vessel will disappear after a minute so it is better to defeat the guards and any other enemy between the pool and the nearest flower before getting the water. Once you “bloom” a flower, a path of smaller flowers will appear, leading towards the entrance of the area. Do this for all three flowers and return to the entrance. Interact with the portal to spawn Lutea.

How to Defeat Lutea in Earthen Root Enclave Dungeon

Lutea is an overall easy Boss. Her Light Attacks are weak and she can charge a dive area attack to deal damage to every player. She can also place a Water Orb above players that after a while will explode, dealing damage and knocking them down. She moves around a lot and summons big but also smaller static AOEs on the ground. During the fight lightning strikes around the area, adding shock damage to the AOEs. When you defeat her you will receive the Lutea’s Rejuvenation Buff but also unlock Blue Orbs. Lutea’s Rejuvenation increases Magicka and Stamina Recovery while Blue Orbs(Blue Barrier) grant you a Damage Shield.


Jodoro – Earthen Root Enclave Dungeon Guide

This is the third and last Secret Boss of the Earthen Root Enclave Dungeon.

Where to find Jodoro in Earthen Root Enclave Dungeon

You can find Jodoro in the third and last map of the Earthen Root Enclave Dungeon, right above the area where Archdruid Devyric is!

Earthen Root Enclave Map

To force Jodoro to appear, you will have to activate first three Altars around the area. The Altars are right in front of a Circular monument and easy to find by simply following the main path. The Altars are located on the sides of the path and you need to jump over boulders and rocks to reach them. Once you activate all three, Jodoro will appear.

How to Defeat Jodoro in Earthen Root Enclave Dungeon

Jodoro is basically an Indrik type of enemy, with the typical attacks you would expect! He does a basic Light attack but also a charged attack where he launches a smaller green Indrik against players. He can also teleport around and after he does that, it summons green “lightning” attacks on the ground randomly.

Finally Jodoro will spawn a Green Orb over its head and summon more green Orbs on the ground, dealing damage to players. Overall this is an easy fight. Once you defeat Jodoro you will get the Jodoro’s Hide Buff and unlock Green Orbs! The Jodoro’s Hide Buff increases Health and reduces your damage taken!

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