eso best poisons

ESO Best Poisons

Welcome to my Best Poisons Guide for ESO! Poisons are powerful consumables in ESO that can debuff enemies and make it easier to kill them! Players can create Poisons with the help of the Alchemy profession, as long as they have the appropriate skill! Alchemy is an important Crafting profession that can help you create various Potions and Poisons for personal use or to sell for profit! Selling Potions and Poisons you create with Alchemy is one of the most lucrative ways to Make Gold in ESO.

Poisons are mostly useful in PVP gameplay in ESO. With their help you can debuff enemy players, weaken them and kill them faster. Some Poisons are helpful in PVE as well but they are not essential for that type of gameplay. This Best Poisons Guide will focus on the best Poisons you can create in ESO with Alchemy. For the Best Potions you can check my ESO Best Potions Guide.

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How to Make Poisons in ESO

In order to make poisons in ESO, you first need to allocate points to the Alchemy Crafting Profession. The higher your Alchemy skills, the more complex poisons you can make. The best Poisons combine a Poison Solvent with three Reagents. Reagents are Alchemy crafting materials that you can harvest around Tamriel from plants. You can harvest Poison Solvents from defeated enemies(NPC). Alchemy Reagents have four Traits. Combining them with other reagents with similar Traits will give you the Poison you desire. To combine a Solvent with Reagents you can use any Alchemy crafting station in Towns around Tamriel.

Alchemy Station

What are the Best Poisons in ESO

The Best Poisons in ESO are those that affect enemies with powerful effects and debuff them. Weakening your opponents, makes it easier to kill them and be successful in PVP or PVE. These are the best Poisons in ESO right now:

1. Damage Health Poison IX

A simple but powerful Poison! It applies two poison effects dealing massive damage to your enemy. This Poison is good for PVE and PVP gameplay! To craft it combine Nirnroot, Nightshade and Fleshfly Larva.

Damage Health Poison IX

2. Escapist’s Poison IX, Magicka and Stamina

Powerful Poison for PVP with two different versions. It immobilizes your target and grants you Unstoppable(Immune to Crowd Control effects), deals poison damage while healing you, increases the cost of your enemy’s Magicka or Stamina abilities while restoring Magicka or Stamina to you, depending on the Poison’s version. To craft the Magicka version combine Bugloss, Columbine and Namira’s Rot or Wormwood.

Escapist’s Poison IX – Magicka

To craft the Stamina version combine Mountain Flower, Columbine and Namira’s Rot or Wormwood. Essential Poisons for every PVP Build in ESO!

Escapist’s Poison IX – Stamina

3. Drain Health Poison IX

Another amazing Poison for PVP that you can combine well with Escapist’s Poison IX. This poison deals damage and heals you, increases the cost of your enemy’s Magicka and Stamina abilities while restoring Magicka and Stamina to you. To craft it combine Bugloss, Columbine and Mountain Flower.

Drain Health Poison IX

4. Vulnerability Poison IX

A PVP focused Poison that inflicts enemies with Minor Vulnerability, increasing the damage they take. It also inflicts them with Heal Absorption, negating the healing they receive and grants you Minor Heroism. To craft it combine Glam Call, Dragon’s Blood and Dragon’s Bile.

Vulnerability Poison IX

5. Speed-Draining Poison IX

This poison will slow down enemies, allowing you to kill them faster! It reduces their movement speed while boosting yours with Major Expedition, inflicts Minor Maim(reduce Damage) and grants you Major Brutality(boost Weapon damage), increases the cost of their Stamina abilities while restoring Stamina to you! To craft it combine Blessed Thistle, Dragonthorn and Scrib Jelly.

Speed-Draining Poison IX

Poisons are powerful consumables that you can use in PVP! They debuff enemies and will help you kill other players faster!

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