Storm-Cursed’s Revenge Set ESO

Storm-Cursed’s Revenge is a shock Damage based Set in ESO that deals extra Shock damage when you deal Shock Damage! A Light Dungeon Set, you can use with Shock based Builds and characters to amplify your Damage in The Elder Scrolls Online. Its pieces come in the Dreadsails style.

Set Bonuses

Storm-Cursed Revenge is a great Shock DPS Set in ESO. These are the Bonuses you get when you wear enough of its pieces:

  • 2 items: Adds 1096 Maximum Magicka
  • 3 items: Adds 129 Weapon and Spell Damage
  • 4 items: Adds 1487 Offensive Penetration
  • 5 items: When you deal Shock Damage, you have a 15% chance to deal 433 Shock Damage to the enemy and up to two other enemies within 5 meters. This effect scales off the higher of your Weapon or Spell Damage.

Where to Get Storm-Cursed’s Revenge Set

The Set drops inside the Shipwright’s Regret Dungeon, in Normal and Veteran Difficulty! To gain access to the Dungeon you must own the Ascending Tide DLC. This is a strong DPS Set that you can use with Shock Damage based Builds in ESO!