ESO Status Effects Guide


ESO Status Effects Guide

Status Effects in ESO are special effects you can apply to enemies by attacking with specific Damage types! Each available Status Effect is tied to a certain Damage Type in ESO and affects enemies with additional damage or debuffs. A few of those Effects can also be beneficial for the user. This Elemental Status Effects Guide will show you all available Status Effects in ESO and how to apply them!

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What are Status Effects in ESO

Status Effects are additional effects you can apply to enemies in Combat! Each Status effect is tied to a certain Damage type and you can only apply it by using that type. This combat mechanic allows you to add more depth to your gameplay and complement your Builds. Status Effects provide valuable Debuffs or Buffs and will help you deal more damage as a result.

fire damage effect eso
Fire AOE Damage

How to Apply Status Effects in ESO reliably

There are a few ways you can apply Status Effects in combat. Each way has a different chance to apply the effect though. The Status Effects chances are:

  • Weapon Enchantment Damage – 20%
  • Single Target Direct attack skill – 10%
  • Area of Effect skills – 5%
  • Single Target Damage over Time Skills – 3%
  • Area of Effect Damage over Time skills – 1%
  • Light and Heavy Attacks – 0%

The chance to apply your desired Status Effect is rather low. Additionally you can only use abilities to apply those Effects. Light or Heavy Attacks will not work. However there are a few ways to increase the chance of applying a Status Effect in ESO. These are:

  • Charged Trait
  • Destruction Staff(Elemental Force Passive)
  • Battle Mastery, Flawless Ritual, Occult Overload Champion Points stars

The Charged Weapon Trait is a great way to increase your chance to apply Status Effects in ESO! This Trait increases your Chance to apply a Status Effect by 235%(on Two Handed Weapons, half on One Hand Weapons) making it one of the best ways to boost your damage by triggering those effects.

The Elemental Force Passive from the Destruction Staff Skill Line also increases the chance to apply a Status Effect by 100%! Finally the Battle Mastery and Flawless Ritual Passive Stars from Champion Points, increase your chance to apply a Martial or Magical Status Effect respectively by 60%(when fully unlocked). The Occult Overload Active Champion Points Star, can also apply a Status Effect to enemies but requires you to defeat an enemy under the effect of a Status Effect first!

What Are the Status Effects in ESO

There are eight(8) Status Effects available in ESO. Each Status Effect can be applied by a specific Damage Type! The ESO Status Effects are:

  1. Burning
  2. Chilled
  3. Concussed
  4. Diseased
  5. Hemorrhaging
  6. Overcharged
  7. Poisoned
  8. Sundered
Status EffectEffectDamage Type
BurningFire Damage Over TimeFire
ChilledMinor Maim, Minor Brittle with Frost StaffFrost
ConcussedMinor Vulnerability, additional damage to Concussed enemiesLightning(Shock)
DiseasedMinor Defile, AOE DamageDisease
HemorrhagingBleed Damage Over TimeBleed
OverchargedMinor Magickasteal, Magicka RestoreMagic
PoisonedPoison Damage Over Time, execute effectPoison
SunderedMinor Breach, extra Weapon and Spell DamagePhysical

1. Burning Status Effect in ESO

You can apply Burning to enemies by dealing Fire Damage! Burning enemies take additional fire damage for four (4) seconds.

2. Chilled Status Effect in ESO

You can apply Chilled to enemies by dealing Frost Damage! Chilled affects enemies with Minor Maim, reducing their damage. With a Frost Staff as your active weapon you can also apply Minor Brittle, increasing the Critical Damage they take.

3. Concussed Status Effect in ESO

You can apply Concussion to enemies by dealing Lightning Damage! Concussion applies Minor Vulnerability to enemies increasing their damage taken and deals an additional damage to enemies that have recently been Concussed.

4. Diseased Status Effect in ESO

You can apply Diseased to enemies by dealing Disease Damage! Diseased applies Minor Defile to enemies but also deals additional damage in a radius around the target, applying Minor Defile to all enemies nearby, up to once every 4 seconds.

5. Hemorrhaging Status Effect in ESO

You can apply Hemorrhaging to enemies by dealing Bleed Damage! Hemorrhaging deals Bleed damage over time to enemies and stacks up to 3 times, increasing its damage per stack!

6. Overcharged Status Effect in ESO

You can apply Overcharged to enemies by dealing Magic Damage! Overcharged applies Minor Magickasteal to enemies and instantly restores Magicka to its activator.

7. Poisoned Status Effect in ESO

You can apply Poisoned to enemies by dealing Poison Damage! Poisoned deals poison damage to enemies over four(4) seconds and deals up to 100% bonus damage to targets under 100% Health.

8. Sundered Status Effect in ESO

You can apply Sundered to enemies by dealing Physical Damage! Sundered applies Minor Breach to enemies, decreasing their Armor and grants you 100 Weapon and Spell Damage for 4 seconds.

What Damage Types There Are in ESO

There are eight(8) Damage Types in ESO and each one of them applies a different Status Effect. By focusing on a certain type of damage, you can get the benefits of its Status Effect as well. However it is easy to apply more than one Status Effects in combat by using abilities of different damage types. For example a Magic based Build can apply the Overcharged Status Effect with its attacks but also a different elemental Status Effect(Burning, Chilled, Concussed) by using the appropriate Destruction Staff.

Additionally by using attacks that deal Physical or Bleed damage, like Barbed Trap, you can apply the Sundered or Hemorrhaging effect as well! So it is possible to apply multiple Status Effects at the same time. The available Damage Types in ESO are:

  • Bleed
  • Disease
  • Fire
  • Frost
  • Lightning(Shock)
  • Magic
  • Physical
  • Poison

These damage types are divided in Elemental Magical Damage(Fire, Frost, Lightning, Magic) and Physical based damage(Bleed, Disease, Physical, Poison).

frost damage effect eso
Frost AOE Damage

Elemental Status Effects Builds in ESO

You can use the above types of Damage and Status Effects to complement and enhance your Builds in ESO! It is also possible to focus entirely on one Damage Type and its Status Effect in order to create themed Builds. While this type of Builds is not the strongest in ESO in terms of pure DPS, is still a fun way to play the game and to role play a thematic character more successfully! Some Elemental Status Effects Builds you can use include:

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