cyrodiil daily quests

Cyrodiil Daily Quests Guide

Cyrodiil is one of the few open world PVP areas in ESO. Despite being a PVP zone, Cyrodiil offers several PVE opportunities and Daily Quests. The Daily Quests found in the zone can ask you to kill enemy players, hostile NPC or simply complete other PVE/PVP tasks. Completing the Daily Quests in this zone can also count towards Event rewards, like with the Anniversary Jubilee Event. You can accept those quests in the base of your Alliance or from various NPC, found in the Towns around the map.

cyrodiil daily quests

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Where to get Cyrodiil Dailies

There are several repeatable Quests you can accept and complete in Cyrodiil! You can find them in your Alliance base or one of the Towns around the map.

Alliance Base Daily Quests

When you hit level 10, you will receive an invitation to visit Cyrodiil. Press “L” to open the Campaigns selection, pick the Campaign of your choice, mark it as your Home campaign and double click to enter it. Once you spawn in the base of your Alliance, you can do the introductory quest or skip it and talk directly to the Grand Warlord nearby. Completing the dialogue will unlock six Daily Quests nearby.

These six daily quests will ask you to:

  • Scout a point of interest, usually a Keep or resource
  • Capture a Keep
  • Capture a Resource
  • Capture an Elder Scrolls
  • Kill twenty(20) enemy players of a specific Class or kill twenty(20) enemy players in general
  • Conquest Missions, that will ask you to capture towns, resources, keeps or kill 40 enemy players

The quests that ask you to capture a Keep or an Elder Scrolls will require a large group to complete. The rest can be done solo. In your Alliance’s base you can also accept a seventh Daily Quest. This quest is offered from the Fighters Guild and in order to unlock it you must have the Bounty Hunter Passive from the Fighters Guild Skill Line.

Cyrodiil Towns Daily Quests

Cyrodiil is a large zone and despite being a PVP area, it has its own history and lore. There are five quest hubs you can find outside your Alliance’s base. These are:

  • Vlastarus
  • Cropsford
  • Bruma
  • Cheydinhal
  • Chorrol & Weynon Priory

You can visit these hubs and talk to the quest givers to complete the available Daily Quests. However Keep in mind that enemy players can and will try to kill you.

Vlastarus Daily Quests

Jurana and Nelerien offer Daily Quests in Vlastarus. Jurana is standing right next to the central flag while Nelerien is waiting inside a building nearby.

Cropsford Daily Quests

Ufgra gra-Gum and Prefect Antias offer Daily Quests in Cropsford. Ufgra gra-Gum is standing next to the monument behind the central flag while Prefect Antias is waiting inside the closest building.

Bruma Daily Quests

Hjorik and Grigerda offer Daily Quests in Bruma. Hjorik is inside the chapel at the southern part of the town while Grigerda is waiting inside the Manor House.

Cheydinhal Daily Quests

Sylvian Herius and Vyctoria Girien offer Daily Quests in Cheydinhal.

Chorrol & Weynon Priory Daily Quests

Lliae the Quick is offering Daily Quests in Chorrol while Mael in Weynon Priory. Lliae can be found hiding behind a house overlooking the lava. Mael is standing in front of Weynon Priory.

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