imperial city daily quests

Imperial City Daily Quests Guide

Imperial City like most DLC zones in The Elder Scrolls Online offers a set of Daily Quests you can complete for various rewards. These Daily Quests are perfect for exploring and becoming familiar with Overworld Bosses and Delves in the area. They are also a great way to earn overland Item Sets from the zone or valuable Motifs. Daily Quests are essential for zone celebrations as well, like the Year One Celebration, Guilds and Glory Celebration or the Imperial City Celebration and can reward you with Event Tickets!

The Imperial City is a PVP enabled zone with strong PVE gameplay and interesting storytelling. To access the zone, you must own the Imperial City DLC, which is available for free (for now) in the Crown Store. There are six in total Daily Quests in the Imperial City, one at each City District.

imperial city daily quests

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Where to get Imperial City Dailies

The only way to access the Quest giver NPC, is by using the ladders in your Alliance Base. Each ladder will take you to a safe area in one of the six City districts, where you can find the appropriate NPC and accept its Daily Quest. You can talk to the NPC as soon as you enter the zone. There are no special requirements. When you complete the quest, the NPC will be waiting for you back at the Alliance Base. These are the six Daily Quests you can get in the Imperial City:

  • Priceless Treasures – Temple District
  • Historical Accuracy – Arboretum District
  • The Lifeblood of an Empire – Arena District
  • Speaking for the Dead – Memorial District
  • Dousing the fires of Industry – Elven Gardens District
  • Watch your Step – Nobles District

For Priceless Treasures, Sister J’Reeza in the Temple District will ask you to collect Grievous Claw from Grievous Twilight enemies and a Bottle of Ritual Wine. Mix the ingredients at the ritual brazier and anoint three artifacts with Claw Ash to complete the quest.

In Historical Accuracy, Loncano in the Arboretum District will ask you to kill five Daedroth or Flame Atronachs and collect documents from Dremora enemies nearby.

For The Lifeblood of an Empire, Valga Atrius in the Arena District will ask you to save twelve citizens in the area. Killing one only enemy near the citizens is enough to free them.

In Speaking for the Dead, you will have to first kill two Xivkyn enemies for the Legate Gallus in the Memorial District. Then plant charged Geodes on Skeletal Laborers.

Dousing the Fires of Industry will have you destroy four Ballistas first for Quintia Rullus in the Elven Gardens District. Then gather a Barrel of Tar and use it to destroy the Great Forge.

Finally for the Watch your Step Quest, kill Legion Zero Soldiers and bait four Orgrim traps for Brihana in the Nobles District.

In general all six quests are easy and fast to complete. What makes things challenging is the active PVP in the area. Using a stealthy character will make it easier to complete the quests alone. Alternatively you can try to visit the area off peak hours to reduce the chance of getting into multiple fights against other players!

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