eso alchemy guide

ESO Alchemy Guide

Alchemy is one of the seven Crafting Professions in ESO. With Alchemy, players can create powerful Potions and Poisons in The Elder Scrolls Online that can help them in PVE and PVP activities. Potions and Poisons made with Alchemy can have various different effects, from boosting your DPS to Weakening your enemies. Using the right Potion or Poison at the right time can save your life or help you deal faster with a tough target.

Specific Potions are essential in high-end PVE and certain Poisons will make any PVP encounter easy to deal with. It is possible to buy them from other players but is wiser to have the ability to craft them yourself. Like this you can cover your needs or even sell the Potions you are making in order to make some gold. Alchemy is one of the best ways to make gold with crafting! This ESO Alchemy Guide will show how to make Potions and Poisons but also share some Alchemy Recipes with you.

Table of Contents

eso alchemy guide
Alchemy Materials

Ingredients – ESO Alchemy

In order to create a Potion or a Poison you have to combine a Solvent with two or three Reagents.

Solvents in ESO Alchemy

There are two types of Solvents, Potion Solvent that create Potions or Essences and Poison Solvents that create Poisons. Depending on the Alchemy Passives you have learned, you can make up to four Potions or sixteen Poisons with one Solvent and the appropriate Reagents. Potion Solvents come mostly from harvesting water nodes while Poison Solvents drop from defeated enemies. You can always buy Solvents from other players.

Reagents in ESO Alchemy

Reagents are mostly herbs and plants that you can harvest from almost every zone in Tamriel. There are other types of Reagents as well but the majority are plants you pick up or buy from other players. Every Reagent has four Traits, which determine the type of Potion or Poison they can create.

To become an effective Potion Maker you must first discover all Traits for every available Reagent. You can do this by simply combining Solvents and Reagents randomly until you discover all Traits. The first Trait for every Reagent can also be found by simply eating that reagent.

To level up Alchemy fast, use a two-reagent cheap combination to make potions. Once you get more levels invest points to Alchemy that will allow you to use better solvents and keep creating Potions using the same reagents. For more details on Alchemy and the other Crafting Professions you can read my Ultimate Crafting Guide.

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Essence of Health Potion

How to Make Potions and Poisons with ESO Alchemy

To start creating Potions or Poisons you need to combine at least two Reagents with the same Trait. Bugloss and Butterfly Wings for example have both the “Restore Health” Trait. When you combine them with a Lorkhan’s Tears( Top Rank Potion Solvent ) they will give you an Essence of Health result. If the Reagents have more Traits in common the result will be a Potion with multiple effects. Bugloss and Columbine for example have both the “Restore Health” and “Restore Magicka” Traits. The result now will be an Essence of Health that restores both Health and Magicka.

If you combine Reagents with opposing Traits you will not get the result you are after. For example Bugloss has the “Restore Health” Trait while Corn Flower the “Ravage Health” Trait. These two Traits negate each other so you will never get an Essence of Health from this combination. By using an Alkahest(Top Rank Poison Solvent), instead of a Lorkhan’s Tears, you can create a Poison with the same Reagents.

Poison Solvents reverse Reagents’ Traits, in order to create a negative effect. Corn Flower combined with Columbine will give you an Essence of Magicka if you use a Potion Solvent, since they both have the “Restore Magicka” Trait. With a Poison Solvent this same combination will give you a Drain Magicka Poison. By using three Reagents you can create more complex Potions and Poisons with multiple effects, that are more effective and of course more valuable to sell

ESO Alchemy Recipes

These are some of the most popular Potions and Poisons in ESO right now that can help you in PVE and PVP activities.

What are the Best Potions in ESO Alchemy

Below you can find the recipe for some of the Best Potions you can use in ESO.

Essence of Magicka(Minor Heroism)Restore Magicka-Restore Stamina-Minor HeroismDragon Rheum-Dragon's Blood-ColumbinePVE
Essence of Spell PowerSpell Damage-Spell Critical-Restore MagickaCorn Flower-Lady's Smock-Water HyacinthPVE
Essence of Spell PowerSpell Damage-Restore MagickaCorn Flower-Lady's SmockPVE
Essence of Spell CriticalSpell Critical-Restore MagickaLady's Smock-Bugloss-Namira's RotPVE
Essence of Weapon PowerWeapon Damage-Weapon Critical-Restore StaminaBlessed Thistle-Dragonthorn-Water HyacinthPVE
Essence of Weapon PowerWeapon Damage-Restore StaminaBlessed Thistle-DragonthornPVE
Essence of Weapon CritWeapon Critical-Restore StaminaDragonthorn-Mountain Flower-WormwoodPVE
Essence of Health(Tri-Stat)Restore Health/Magicka/StaminaBugloss-Columbine-Mountain FlowerPVE
Essence of DetectionStealth Detection-Spell Damage-Restore MagickaCorn Flower-Lady's Smock-Torchbug Thorax or WormwoodPVP
Essence of Immovability(Stamina)Immune to Knockback/Disabling Effects-Restore Health/StaminaColumbine-Mountain Flower-Namira's Rot or WormwoodPVP
Essence of Immovability(Magicka)Immune to Knockback/Disabling Effects-Restore Health/MagickaColumbine-Bugloss-Namira's Rot or WormwoodPVP

What are the Best Poisons in ESO Alchemy

Below you can find the recipe for some of the Best Poisons you can use in ESO.

Damage Health Poison IXPoison Damage x2Fleshfly Larva-Nightshade-NirnrootPVE/PVP
Escapist's Poison IX(Magicka)Immobilize target-Drain Health/MagickaBugloss-Columbine-Namira's Rot or WormwoodPVP
Escapist's Poison IX(Stamina)Immobilize target-Drain Health/StaminaMountain Flower-Columbine-Namira's Rot or WormwoodPVP
Drain Health Poison IXDrain Health/Magicka/StaminaBugloss-Columbine-Mountain FlowerPVP
Speed Draining Poison IXHindrance-Minor Maim-Drain StaminaBlessed Thistle-Dragonthorn-Scrib JellyPVP
Vulnerability Poison IXMinor Vulnerability-Heal Absorption-Minor Heroism-Glam Call-Dragon's Blood-Dragon's BilePVP

ESO Alchemy Summary

Alchemy is one of the seven Crafting Professions in ESO and the only way you can create powerful Potions and Poisons in the game! Alchemy is using a combination of Solvents and Reagents to create Potions and Poisons with unique effects, that can help you in PVE or PVP content. By using the appropriate Solvent you can make a Potion with positive effects for your character or a Poison with negative effects for your enemies. Reagents have different Traits that determine what kind of Poison or Potion you can get with them. You can find Solvents and Reagents almost anywhere in Tamriel. You can even buy them from other players. Investing in Alchemy is a great way to cover your day to day needs in Potions and Poisons or even make a lot of Gold by selling your creations to other players!

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