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ESO Shock DPS Build

A Shock based DPS PVE Build for ESO! The Build is focusing on Shock damage effects, skills and Armor Sets to provide the maximum Shock damage possible and create a fun gameplay! “Electro” is designed to complete both Solo and Group PVE content, as it is! Our Class of choice is the Magicka Sorcerer because of the strong Shock damage skills it offers.

These skills when combined with more from Weapon and Guild lines, give us a strong core of Shock abilities! The Armor Sets we are using also boost the Shock damage of our skills and overall effects! If you are a new player, you can take a look at my Sorcerer Beginner Guide. You can find more Builds in the Sorcerer Builds page. For more Elemental and Status Effects Builds you can take a look at ESO Elemental Builds!

Table of Contents

ESO Shock DPS Build Setup

This Magsorc DPS Build is focusing on Shock damage based effects, Sets and skills to deal the best damage possible in Solo and Group gameplay! Ilambris, Netch’s Touch and Overwhelming Surge are nice alternative Sets!

HeadStormfistLight/MediumDivinesMax. Magicka
ShouldersStormfistLight/MediumDivinesMax. Magicka
HandsMonolith of StormsLightDivinesMax. Magicka
LegsMonolith of StormsLightDivinesMax. Magicka
ChestMonolith of StormsLightDivinesMax. Magicka
WaistMonolith of StormsLightDivinesMax. Magicka
FeetMonolith of StormsLightDivinesMax. Magicka
NecklaceAuroran's ThunderJewelBloodthirstySpell Damage
RingAuroran's ThunderJewelBloodthirstySpell Damage
RingAuroran's ThunderJewelBloodthirstySpell Damage
StaffAuroran's ThunderLightningCharged/PreciseShock Damage
Staff(Perfected) Crushing Wall/Auroran's ThunderLightningInfusedWeapon Damage

Armor Sets for ESO Shock DPS Build

Skills for ESO Shock DPS Build

The following Skills will help you achieve great DPS for Group content but also help you in Solo Gameplay!

Destructive ReachCrystal FragmentsEndless FurySummon Volatile FamiliarBound AegisFlawless Dawnbreaker
Lightning FloodUnstable Wall of ElementsBarbed TrapSummon Volatile FamiliarCritical SurgeSummon Charged Atronach
  • Destructive Reach(Destructive Touch): Shock Damage over Time ability.
  • Crystal Fragments(Crystal Shard): Spammable.
  • Endless Fury(Mages’ Fury): Execute Ability. Use it when enemy is below 20% Health.
  • Summon Volatile Familiar(Summon Unstable Familiar): Can DPS and stun enemies with its ability.
  • Bound Aegis(Bound Armor): Boosts Magicka and Defense.
  • Flawless Dawnbreaker(Dawnbreaker): Deals damage but also buffs you actively and passively.
  • Lightning Flood(Lightning Splash): Shock AOE ability.
  • Unstable Wall of Elements(Wall of Elements): Great AOE shock damage skill that sets concussed enemies off balance and explodes for more damage.
  • Barbed Trap(Trap Beast): Additional DOT damage but we are mainly using it for the boost to our Critical Damage.
  • Critical Surge(Surge): Strong Passive Healing skill that also boosts Damage.
  • Summon Charged Atronach(Summon Storm Atronach): One of our Ultimates. Deals Shock damage, sets enemies concussed and grants Major Berserk to allies.

Passive Skills for ESO Shock DPS Build

Very important passive skills that can help you maximize the potential of your Shock DPS Build.

  • All Passive Skills from your Class’ Lines
  • All Passive Skills from Weapon Lines you are using
  • Passive Skills from Armor Lines you are using
  • Passive Abilities from Guild lines(Fighters Guild, Mages Guild, Psijic Order) that affect your skills/Build
  • Fighters Guild Passives: Intimidating Presence, Slayer, Banish the Wicked, Skilled Tracker
  • Mages Guild Passives: Mage Adept, Everlasting Magic, Magicka Controller, Might of the Guild
  • Undaunted Passives
  • Your Racial Passives
  • Medicinal Use Passive from Alchemy to boost the effectiveness of Potions

Champion Points for ESO Shock DPS Build

Below you will find the best Champion Points setup for the Build. If you would like to learn more about Champion Points and how they work, you can read my ESO Champion Points Guide.


  • Slottable Stars: Deadly Aim, Master-at-Arms, Wrathful Strikes/Fighting Finesse, Exploiter/Backstabber
  • Passive: Eldritch Insight, Piercing, Flawless Ritual, War Mage, Quick Recovery, Hardy, Elemental Aegis, Preparation, Precision, Blessed, Tireless Discipline


  • Slottable Stars: Rationer, Liquid Efficiency, Master Gatherer, Steed’s Blessing
  • Passive: Gilded Fingers, Fortune’s Favor, Wanderer, Steadfast Enchantment, Treasure Hunter(slottable, required for path)


  • Slottable Stars: Celerity, Fortified, Rejuvenation, Boundless Vitality
  • Passive: Sprinter, Hasty, Tireless Guardian, Hero’s Vigor, Mystic Tenacity, Tumbling, Defiance

Consumables for ESO Shock DPS Build

We are using Clockwork Citrus Filet and Essence of Spell Power or Essence of Magicka as Potions.

Info for ESO Shock DPS Build

Several important info for the Magsorc Shock DPS Build. What Mundus to use, the best race for the build and how to assign your attribute points.

Attribute Points

All points to Magicka

Mundus Stone

The Thief Mundus to boost Critical Chance.

What Race is best for ESO Shock DPS Build

High Elf – Dark Elf – Khajiit – Breton is the best race for a DPS focused Build. Any Race with Magicka bonuses can work well though. You can find more about the playable races in my ESO Race Guide!

Vampire or Werewolf

Neither is necessary.

Rotation for ESO Shock DPS Build

Buff yourself with Critical Surge, set Barbed Trap and attack with Lightning Flood, Unstable Wall of Elements. Switch bars and continue with Summon Volatile Familiar, Destructive Reach, Crystal Fragments. Continue attacking with Crystal Fragments as your spammable and re cast the other skills when necessary. Always use Crystal Fragments when it procs. When the enemy’s Health is below 20%, replace Crystal Fragments with Endless Fury as your spammable. Cast Crystal Fragments when it procs only! Use your Ultimate when ready and always Light Attack before skills to boost damage.

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