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ESO Best Potions

Welcome to my Best Potions Guide for ESO! Potions are powerful consumables in ESO that can grant you numerous buffs and help you boost your character! Players can create Potions with the help of the Alchemy profession, as long as they have the appropriate skill! Alchemy is an important Crafting profession that can help you create various Potions and Poisons for personal use or to sell for profit! Selling Potions and Poisons you create with Alchemy is one of the most lucrative ways to Make Gold in ESO.

Many Potions are indispensable for harder difficulty content, whether that is PVE or PVP gameplay. Thanks to the Buffs they provide, you can place more offensive or defensive abilities to your bars and be more efficient. This Best Potions Guide will focus on the best Potions you can create in ESO with Alchemy. For the Best Poisons you can check my ESO Best Poisons Guide.

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How to Make Potions in ESO

In order to make potions in ESO, you first need to allocate points to the Alchemy Crafting Profession. The higher your Alchemy skills, the more complex potions you can make. The best Potions combine a Potion Solvent with three Reagents. Reagents are Alchemy crafting materials that you can harvest around Tamriel from plants. You can harvest Potion Solvents from Water nodes. Alchemy Reagents have four Traits. Combining them with other reagents with similar Traits will give you the Potion you desire. To combine a Solvent with Reagents you can use any Alchemy crafting station in Towns around Tamriel.

Alchemy Station

What are the Best Potions in ESO

The Best Potions in ESO are those that grant you powerful buffs or buffs that you cannot easily get with your Class. Potions that allow you to free up slots in your skill bar for more offensive abilities are helpful as well. These are the best Potions in ESO right now:

1. Essence of Magicka – Heroism

This Essence of Magicka Potion grants you Minor Heroism while restoring Magicka and Stamina. It also grants you Major Intellect(Magicka Recovery) and Major Endurance(Stamina Recovery). This is an excellent potion for PVE gameplay mostly, that assists with sustain as well as Ultimate Generation. To craft it combine Dragon Rheum, Dragon’s Blood and Columbine.

Essence of Magicka – Heroism

2. Essence of Spell Power

Another great Potion for end-game PVE that grants Major Sorcery(Spell Damage), Major Prophecy(Spell Critical), Major Intellect(Magicka Recovery) and restores Magicka. This potion is very useful for Magicka based Builds like damage dealers or Healers. To craft it combine Corn Flower, Lady’s Smock and Water Hyacinth.

Essence of Spell Power

3. Essence of Weapon Power

Best Potion for Stamina based Builds in end game PVE gameplay! It grants Major Brutality(Weapon Damage), Major Savagery(Weapon Critical), Major Endurance(Stamina Recovery) and restores Stamina. To craft it combine Blessed Thistle, Dragonthorn and Water Hyacinth.

Essence of Weapon Power

4. Essence of Health – Tri-Stat

This Crafted Essence of Health Potion restores all three resources! When you drink it you restore Health, Magicka and Stamina. You also get Major Fortitude(Health Recovery), Major Intellect(Magicka Recovery) and Major Endurance(Stamina Recovery). An excellent potion for Tanks in PVE gameplay. To craft it combine Bugloss, Columbine and Mountain Flower.

Essence of Health – Tri-Stat

5. Essence of Immovability, Magicka and Stamina Versions

Essence of Immovability is a powerful Potion for PVP Builds! Drinking this potion makes you immune to knockback and disabling effects while restoring Health and Magicka or Stamina, depending on the crafted version. You also get Major Fortitude(Health Recovery) and Major Intellect(Magicka Recovery) or Major Endurance(Stamina Recovery). A must have Potion for every PVP Build that will help you survive for longer. To create the Magicka version combine Columbine, Bugloss and Namira’s Rot or Wormwood.

Essence of Immovability – Magicka

To create the Stamina version combine Columbine, Mountain Flower and Namira’s Rot or Wormwood.

Essence of Immovability – Stamina

6. Essence of Detection

Another PVP oriented Potion that will allow you to detect enemies in stealth nearby! The Potion increases your Stealth Detection, grants Major Sorcery(Spell Damage), Major Intellect(Magicka Recovery) and restores Magicka. Very important Potion to use when exploring Open World PVP zones like Cyrodiil and the Imperial City! It will help you defend yourself better from Gank PVP Builds and complete Daily Quests or other tasks in the zones. To craft it combine Corn Flower, Lady’s Smock and Torchbug Thorax or Wormwood.

Essence of Detection

Potions are essential for a successful and fun ESO experience. The sooner you add them to your Builds, the more efficient you will become!

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