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Golden Vendor

The Golden Vendor in ESO, is a special Khajiit Merchant that appears every Weekend in Cyrodiil! “The Golden“, as is usually called, offers a variety of Jewelry and Monster Sets to players for Gold or Alliance Points(AP). Because of this, the Golden is a great way for PVP Players to make Gold in ESO by purchasing items with AP! To learn more about PVP in ESO and how you can enter Cyrodiil, you can read my ESO PVP Beginner Guide!

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Where Can I Find Golden Vendor in ESO?

The Golden appears every Weekend in the Cyrodiil open World PVP zone! You can find her at the base of your Alliance. The Golden appears in these locations:

  • Western Elsweyr Gate(Aldmeri Dominion)
  • Northern High Rock Gate(Daggerfall Covenant)
  • Southern Morrowind Gate(Ebonheart Pact)
golden vendor
Golden Vendor Location

What does the Golden Vendor Offer in ESO?

The Golden offers a variety of Jewelry and Monster Set pieces every Weekend! This special merchant offers you the opportunity to buy Gold Jewelry from Overland and Dungeon Sets, as well as Head and Shoulder pieces from Monster Sets! You can buy the items with Gold or AP and use them yourself or re sell them for profit. Most items are Bind on Pickup but a few are Bind on Equip!

golden vendor

Buying Bind on Equip items with AP and selling them later to other players for Gold is a great way to convert your Alliance Points and make a profit from PVP Gameplay! The Golden offers the same items in every Alliance base! When the Whitestrake’s Mayhem PVP Event is live, the Golden offers a plethora of Alliance War Jewelry. The first Weekend of the Event, she offers Necklaces from every Cyrodiil Set, while the second Weekend offers Rings!

golden vendor

When Does the Golden Vendor appear in ESO?

The Golden appears every Friday at 0:00 GMT and remains in her tent until Monday at 12:00 GMT. During that time you can buy everything she offers. The Set pieces she offers usually take months to reappear, so keep an eye on her store if you are after a specific piece! The Golden is a great and easy way to get Monster Set pieces that drop in harder DLC Dungeons!

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